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John Muhlfield  

On June 13 1881 the first telephone exchange was opened in Peru the Bell Telephone Company At that time the telephone was almost its infancy and its future undetermined Three years later Charles Brownell acquired the John Muhlfield planing mill started in 1879 the junction of the railroad and Cass street and soon afterward began the manufacture of sound proof telephone booths for use in offices and at public pay 279

A relief committee was organized and those who had been drowned of their homes were given aid until the waters subsided or even where it was necessary Notwithstanding the local distress the responded liberally to Governor Porter's call for aid for the flood along the Ohio river where hundreds of families were rendered Mayor Graham issued a proclamation calling a meeting for February 24th for the purpose of taking steps to act in with the governor's call Charles H Brownell stated the of the meeting and moved the appointment of a committee to with the general relief committee and the Indianapolis board of Mr Brownell was made chairman of the committee the other of which were James M Brown, Charles A Parsons, John Muhlfield and John L Farrar pg. 400

History of Miami County, Indiana: a narrative account of its ..., Volume 1 By Arthur Lawrence Bodurtha, 1914

Hon. Charles Cole...The nomination of Mr Cole was occasioned by the withdrawal of Mr John Muhlfield a few weeks previous to the election and was hasty and unexpected but throwing into the canvass great force he was triumphantly elected 115-6

Indiana's representative men in 1881: containing biographies of the members ... By John E. Land, 1881

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