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Culver Schools 1900 - 1909  

There were no graduates in 1900.

In 1901 there were seven graduates—Lucretia Rea, Edwinna McFarland, Edward Zechiel, Elmer Scheurman, Harvey Scheurman, Maude Newman, and Levi Osborn.

The 1902 graduates were Claude Newman, Edna Stahl, Edna Hayes, Maude Koontz, Charity Shaw, Chester Zechiel, and Core Quick. [ Claude Newman, Edna Stahl, Edna Hayes, Maude Hutchinson, Cora Curry, Charity Cain and Chester Zechiel]

1903 - May 14 – in the Culver Citizen - Notice is published in this issue of an election to be held May 29th, to authorize the School Board to issue and sell bonds for the erection of a new school building. We print a view of the proposed building. It will contain seven _ all modern improvements and convienences and is a model of archichecitural beauty. It is proposed to erect the new building upon the present school ground

the May 28, 1903 Culver Herald was found:
    Notice to contractors and builders -------
    Office of township trustee, Union township.
    Marshall county, Indiana.

    Sealed bids will be received by the undersigned at his office in Culver, Indiana, until 2 o'clock p. m. on the 6th day of June, 1903, for the erection and completion of a one story school building in strict accordance with the plans and specifications now on file in office of trustee, Culver, Indiana, the house to be built in district No. 7, known as the Washington school house. The trustee reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Bids must be accompanied by a bond or certified check in tho amountof fifty dollars ($50.00.)

    A. N. BOGARDUS, Trustee.
In 1903 there were four graduates, Myrtle Medbourn, Lulu Blanchard, Grace Voreis, and Clark Ferrier. [Pearl Blanchard, Myrtle Medbourn, Clark Ferrier and Grace Vories]

1903 - August 27 – The prospects of a new school building are looking brighter every day…

1903 - Sept 25 - The house the John Osborn, Jr. is building for school purposes is nearing completion. The Noble cement building block is being used with great sucess.
    1904 Jul 14 - John Osborn will erect a cement block building on his lot north og Mrs. Jula Garn's residence. It will be used the coming year by the primary deparment of the public school

1904 - Aug 25 - The house that John Osborn, jr., is building for school purposes is nearing completion. The Noble cement building block is being used with great success

There was no graduating class in 1904 since the high school had now become a four year course.

The first students to graduate with a four year course was in 1905. The first graduates from the four year course were Bessie Medbourne, Minnie Shilling, William O. Osborn, Willard R. Zechiel, and Edward/Earl Zechiel.

W. Washington St.
    Culver Public School

By the 1906 Sanborn map the third Culver Public School was on West Washington Street Ohio Street had not been platted as yet which would of become the south west corner of Ohio & Washington

1906 - construction of the fourth schoolhouse

After the foruth school house was built John Osborn bought the school property and built the Osborn Hotel reusing the old school house it is said, tho by accounts of the hotel history it is implied it was built "new".

The Fourth School

The Culver school authorities have agreed to erect a new $16,000 school building and a resident of that city will loan all the money for the new building to the school board. - Rochester Sentinel, Friday, June 1, 1906

The May Issue of the Culver Citizen reported that willing landlord had been found, and that plans were under way for the new eight-room brick school house. George Garn sold two acres of land on the northwest corner of town for the school property. Mrs. Culver and her son K. K. Culver donated each a boiler for the school.

The June 28 issue provided the sketch of the school house above and revealed that the generous financial backer was Franklin Overmyer of Burr Oak and this was also found in On Township's Yesterday's is the name of the person - Franklin Overmyer:
    In 1906, when Culver City needed a school building and there were no funds nor means of raising any for the necessary expense, Mr. Overmyer financed the erection of a building on long term payment plans.

In 1906 the high school moved into a new home on the corner of school street and West Lake shore Drive - to the present grade school building.

1907 graduates were Eva heiser, Olive bogardus, Dollie Kline Warner, Ernest Zechiel, Jessie Grove and Ethel Smith

1902 - Jan 17 - Sale of The Old Culver School House
    The school property was sold to Henry Zechiel last Saturday for $1,325. There was but one other bidder - J. O. Ferrier.

    The bidding started on Ferrier's offer of $1,300, raised by Zechiel to $1,310, by Ferrier to $1,320, and then by Zechiel to $1,324, ar which point Ferrier saind "let him have it:.

    Prior to the sale a successful canvass for $500 in subscriptions to buy two of the lots for a street had been made with the understanding that the money was to reimburse the purchaser for dontating the lots tot he town.

    The school board had appraised the property at $12,50 - $250 for each of the four lots and $250 for the building.

    D. H. Smith takes one of the two remianing lots, John Osborn taking the other from Mr. Zechiel.

    The town and adjancent property owners will get the benefit of a desirable improement in having the street opened, Mr. Smith wii get a lot which he can cultivate as a garden where his boys will find healthful employement, Mr. Osborn gets a piece of valuable land and a building which will be converted into a large hotel and the schoolboard gets the money. The deal is a goodone all around.

1908 graduates were Harold Behmer, Tressa Hawk Duddleson, Harry Medboun, Alvin Murry, Della Stahle May and Iva Smith

1909 graduates were Elsie Buswell Long, Vohl Butler, George Crossland, Enda Garn, Hollis Rollins, Alice Fisher, Austin Lowery, and Florence Smith.

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