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Julia (Edwards) Work & Brightside

Per Jeff Kenney - These photos come from the Marshall County Historical Museum's file on the Chadwick, Work, and Brightside , and depicts Earl McLaughlin, Any detail on the photo would be appreciated.

Earl McLaughlin is written at top of the photo; no location given
No names or location given; but the couple appears to be similar in apprearance to the people pictured in the next photo. This seems to be a park and possibly is Vandalia Park
This is labled "Culver ____ Lute & Laura Ruth & Earl ; one sees the Lighthouse in the background dating the picture before July 8, 1913 when a "Big Wind" that struck and destroyed it. It is assumed that Earl is Earl McLaughlin in phtot above, others remain a mystery since no last names are given

Some findings as a result of research - not all are conclusive
The Burkett - Wolf/Wolfe - Work- Chadwick connection is found to be:

Daniel C Burkett / Burkhardt
Susanna Mull
Henry Burkett Catharine Houts / Houtz 2
Margaret Rebecca Burkett
Gideon Wolf
Levi Burkett
Agnes Overmyer
KATHERINE “Kate” A / Catharine Wolfe
Edwin R Edwards
Brother to Julia A. / Julian Edwards Works
Catherine Burkett
Stephen S Chadwick

The children at Brightside number 226. The arrivals about equal the number for whom homes are found. New fences are being put on the farm and considerable ditch ng will be done this summer. Aug 4 1904

Mrs. Kate Edwards visited a few days of last week at Brightside, Plymoutn, May 24 1905

Mrs. Julia E. Work and Miss Anna Barr, of Brightside, Mrs. P. S. Alleman, of Mankato, Minn., Misses Carmichael and Thompson of the State Board of Charties of Indianapolis, were guests of Mrs. Kate Edwards Sunday. = Sept 28 1905

Two small boys lodged Saturday night with Mrs. Voreis. They saud the were going to Missouri, but wanted to work in the saw mill her awhile. Sunday morning they struck out down the Vandalia. On Monday morning a gentleman and two ladies from Brightside were here claiming that the boys were rundaways from the institution. Mar 28 1907

Northern Indiana Editoroial Association Holds Annual Concention In Plymouth

    A Notable Feature

    The editor was unable to reamin for the visit to "Brightside:, the Julia E.Work Training School for delinquent and dependent children, and for his own personal impressions will subsitite the following from the Plymouth Chronicle, feeling assured that many of the readers of the citizen will get a clearer idea of the work and methods of the institution than they now have:

    The editors were taken trough the fine buildings and shown where and how the children are cared for. No. 2 is for boys 10 to 20 years old, No. 3 for boys 6 ro 10 year old, No 4 for the smaller boys and girls, No. 1 for girls 6 to 12 years old and No. 5 for girls of 12 to 18.

    The saw the bakery where every morning the girls under the supervision of a cook, bake 185 loaves of bread. There was also the laundry and bedrooms, in all of which places the girls are taught domestic science sych as baking, mending, cleaning, sewing, care of beds etc. The store room was an interesting place. Here Mrs. Work keeps about $400 worth of food and clothing to supply the 230 children now under her care.

    Mrs. Work is a good general; she had been studing the care of dependent children since 1882. She has at Brightside 270 acres where the boys are taught farming and given other manual training.

    There are eight governesses and each supervises her department; each week she makes her requisition for supplies and is held to stict account.

    Mrs. Work's is the only institution in the United States owned and managed by a woman. All others are conducted by the state, county, city or by associations.

    SOme of the edidtors wondered why the windows of the room were barred. The will be understood when it is known that Brightside is not an orphans' home, but a place of corretion like Plainfield or the Girls' Industrial school.

    Children are committed here by courts, sent by parents and lodges from 56 counties in Indiana and from many states in the Union. Theparents pay the charges into court and the court pays Mrs. WOrk, or the parent who sends the child direct pays the charge direct. The charge against the different townships for school purposes comes to the township trustee and Mrs. Work has nothing to do with that, except the hildren to to the township school.

    Everything at Brightside goes with precision, and all is beat and clean. The children to to bed at 8 and get up at 6. The clothes of the boys are locked up at night and distributed to them again in the morning. So if anyone attmepts to run away he must go in his night clothes.

