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Culver Schools 1930 - 1939  

Improvements made to the Community Building stage:

    Culver Citizen
    Feb. 19, 1930

    Sufficient Lighting Installed to Give Fine Effects With Modern Stage Equipment.

    Workmen have been busy installing a complete set of stage scenery and equipment on the new community building stage that will make it the best in the country. For the first time a high school production will have sufficient room to properly stage a play. And of equal importance will be the stage setting.

    There will be lights and plenty of them. The foot lights will be solid with bulbs of various colors to give the desired effects, while from overhead two rows of lights will illuminate the stage and remove shadows. Then from the wings will be flood lights with an assortment of colors.

    The stage scenery offers an indoor and an outdoor setting, and these will be handled by modern equipment which will allow much faster changing of scenery as well as much more effective work. Then for sound purposes a special drapery surrounds the stage, insuring proper acoustics.

    The stage curtain is a beautiful maroon material that is fireproof, an important item for the safety of the public.

    All this has not and will not cost the taxpayers a cent as the expense is being borne by school organizations. The Parent-Teacher Association has agreed to aid, as have some of the classes and other intra-school groups. Play proceeds will be used for this fund, as will the revenue from other projects.
1930 graduates were Harry Baker, Margaret Behmer, Thelma Bigley, Tommy Bigley, Margaret Bolin, Ruth Busart, Jane Crandall, Therlad Grossman, Gladys Jones, Randall Houghton, Albert Joplin, Margaret Bender, Culver Miller, Edward Mitchell, Gerald Osborn, Donald Osborn, Helen Overmyer, Daniel Rose, Mildred Shearer, Wilma Smith, Jeanette Stevens, Anton Stuprich, Erma Wagner, Alma Wagner, Howard Overmyer, Paul Warner, Lawrence White, and Catherine Wooldridge.

1931 graduates were John Altman, Cecil Asper, Hubert Beehler, Lenore Behmer, Robert Bogardus, Lester Cook, Oliver Cowe, Opal Crump, Margaret Dimick, Norman Duddleson, Evelyn Farrar, Charles Ferrier, virginia Fetter, Mary Flagg, Opal Geiselman, Olive Goheen, Venice Hawk, Marjorie Hawkins, Helen Hewes, Garlan Lowery. Jacob Mc Farland, Anna Mc Lane, Goldie L Mahler, Thomas Marshall, Helen Mattox, Eva Mary, Donald Mikesell, Lois Morris, Ruth Newman, Hilldred Osborn, Glenn Overmyer, Margaret Overmyer, Charles Reed, Evelyn Reed, Howard Shock, Norman O Starkey, Fletcher Strang, Opal Thornburg, Sylvia Tripplett, Ralph Vories, Howard Werner, Alvin Zechiel, and Annabelle Yates.

1932 graduates were Verda Albert, Margaret Annis, Eugene Benedict, Esther Chittick, James Clemens, Maxine Curren, Juanita Grossman, Vera Grossman, Erma Heiser, Lewis Jones, Helenglen Kennedy, Annabella Lake, Martha Long, Bernice Mc Intire, Merel Miller, Lovina Newman, Earl Overomyer, Mildred Overmyer Esther Peters, Lucille Poland, Robert Reed. Howard Rextrew, Charles Scott, Jeanne Scott, Randolph Schueren, Joe Schweidler jr., Bera Feese, Harold Shaw, Dean Shoemaker, Margaret Swanson, Marjorie Tallman, Elwyn Thornburg, Arthur Tomassi, Thomas Wooldridge, Charles Woolfe and Margaret Zechiel.

1933 - March 14 - At a mass meeting Monday night it was decided that Union Township would have a community house to be erected on the lot opposite the school house.

1933 graduates were Ruth ALderfer, Mary Bair, Fred Banks, J. Behmer, George Byrd, Fred Carter, Nelson Cooper, Stephania McKesson, John Drank Jr., Daisy Eckman, Doran Finney, Milliard Finney, Wilber Geiselman, Fern Hawkins, Bernard Hewes, Loren Hissong, Mary Hissong, Mary Jones, Hille Keen, Wayne Kline, Ruth LaMunion Samuel Long, Emma Zechiel, Bessie Louden, ALbert Mahler, WIlma Menser, Glen Mikesell, Margaret Newman, Bonnie Norris, Charles Newman, Ralph Osborn Jr. Mary Overmyer, Alyce Pura, feda Pura,Ruth smeltze, muriels Railsback, ROse Voreis, Howard STvens, Margaret swigart, Dorothy Wade, Myra Wagnoer, June Waite, Roy Warner, James Warriner, John Werner.

1933 - AUGUST 9 - A nine month school term is assured Culver and Union Township according to Trustee D.H. Smith. The response of the taxpayers, along with the rigid economy of the school system, make the longer term possible

1934 graduates were Mildred Albert, Alivn Baker, ROnald Baker, Lawrence Burch, Lenord Crump, Ruth Cowen, Jane Dickerson, Margaret Elliott, Besie Flagg, Veda Foss, Walter Gordon, Ida Houghton, Albert Kendall, John Lindley, Catherine Mcfarland, Opal Mikesell, Donald Overmyer, Mae Overmyer, Ruth Ringer, Gerald Russell, Arthur Schweidler, Norman Scruggs, Josepine Seese, Jospeh Shivers, Fern Shoemaker, John Simmons, Oliver Turner, Frances Wade, Victor Waite, Beatrice Warner Dollie Willits.

