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Culver Schools 1910 - 1919  

1910 graduates were Carrie Hoff, Arthur Dillion, Syvia Schriven, Bess Easterday, Clure Hedges, Matilda Keller Harmon, Vernon Mc Lane, Esther Elick, Beryl Shaw, Clara Alleman, Frak Sparks, Russel Stahl, and Gale Newman

1910 - School Board Purchases 10-acre site on which is now known as School St.

Postacards of the high school:

Walter P. Bland became superintendent in the fall of 1911 and continued until the spring of 1914. Superintendents to follow were: Miss L. W. Taylor Lenora Mc Laughlin serving in the year of 1914-15; James D. Daernall - 1915-1916; Mrs. McLaughlin/Lenora M Laughlin took over again in 1916-17; Dean E. Walker in 1917 (a Culver High School graduate in 1912) to spring of 1919. Mr. Walker later became Superintendent of Public Instruction for the state of Indiana.

1911 graduates were Vera Davis, Deven Butler, Arthur Hatten, Maraget Sullivan, Florence Castleman, Edna Brown, Walter Kline, Clarence, Menser, Hildred Moss, Chlore Mc Griff, Roy Porter, orville Zechile, and Elise Crossland.

1912 graduates were Harry Dinsmore, charles Hawkisn, Ray Rogers cecil Smith Diane Walker and Grace Garn

The Culver High School Alumni Association was organized in 1912 and at each commencement has held a reunion for Culver High School graduates. This reunion since before 1970 has been held on the fourth Saturday of June.

1913 graduates were Forrest Benedict, Lula Cromley, Dottie Keen, J. Dick Newman, Eldon Porer, Huldah Taber, Claude Wolfrauf, Elva Zechiel, Marie Buswell and Byrtle Painter.

1913 - May 1 - The faculty of the Culver Public School, for next year, has been engaged. Another teacher will be added to the high school, making four in that department. The teachers are as follows: High School, W. P. Bland, superintendent, Miss Taylor, Miss Elston of Kewanna in place of Miss Noel, Miss Donna Cretcher of DeGraf, Ohio; Seventh and Eighth Grades, Noble Pinkerton; Sixth Grade, George Crossland; Fifth Grade, Miss Shaw of Green Township in place of Miss Moss; Third and fourth Grades, Miss Proct[or]; First and Second Grades, Miss Stahl. The school building is overcrowded and the room now occupied by the Citizen Office has been rented for one of the grades

1914 - Mar 20/26 - The fire escapes have been put in place on the school house.

1914 graduates were Earle Bolen, Floud Davis, Louis Dillon, Russell Easterday, Florence Pinkerson, Guy Kline, Rex Mawhorter, Wilbur Arnold, Hazel Beck, Eva Hinshaw, Eleanor Gould, Evert Norris, Herman Sayger, Edgar Shaw, Edna Dickson and Slivia Van Meter

Location of the school property per the 1914 Sanborn map

The 1914 - Sanborn map - confirms the stories of David Burns of a school being on the Corner of Washington & Main Streets - where the Johnson Tire service was and now the Family Vision Clinic is located - on the map it is listed as 'Kindergarden School'.

The 1906 building was meant to solve the school problems for years to come but it had not - the student body had grown - and the the township schools were slowly being phased out in Indiana.

At the point the elementary classes were being taught in rented space - around town - where ever it became availabe each year as accounted by David Burns above.

The Culver school was turned over to the township trustee which was David H. Smith. $92,000 was issued in bonds for a new Culver High School to be built south of the 1906 high school. For this more additional and was prurchased this time from Frank Garn adding three more acres for a toal of 5 scres of school property.

1915 graduates were Mildred Busart, Charles Cowen, Fern Young, Beatrice Goss, Hazel Hanna, John Kreif, Rollin Lain, Inez Burk, Wayne Lowry, Blanche Cromley, Esta Overmyer, Daisy Smith, Lyle Shaw, Leota Trasher, Mable Braymen, Naomi Williams, Nellie Michaells, Daisy Easterday, Blance Hatten, Wanda LaBounty, Zetta Robinson and Ruth Speyer.

1916 graduates were Lena Bechtol, Dorothy Joseph, Grace Buswell, James Fretz, Wahneeta Taylor, Lewis Hatten, Clifford loser, Carl L Mead, Edna Paquette, Gladys Brook, Phocian RHoades, Ivan Walker, Jeanette wollridge, Margaret Bernard Smith, William Tiedt, Grace Hawk, William Heiser, Helen Speyer, and Doland Walker.

1917 graduates were Forrest Alberts, Mary Matten, Effie Kesner, Beulah Buchanan, Elsie Wagner, Nellie A Rockwell, Ray Fisher, Vernon Easterday, George Buffington, Vernon Dinsmore, Helen Short, Evelyn Botdoriff, Millard Kantz, Rachel Thessin, and Gladys Wise.

1918 graduates were Carl Adams, Dorothy Byers, Ruth Simpson, Russell Ellis Clifton, Nolan Cline, Jeaneave Kelly, Glenn Garn, Lois Greenway, Daisy Hosimer, Mary Jones, Ina Gray, Edith Currens, Steffen Rector, Freida Romig, Madge Woodward, Goldie Curits, Florence Kantz, and Valma Zechiel.

1919 graduates were Earl Adams, Ross Clemens, Mary Cook Crowe, Dorothy Eisenhard, Frank Hosimer, Emma Fisher, George Loser, Forrest Marsh, Gladys Minardow, Frank Mc Lane, Creston Rice, Genevieve Shively, and Oscar Young.

In 1919 the Union Township schools and the Culver School consolidated. The township trustee became the head of the school system and took the place of the former three member school board. David H. Smith was trustee at this time. and he has been succeeded by Glenn Snapp, John E. Dennis, David H. Smith, Dunn W. Weaver, and Maurice A. Curtis (1952). Deane Walker continued as head of the school as principal until the fall of 1925. Principals to follow were: J. L. Tombaugh - 1925 to fall of 1929; Floyd M. Annis - 1929-?(1952).

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