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Consolidation Of Aubbeenaubbee  

Proposed Consolidation Of
Aubbeenaubbee School Township Of Fulton County and Union School
Township Of Marshall County

In support of our Petition to the Fulton County Committee for the Reorganization of School Corporations asking that Aubbeenaubbee School Township be permitted to consolidate with Union School Township in Marshall County, Indiana, we desire to submit the following facts and information to justify our request.

I. Chapter 202 of the Indiana Acts of 1959 states in part:
  • 1. It is the sense of the Indiana General Assembly, now assembled; that local electors have an interest in the boundaries of the school corporation in which they reside and will exercise privileges as herein provided, to the end of establishing an efficient and economical reorganization plan, but suited to local conditions.
  • 2. Each Community school corporation shall be as nearly as practicable a natural social and economic community.

II. Consolidation of these two townships is reasonable, logical,and feasible because:
  • 1. These townships constitute a natural geographica area and are knit together by a system of improved county roads and state highways.
  • 2. The pupil population would be about One Thousand (1,000). The assessed valuation per student would be Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000), or twice Theminimum requirement. The total area included would be Seventy-eight (78) square miles. These factors are adequate to make it possible to support an excellent educational program for this area.
  • 3. Culver is the natural trade area and social center for the two townships. It has a twenty-three Million Dollar ($23,000,000) bank. It affords several churches, both Catholic and Protestant. Lake Maxinkuckee is located in Union Township, as is The Culver Military Academy. Excellent fire protectiion is provided for both suburban and rural areas.
  • 4. Excellent educational opportunities would be available for all students. The Culver High School holds a first commission issued by the State Department of Public Instruction and has held membership in the North Central Association, which is a combination of several schools and colleges, continuously for over thirty (30) years.
  • 5. Aubbeenaubbee Township has Five Hundred Sixty-three (563) registered voters, and Four Hundred Sixty-Three (463) have signed the Petitions for This consolidation. Any other solutions would be in direct opposition to the wishes of our people
  • 6. The role of extra curricular ativites in the total educative process increases each year. Most of such activities are carried on out side The regular school day. Any consolidation that makes it difficult for students to participate in these desirable activities is unwise and will result in many pupils being denied The benefits of the training they deserve.
  • 7. Desirable parent-teacher relationships can be attain ed in a school, only if the school is located in the shopping, banking, religious, and social center of its patrons.
  • 8. This consolidation would in no way adversely affect the consolidation of other school corporations in Marshall and Fulton counties because of the general location of these two townships
  • 9. The intent of the law is to provide an efficient and adequate educational opportunity for all the pupils in grades one (1) through twelve (12), and the proposed consolidation would make this possible.


1) comparing the distances of the two towns, Rochester is 12 m i l e s from Leiters Ford while Culver is 7 m i l e s . Thi is a difference of 5 miles (one way) .

2) It would take two busses to transport our children to anyschool. This multiplied would be an average of 20 miles per day. Figuring 180 school days times 20 mi les times 35 cents per mile it would cost the taxpayers $ 1,260 per year in additional transportation alone...

3) Also consider the type and condition of the roads leading to these two towns. The hazardous condition of the Fulton County roads; they are not adequately maintained in the winter .....

4) Also the extra curricular activities of our children in Culver would not work as great a hardship on the parent because of the time-saving element in personal transportation. Thi s would allowthe student much more opportunities.

5) Next the farm boy who is expected to help at home. He wouldbe available to help about 30 minutes more each day because of the shorter distance and t i me saved on the bus.

6) The law so states and it i s the parents obligation to protect the welfare of the child. We think this should merit your grave concern in any plan you con sider and adopt.

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