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William C. Routh  

William C. Routh was born in Logansport, indiana, on March 31, 1854, and is one of a family of four children born to William Isaac and Emily (Cook) Routh. Of these children two ware livng today. The parents were natives of England, where the father was reared, and there he learned the trade of a tanner. He came to America when a young man and in the thirties established a bakery on Fourth street in Logansport, Indiana, in conjunction with John Cook, also a native of England, and who afterwards became his father-in-law. The bakery this established was one of the first, if not the first to be opened in Logansprot, which was at that early date scarcely more than a trading post. In time Mr. ROuth sold his interest in the shop and started up in tavern keeping about two squares east of the Sackett's bridge. At that time the only possible means by which the point might be reached was by ferring across the Wabash river. Mr. Routh finally gave up his inn-keeping venture and engaged in buying and butchering of beef and in the sale of the product. In 1853, or thereabouts, he moved to a farm which he had purchased, located two miles east of the city, in Washington twonship, and there he made his home for about sixteen years. His next move took him back to Logansport, and in the fall of 1871 he started a meat market on Twelfth street, near Spear street. He continued to do business at that stand until his death, which occured in 1877.

Mr. Routh was a mano of conservative habits, inclined to be averse to branching out aggressively in buisness, but it was characteristic of the man that when he once embarked on a mission or venture, he clung tenaciously to the plans on which he had originally settled, admitting of no difficulties in the carrying out of his design. The establishing of the meat market business on Twelfth street was the reall beginning of what has become the pork packing industry of William C. Routh & Company.

William C. Routh has always made his home in Logansport. He was educated in the public schools, and when old enough, began to assist his father in his various business undertakings, after the death of whom the son continued the retail meat market business. In about 1879 Mr. Routh arranged for more suitable accommodations fo the business at No. 503-5 Twelfth street, and here in connection with his retail business, he began the business of packing in a small way. This little venture was the entering wedge of the real packing industry which has since been evolved from that nodest beginning. From the start, the industry grew apace, and while it was priginally confined to winter packig, after five years, Mr. Routh built a refrigerating plant, which enabled him to continue year around. In 1889 his refrigerator plant and another of the principla buildings were destroyed by fire. He immediately rebuilt on the south side of the city and continued there until 1898, whe he erected the buildings at his present location, his only actual outlay at that time amounting to approximately $30,000. SInce that time Mr. ROuth has added other building s and machinery to the extent of $70,000. The present capacity of the plant is about two hundred and fifty to three hundred hogs per day, and the plant is run at capacity. The main building has a floor space of 13,225 square ffet, and the entire basement and bout one-half of the first floor is used for refrigeration and sausage room, and the firm gives eployment to about eighty people. The firm of William C. Routh & Company was incorporated in January, 1905, with a capitalization of $110,000; and in December, 1908, the capital was increased to $200,000. The first officers of the fir were: William C. Routh, president; Lilliam W. Chase, secretary; and W. A. Routh, treasurer. The present officers are: William C. Routh, president; A. C. Routh, vice-president; Albert Cassube, secretary; and W. A. Routh, treasurer. The aggregate business done by the firm in the year 1912 was bout $1,000,00.

Mr. Routh is a Republican, and a member of the Presbyterian church. Faternally he is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

On October 24, 1877, Mr. Routh was united in marriage to Miss Sarah Taylor, and to this union seven children have been born, as follows: Edwin Wallace; Etta, now Mrs. Charles S. Tucker; Almon C.; William Arthur; Emily Cordelia, the wife of Guy Mauaugh; John H. and Harry B. Of the sons, Almon C., William Arthur and John H. are associated with their father in the businbess, and are accounted among the most progressinve among the younger business men of the city.

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