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Culver School Plan to Regroup Is Rejected  

No Consolidation Without Starke OK

The State School Reorganization Commission has not given its approval to the consolidations of the township school systems into Culver Community Schools and int the Koston School Corporation, according to a letter received by George Stevens, attorney for the two districts, from J. B. Kohlmeyer, executive secretary of the Stat Commission

No Change in Policy

In his letter, Kohlmeyer said that the State Commission had decided to make no changes in its policy.

Under this policy, the commission had decided not to give its approval to any consolidation that did not have the approval of the county school reorganization committees involved.

The Culver consolidation involved Union township pf Marshall county; Aubbeenaubee township of Fulton county and North Bend township of Starke county.

Stevens said that Starke county committee had never given it s approval to the inclusion of North Bend township in the Culver consolidation and that the Fulton committee had not approved the inclusion of New Castle township in the Koston district.

Carried Out Last Year

Both consolidations were carried out last year under 1947 School law. The law was not repealed when the school reorganization law was passed, but Stevens said that the reorganization law made it necessary to obtain the approval of the State Commission to carry out any consolidations.

Under its original policy the commission would not even give hearings to consolidations that did not have the approval of the county committees involved, but finally did grant a heating to officials of the two consolidated schools recently in Crawfordsville.

Aug 2 1961 Citizen

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