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Reorganization of County’s Schools Studied  

No Consolidations Yet Recommended

The important school district reorganization committee of Marshall County approved a propsed budget, announced local advisory committees, and completed final plans for a couty-wide family census at a meeting in the county superintendent’s office last Wednesday, Jan. 27.

The advisory group consists of Plymouth School Superintendent Frank McLane; Bremen superintendent Edward Secor; and Deane E. Walker, former State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Local dvisory groups were announced, with each of the nine school corporations in Marshall county naming a committee consisting of six people.

Six From Union Township

Serving on the Union township advisory group are:

    Mrs Peter DeTroy, PTA President; Eugene G.Benedict, trustee; R. J. Ives, princpal; and Wayne Kline; Mrs. Glenn Overmyer and Harry Edgington.

A family census, one of the key steps in the reorganization program and the initial step in obtaining the basic data, will be conducted thoroughout the county starting Feb. 18. All census information must be in the county superintendent’s office by March 1.

A joint meeting of the county committee and the local advisory groups will be held in the Marshal Circuit Court Thursday, Feb. 11, at 8 p.m., at which time the local committees will be instructed on census procedure. The local groups, in turn, will then procure census-taker volunteers and instruct them preparatory to the census.

No mergers Underway

It was also emphasized by the committee that the reorganization program in Marshall County is still in the fact-gathering stage and no consideration has been given to any proposed school mergers or consolidations as yet.

Any talk concerning the county committee’s proposals or ideas for new school districts and consolidations is purely speculative and completely void of fact, the committee stated.

Feb 3 1960 - Citizen

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