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Tippecanoe Twp. To Be Annexed to Culver Schools  

Tippecanoe Township of Pulaski county will be annexed to the Culver Community Schools according to substantially identical resolutions adopted by the Board of School Trustees of Pulaski County School Corporation and the Culver Community Schools Corporation in meeting at Winamac and Culver, respectively this week

The action follows several months of study and discussion.

Legal steps to disannex Tippecanoe Township, Pulaski county, from the Pulaski School Corporation and to annex it to the Culver School District to the Culver School District are being taken this week.

The adoption resolutions point out that the entire territory of Tippecanoe township is involved.

The annexation will become effective August 1, 1967, or on the 31st day following the second of two publications of the notice as required by law.

The agreement provides that Culver will accept upon transfer, in event pupils so desire, those students who reside in Harrison township and/or Franklin township, Pulaski county, and who will be in their eleventh and twelfth year of school and have attended the high school at Monterey. This will continue for a period of two years, with Pulaski county honoring and paying transfer as so requested.

Culver, in the agreement, has agreed to grant transfers for the 1967-1968 school year for an area d escribed as Sections 20 and 31 and parts of Sections 29 and 32 on an individual basis. The resolutions provide that the surviving corporation will take title to the school property in Tippecanoe township, and it shall assume bonded indebtedness originating from the former Tippecanoe township school and the Tippecanoe Civil Aid Bonds.

The mutual agreement provides for the pro-rating of income from taxes and state distributions based upon percentage ratios of existing valuation and the average daily attendance. Book rental arrangement will be carried out through the Pulaksi County School Corporation for a period of two years.

Signing the resolution for the respective School Boards were Walter Johnson, President, Culver Community School Board of Trustees, and Leo Siemens, President, Pulaski County School Board; Charles Brucker, Trustee Tippecanoe Township, is a member of the Pulaski County School Board.

“IF the annexation should be realized, High School will be conducted at Monterey for the next year or until such a time as the new unified high school building, now under construction near Culver is completed,” Robert Rust, Culver Superintendent, said.

WHEN and IF the new corporation becomes a reality, steps will be taken to provide for representation from Tippecanoe township on the Culver Community School Board

Jun 22 1967 - Citizen

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