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School Reorganization Committee Awaits Word from State on Plan  

The Marshall County School Reorganization committee met on Monday night in the court house for further discussion of the reorganization situation.

However, they were still unable to present a preliminary plan for Marshall county because of the Union township consolidation plans with Aubbeenaubbee township of Fulton county and North Bend township of Starke county.

So far neither Fulton or Starke has released their township involved and the Marshall county committee was informed that unless the three counties give approval for the three townships schools to be released from their county units, the will not be placed on the agenda of th the State commission.

Edward Secor, chairman of the Marshall committee reported that a letter had been received from J. B. Kohlmleyer, director of the state commission for the reorganization program, regarding the situation at Culver.

Kohlmeyer said the state commission adopted a policy not to consider any reorganization competed under Acts other than Chapter 202, without prior approval of the county committee.

He stated consolidation of Aubbeenaubbee, Fulton county; North Bend, Starke county; and Union, Marshall county, could not get on the agenda without the prior approval of the Starke, Fulton and Marshall count committees. Starke and Fulton county committees have indicated they will not approve the tri-county consolidation and the Marshall committee hopes that if the resolution is sent to the state committee some action will be taken.

The Marshall committee stated at the Monday night meeting that Union township had until Dec. 12 to get state action on their resolution, otherwise they will be placed I the county plan.

Kehlmeyer also stated in the letter, there is no reason why the Marshall committee should delay preparation of its plan pending the outcome of the consolidation the the three townships.

The county committee approved the consolidation of Bourbon-Etna-Tippecanoe and preliminary plans are to be sent to the state commission for action. Etna was released by the Kosciuoski committee for the consolidation.

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