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An Early History of Culver Elementary Scghool Mrs. W. O. Osborn

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Bradley Architect 1950


Frank McClane

William F. Mills II

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Robert Rust


Maxinkuckee 1913

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Culver Elementary School1983-1984 Yearbook

Culver Elementary & Junior High Year Book 1977

Note: Latham Lawson & William F. Mills wrote a brief history for the 1986 Marshall County History

The start of a detailed history of the Consoldiation process was done by Judith E. (McKee) Burns for the Class of 1970 twenty year reunion held on Saturday, June 30, 1990 at Glen L. Overmyer's Home on State Road 17 (Burr Oak). This was published in a booklet distributed to class members.

Other information came from various sources such as yearbooks and old issues of CUlver Citizens - spellings were left as was in the articles for names.

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