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Proposed School Consolidation Discussed By 100  

Three Counties are Affected

Nearly 100 people assembled in the Community Building last evening for an informal discussion of the proposed school consolidation of Marshall County, North Bend township of Stark county, and Aubbeenaubee township of Fulton county..

Frank McLane, Marshall County School Superintendent and a member of the Count Reorganization Committee, summarized the Reorganization Act and explained what we are required to to to comply with it..

Each proposed unit must have an enrollment of 1,000 pupils in grades 1 to 12, and Mr. McLane stated that the State Committee has emphasized it will not approve any proposal in which the enrollments is less..

Trustee Benedict Backs Move .

Trustee Eugene G. Benedict spoke for the Union township committee and went on record as favoring a North Bend-Aubbeenaubee-Union township merger..

At this time Starke and Fulton counties are reluctant to release their respective townships in favor of the merger. We are no unique in wanting to cross the county line as there has been a proposal to consolidate Tippecanoe and Bourbon township with Etna Green of Kosciuscko county..

Don Davis Reviews Situation .

Don Davis spoke about what our school and community has to offer and stated that our high school now offers curriculums with 56 different subjects plus 24 extra-curricular activities..

Mrs. Peter DeTroy, a member of the Township Advisory Committee, summarized the proposal and what the alternatives might be. She stressed the importance of the community thinking about furthering the proposed consolidation..

Fulton Counties Reaction

Willis J. Cripe, chairman of the Aubbeenaubee Committed on Reorganization was present as were all members of the committee. He stated that at this time the Fulton County Committee is against the proposal, but might look with favor on a proposed unto it include Aubbeenaubee and Richland townships of Fulton county; and Union, Greene and Walnut townships of Marshall County.

All interested citizens should attend.

Aug 17, 1960 - Culver Citizen

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