    They have SUnday School every Sunday and ocasionally go to church in Plymouth. The buildings are finely equipped for the purose and Mrs. WOrk's long experience makes the institution a notable successful one - Jul 1 1909

Mrs Julia Work was here Saturday and took Mrs. Edwards back to Brightside for a feww days' rest. - Nov. 24 1910

Mrs. Kate Edwards is visiting Mrs. Julia Work at Brightside, Plymouth. - Oct 22 1914

The three-room school house at Brightside, Plymouth, was destroyed by fire one afternoon last week, a defective chimney being the cause. It was owned by Center township. Mar 29 1917

Mrs. Mollie Cox came home from Brightside Saturday on a short visit. Nov 5 1919

Mrs. D. H. Work, of Los Angeles, Cal, stopped on her way home to visit her aunt, Mrs. K. Edward of Helen street (Forest Place). She also spent a day at the Brightside, Plymouth by request of Mrs. Julia WOrk who is the founder and owner of Brightside but who is now in Los Angles due to poor health. - Aug 20 1924

Culver Cow Testing Ass'n Leads County

    In the North Marshall Association, Brightside Farm owns the high cow and 8 year old grad Guernsey which has produced 4291 lbs of milk and 227.7 lbs of butter fat... April 8 1925

Mrs Julia Work Dies
    Mrs. Julia WOrk, a former resident of Plymouth, died at her home in Los Angles, Calif, Satudary, January 9, according to word which firends received in Plymouth, Mrs. Work in 1899 established the Juld Work, training school two miles north of Plymouth on Road 31. The shcool is now known as Brightsides. The ashes of Mrs. WOrk were returned to plymouth for burial. She was the sister-in-law to Mrs. Kate Edwards, former Culverite, who is now in Los Angles. - Jan 20 1932
      Mrs. Kate Edwards Ill Word has been received by John and Tim Wolf that their sister, Mrs. Kate Edwards, of Los ANgles Calif, has suffered a strpke. She has been taken to a hospital - Jan 27 1932

      Elijah E / Elizah Edwards BIRTH 1803 New York married Lois / Louise Goff. Birth 1815 Ogdensburg, St Lawrence, New York Family as pre census records and evidence lacking Their children are:
        George / Seth ? Edwards Birth 1833–
        Seth Edwards Birth 1833–
        Helen Edwards Birth 1836–
        Elmice Edwards (son) Birth 1839–
        Edwin R Edwards Birth 1842–1882
          married 25 Jan 1875 in Marshall County Indiana KATHERINE “Kate” A WOLF b 20 Feb 1850 in Ohio daughter of Gideon Wolfe and Margaret Rebecca Burkett
        Julia A. / Julian Edwards Birth 1845–1932
        Maretta Edwards Birth 1847–1890 married Nathan Dickson
        Emma E Edwards Birth 1848–
        Mary Edwards Birth 1848–
        Albina Edwards Birth 1850–
        Ellen Edwards 1855–

          Julia Edwards Birth 12 Nov 1845 Death 9 Jan 1932 Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California Burial Cemetery Oak Hill Cemetery Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana,

          married 11 Oct 1864 Marshall County, Indiana Hiram Alec Work BIRTH 31 Mar 1833 DEATH 8 Apr 1914 BURIAL Mountain View Cemetery Deming, Luna County, New Mexico son of Henry Work and Elizabeth Ann Austin

            Fred Eugene Work - Died In Plymouth on Saturday Aug. 11th 1866 Fred Eugene, infant son of Hiram A and Julia Work, aged one years and fifteen days - Weekly Republican Aug 16 1866

            Blanche Work BIRTH 16 Jun 1872 DEATH 2 Dec 1958 BURIAL Forest Lawn Memorial Park Glendale, Los Angeles County, California, married Walter Cutler Curtis

            Freddie Work BIRTH 1874 DEATH 1879 Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana BURIAL Oak Hill Cemetery Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana

