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LeRoy Bradley Grade School Architect  

School Officials Retaining Bradley as Architect for the New Grade Building

Trustee Curtis Announces The Selection of Fort Wayne, Ind., Architect

Another step towards the realization of a badly needed grade school building has been realized with the announcement by Maurice Curtis, Union township trustee, that LeRoy Bradley of Fort Wayne, Ind., has been retained as architect for the new building.

Mr. Bradley was named after a careful study by the township advisory board and Trustee Curtis. Five architects were interviewed by the board here on March 6 resulting in the unanimous selection of Mr. Bradley.

The naming of an architect for the new grade school building wilil undoubtedly be welcome news to all local citizens who have anxiously awaited any action which would indicate some positive step towards the Construction.

While no formal announcement has been imade during the past several months, it should be explained that Trustee Curtis, the advisory board, and school officials have not been idle, in fact, they have completed exhaustive studies iand work which will prove invaluable in the development of the actual construction.

Every effort is being made in the plans to erect a building which will provide adequate facilties and at the same time meeting the standards of health, safety, and educational program as set out by the State.

Financially the township has approximately $83,500 for the construction of the building. As a matter of review taxpayers will recall that township officials established a sinking fund in 1947 in which each taxpayer paid a special tax of $1.00 for $100 ,as­ sessment. on their property. In 1948 the rate was reduced to 75 cents.

The grade school building was condemned by the state fire department several years ago, but at the time of the action it was impossible to finance construction costs because of the restrictions on bonding. Unable to build because of financial limitations township officials met the repair and structural requirements of the state, but permission to utilize the building was granted in lieu of steps being taken toward till erection of a new building.

Accurate studies of projected enrollment presented a year age fully disclosed the necessity for a new building. Last fall it was necessary to add another room on class to take care of the increased enrollment

March 29, 1950.

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