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Reorganization Committee Adopts Preliminary Plan  

Groups Sets Up School Districts

The Marshall County School Reorganization Committee Monday night by a 5-4 vote adopted a preliminary plan calling for the establishing of five school corporations in the county, including three that corss county lines.

The new school districts would be:

    1 Culver Community Schools (Union, Aubbeenaubee, and North Bend townships, Argos, and Richland township of Fulton county

    2 Bourbons and Tippecanoe Townships of Marshall County and Etna township of Kosciusko county.

    3. West, Polk and North townships all fo Marshall county.

    4 Plymouth Community Schools, which would remain unchanged.

    5 Bremen Public Schools and Madison township of St. Joseph county

Don Davis Reports

Don Davis of Culver reviewed steps taken by the Union-Aubeebaubee-North Bend township group in forming a Culver Community School Corporation and requested that when a preliminary pam is submitted to the state by the county committee they refer to the corporation as the Culver Community Schools.

Davis said the corporation had legally advertised and that do remonstrance’s had been received.

Wayne Kline of Culver added that a meeting was held with Preston Moody, Fremont, of the State commission, in regard to the consolidation of the tri-county unit. He said his group was informed that the commission would not take action on any preliminary plans being submitted now until after the state legislature meets in January.

According to Kline, the commissioner was under the impression nothing would be changed in the Caston consolidation (including two Fulton county units) and the Fulton county committee would have to use the alternative plan, which would release Aubbeenaubee township to the Culver Corporation.

Other Present From Culver

Othe members of the Culver group attending the meeting were Maurice Nelson, Peter Trone, and Andrew Vernum.

The county committee will meet sometime after Christmas to work out plans on how the school boards of the various corporations will be made up.

Dec 14, 1960 - Citizen

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