            Dell Herbert Work BIRTH 1879 DEATH 21 Jun 1925 BURIAL Forest Lawn Memorial Park Glendale, Los Angeles County, California
          1860 United States Federal Census 
          Name	Julia Edwards
          Gender	Female
          Race	White
          Birth Place	Indiana
          Home in 1860	Plymouth, Marshall, Indiana
          Post Office	Plymouth
          Dwelling Number	139
          Family Number	140
          Occupation	Housekeeper
          Household Members (Name)	Age
          Seth Edwards 27
          Lois Edwards 45
          Edwin Edwards 19
          Julia Edwards	
          Mary Edwards 12
          Albina Edwards 10
          Ellen Edwards 5
          Indiana, U.S., Marriage Index, 1800-1941 
          Detail Source
          Name	Julia Edward
          Marriage Date	11 Oct 1864
          Marriage Place	Marshall, Indiana, USA
          Spouse Name	
          Hiram A. Work
          1880 United States Federal Census 
          Name	Julia Work [Julia Edwards]
          Age	35
          Birth Date	Abt 1845
          Birthplace	Indiana
          Home in 1880	Mishawaka, St Joseph, Indiana, USA
          Dwelling Number	1
          Race	White
          Gender	Female
          Relation to Head of House	Wife
          Marital Status	Married
          Spouse's Name	Hiram A. Work
          Father's Birthplace	New York
          Mother's Birthplace	New York
          Occupation	Keeping House
          Neighbors	View others on page
          Household Members (Name)	Age	Relationship
          Hiram A. Work 7 Self (Head)
          Julia Work	35	Wife
          Harry Work 13 Son
          Frank Work 12 Son
          Blanche Work 7  Daughter
          Dell Work 1 Son
          1900 United States Federal Census 
          Name	Julia Work
          Age	53
          Birth Date	Nov 1846
          Birthplace	Indiana, USA
          Home in 1900	Center, Marshall, Indiana
          Sheet Number	11
          Institution	Julia E Work Training School (Lines 80 to 100)
          Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation	250
          Family Number	250
          Race	White
          Gender	Female
          Relation to Head of House	Head
          Marital Status	Widowed
          Father's Birthplace	New York, USA
          Mother's Birthplace	New York, USA
          Mother: number of living children	4
          Mother: How many children	6
          Occupation	Supt of Training School
          Months Not Employed	0
          Can Read	Y
          Can Write	Y
          Can Speak English	Y
          House Owned or Rented	Own
          Home Free or Mortgaged	Mortgaged
          Farm or House	H
          Neighbors	View others on page
          1910 United States Federal Census 
          Name	Julia E Work
          Age in 1910	64
          Birth Date	1846 [1846]
          Birthplace	Indiana
          Home in 1910	Center, Marshall, Indiana, USA
          Sheet Number	13a
          Race	White
          Gender	Female
          Relation to Head of House	Supt
          Marital Status	Married
          Father's Birthplace	New York
          Mother's Birthplace	New York
          Native Tongue	English
          Occupation	Superintendent
          Industry	Jr Sch & Larm
          Employer, Employee or Other	Wage Earner
          Home Owned or Rented	Own
          Home Free or Mortgaged	Free
          Farm or House	Farm
          Able to read	Y
          Able to Write	Y
          Enumeration District Number	0099
          Years Married	46
          Number of Children Born	6
          Number of Children Living	4
          Out of Work	N
          Enumerated Year	1910
          Neighbors	View others on page
          1910 United States Federal Census 
          Name 	Hiram H Nork [Hiram H Work]
          Age in 1910	77
          Birth Date	1833 [1833]
          Birthplace	Ohio
          Home in 1910	Chicago Ward 33, Cook, Illinois, USA
          Sheet Number	19b
          Street	Eggleston Ave
          Race	White
          Gender	Male
          Relation to Head of House	Father - Dell
          Marital Status	Married
          Father's Birthplace	Ohio
          Mother's Birthplace	Ohio
          Native Tongue	English
          Occupation	Retiree
          Enumeration District Number	1449
          Years Married	42
          Survivor of Union or Confederate Army or Navy	Ng
          Enumerated Year	1910
          Neighbors	View others on page
          1920 United States Federal Census 
          Name	Julia E Work
          Age	75
          Birth Year	abt 1845
          Birthplace	Indiana
          Home in 1920	Los Angeles Assembly District 62, Los Angeles, California
          Street	Brent Wood Park
          Residence Date	1920
          Race	White
          Gender	Female
          Relation to Head of House Mother Dell 
          Marital Status	Widowed
          Father's Birthplace	USA
          Mother's Birthplace	USA
          Able to Speak English	Yes
          Occupation	None
          Able to read	Yes
          Able to Write	Yes
          Neighbors	View others on page
          1930 United States Federal Census 
          Name	Julia E Work
          Birth Year	abt 1844
          Gender	Female
          Race	White
          Age in 1930	86
          Birthplace	Indiana
          Marital Status	Widowed
          Relation to Head of House	Mother-in-law - Walter C Curtis
          Home in 1930	Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
          Map of Home	Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
          Street Address	Chesley
          Block	33
          House Number	5314
          Dwelling Number	133
          Family Number	170
          Attended School	No
          Able to Read and Write	Yes
          Father's Birthplace	Indiana
          Mother's Birthplace	Indiana
          Able to Speak English	Yes 
          California, U.S., Death Index, 1905-1939 
          Detail Source
          Name	Julia E Work
          Birth Year	abt 1846
          Death Date	9 Jan 1932
          Age at Death	86
          Death Place	Los Angeles, California, USA

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