1935 graduates were Anna Ault, George Babock, Clarence Bair, Richard Baker, Thelman Banks, Ernestine Benedict, Helen Brutnell, Rosemarie Cowen, Wayne Crow, Rosalie Easterday, Lola Finney, Vriginaia Foreman, Wilma Grace, Robert Hawkins, Joseph Heiser Jr. Manford Houghton Jr., Thomas Jones, Ermil Kaley, Harold Lissinger, Pauline Krouse, Mary Leland, Thomas Lindahl Meredith lockridge. Pierre Long, Coleman Lowry, Eugene McFarland, george McKee, Nora Mahler, Harold Miller, Robert Newman, Robert Osborn, John Overymyer, Clarence Porcher, James Rich, Margery Sales, Adrian Snapp, Henry Speyer Jr., William Staddon, Elois Stinchcomb, Ruth Strapon, Clara Thompson, Margaret Weaver, Donald White, and Elizabeth Zechiel.

1936 graduates were Mary Batz, Helen Behmer, Winfield Behmer, Ruby Bixleer, Thelma Boyd, Helen Clahoun, Irene Clemens, Lida Cowen, Nancy Crabb, Helen Cromley, Robert Crouch, James Dickerson, Rose Drneck, Cleta Easterday, Joseph Edward, James Elliot, Mac Fechner, Burton Feece, Fran Flagg, Edward French, Isabell Goheen, Kathryn Griewank, Harold Hatten, Pheraba Hoskins, Virginia Hoge, Everett Houghton, Edith Jones, Fritz Kemple, Reed Kepler, Raymond Kline, Paul Lichtenberger, Mack Lindley, Lewis Listenberger, Wilmas Long, Herman McFeely, Georgia Clyde Morris, Jesse Newman Jr., Masr. James May, Oscar Miksell, Leta Newman, Helen O'Conner, Margaret Ogden, Virgil Quivey, Donovan Rockhill, frances Scott, Paul Strang, Astrid Swanson, William Taber, Hervey Vermillion, Malcom White, Hazel Warner, Leo Wennerstom, James White, Helen Wolverton, Velva Wolfe, Margaret Zehner

School location and buildings as of 1937

1937 graduates were Irma Ault, Lloyd Banks, Earl Boetsma, Charles Cooks, Emra Cromley, Eldon Curtis, Rita Drnek, June Emery, Robert Ewing, Lila Finney, Joseph Geis, Dwight Griffith, Harold Irwin, Kenneth Kemple, Maryellen Kowatch, Henry Kreig Jr., France Leland, Wayne Matox, Esther Miller, Alda Morris, Edith Newman, Alma Osborn, David Peer, Helen Phillips, Clarence Pike, Janes Rhoads, Margaret Shriver, Betty SImpson, Richard Stoughton, Jane Taber, Ruth Taggart, Rachel Warner, Charlotte Watts, Calrence Weenerstrom, Ardis Willits Irene WIlson

1938 graduates were Elise Anderson, Ellen Bates, Brenice Brutnell, Donald Burkett, Mildred Calhoun, Lucy Cooper, Forrest Curtis, Donald Davis, Ernest Dickson, Edna Dillion, Judson Dillion, Everett Easterday,Nancy Edwards, Robert Enyart, Carl Feehner, Ralph Geiselman, Hazel Green, Marjorie Hatten, Edward Hakins, Mildred Henning, Lloyd Hosimer, John Kepler, Raymond Keer, Fern Kowatch, Daralys Leland, Arnold Lowry, Mary Mccarthy, WInfield McFarland, Charles McIntire, Alviin Mahler, John Newman, John O'conner, Mary Osborn, Irwin [Irvin] Overmyer, Ruth Pederson, Phillip Powers, Loa Poland, Mary Rottmiller, Helen Schweidler, Irma Stevens, Virginia Strang, Erwin Thessin, Elsie Tunis, Allen Weaver, Jesse White, Joseph Wolverton, Calbert Wolfe, Malcolm Young

1938 - AUg 24 - A rental system of all text books used in the high school grades 9 through 12 will be launched this fall.

1939 graduates were Mary Albert, Anna Baker, Betty Behmer, Charlotte Bennett, Joe Boestsma, Marion Buntin, Edna Calhoun, Shirley Carter, Herbert Crabb, Chester Crump, Marie Diffendal, Marie drnek, Edward Easterday, Warren Foreman, William Hampton, Betty Harper, Edith Hatten Walter Johnson Jr., Freida Jones, Helen Kepler, Kenneth Kerr, Alice Kreig, Lester Leland, Jay Lindley, Robert McFarland, Hervey McGowan jr., Dondld Menser, Eslie Miller, Alnora Ogden, Ellen Pengilly, Glen Quivery, Mary Savage, ALice Sensibaugh, Vera Shriver, Ralph Thurnburg, Jack Von Ehr, Melba WHite, Ledora Windborn, William Wiser, Doris Young, Gerald Young, Dollis Zechiel and Macella Zechiel.

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