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Culver School History 1960 - 1969  

1960 - Jul 13 - Culver citizen announces new pincipal - Kenneth L Cole.

1960 - August 3 - 87% of Aubbeenaubee petition favoring consolidation with Culver - Union Township School ... Aubbeenaubbee Township Advisory Committee for School Reorganization: Willis J . Cripe, Chairman; Paul Davidson, Robert C. Reichard, Vernie Bowen, and Ralph Hunneshagen

1960 - Aug. 16/17 - Culver School faculty list is Annouced...

    North Bend School

    In all probability there should be added to this personnel list the names of the four former teachers from North Bend School because Donald Taylor, the North Bend Township Trustee, intends to transfer some 120 to 130 students to the Culver Public Schools. If or when, this happens, the agreement provides that the four North Bend teachers will be used to teach in the Culver Public Schools. Definite announcement concerning this will be made in next week's Citizen

1960 - Aug. 16/17 - North Bend School Will Not Open This Fall
    Some Pupils Will Come To Culver

    (From the aug. 9 issue of The Starke County News of Knox)

    North Bend Township school will not reopen this year, according to North Bend Township Trustee, Donald Taylor.

    Students will' instead be absorbed into the Knox, Culver, and Monterey school systems.

    Trustee Taylor is mailing lettors today to the parents of students in his township notifying them of the change and asking that if they choose not to attend tliie Culver school system that they notify him at once.

    Mr. Taylor, said every effort will be made to see that the student can attend the school of his choice.

    The decision to close the North Bend school will have several effectson the residents of the township.

    End Of Controversy?

    First, it would seem that the school controversy there will be dissolved since those favoring the Culver school system may attend that school and those favoring the Knox school system may attend at Knox.

    This seems to be an ideal way to settle the weighty problem.

    Secondly, a savings in the tax rate of some 80 cents per hundred dollar valuation is seen in Urn North Bend school budget if the school is closed. Last year North Bend allowed $2.05 for the school budget. This year the pronosed budget has dropped to only $1 .25.
1960 - Aug. 17th edition of the Culver Citizen states that nearly 100 people assembled in the Community Building for an informal disccussion of the proposed consolidation of Union Township of Marshall county, North Bend Township of Starke county, and Aubbeenaubee Twonship of Fulton county. Stark and Fulton county are against the merger, which is a response to the state's Reogranization Act.

The people in and around Culver wanted as early as 1961 to consolidate Aubbeenaubee Twp., North Bend Twp. and Union Twp. under the Indiana acts of 1947. Such a plan was presented to the state committee for reorganization and was promptly refused. The county committee presented the "Marston Plan" consolidation of Argos, Aubbeenaubee Twp. and Culver-Union. The people in a public vote showed their contempt for the plan by voting it down to the tune of approximately 85%. The action was so strong that in a public meeting the leaders of the three communities who had presented the original plan under the 1947 law decided that it might be worth while to approach the State committee once again. These community leaders selected five men to appear before Dr. Kohlmeyer and plead the Culver Case. These were:
Ralph Osborn Jr.     Frank McLane 
Kenneth Olin     George Stevens 
  Kenneth Cole   

The committee of five returned home after a pleasant but non-committed interview with Dr. Kohlmeyer. The Culver patrons were very pleasantly surprised when notified by the State committee that consolidation of Aubbeenaubee, North Bend and Culver was legal and would be effective as of December 27, 1962. This gave Culver quite a variety of administrative heads during one school year. This appeared in the 1963 "Tomahawk".

In the School year of 1962-3 North Bend Twp. Students that years came to Culver for the first time. Aubbee Students remained at Leiters Ford in their school building.

1962-63 - This gave Culver quite a variety of administrative heads during one school year for it was operated under

Superintendent:  Frank McLane 
Principal:  Culver High School: Kenneth Cole
Culver Elementary: Shelton Kaiser
Aubbee; Kenneth R. Olin 
Trustees:  Eugene Benedict
Glen Overmyer 
Board Member:  Eugene Benedict, Union Twp. [8-61/10-63]
Judd Stinchcomb, Culver
Cedric White, North Bend Twp.
Vernie Bowen Aubbee Twp. [8-61/9-63]
Donald Taylor, North Bend Twp. 

In 1963 Aubbeenaubbee (Fulton County), North Bend Township (Starke County), and Union Township (Marshall county) were corporately joined into a reorganized school district - Culver Community Schools. Frank Mc Lane became the first superintendent of the corporation.

1963- January 23 – Culver Community School Unit will have office at 110 South Main St. in Culver…

1963 - March 13 – The Board of School Trustees of Culver Community Schools, in a meeting on March 12, approved by majority vote to unite the high schools of the school corporation at the beginning of the 1964-65 school term…
Superintendent:  Frank McLane 
Principal:  Culver High School: Kenneth Cole
Culver Elementary: Shelton Kaiser
Aubbee; Kenneth R. Olin 
Board Members:  Glen Overmyer, Union Twp. [10-63/6-65]
Eldon Davis, Aubbee Twp. [No dates listed]
Cedric White, North Bend Twp.
Judd Stinchcomb, Culver [8-61/4-64]
Donald Taylor, North Bend Twp. 8-61/7-6_] 

Superintendent:  Frank McLane 
Principal:  Culver High School: Kenneth Cole
Culver Elementary: Shelton Kaiser
Aubbee; Kenneth R. Olin 
Board Members:  Cedric White, North Bend Twp. [8-61/6-65]
Walter Johnson, Culver
Woodie McGlothin, Aubbee Twp.
Everett Dowd, North Bend Twp.
Oscar Wesson, Union Twp. [7-64/6-68]  

1965 - January - School Board Discusses New Building Details ; and other articles dealing with the pending new building.

1965 - February 4 - the School Board voted to employ Mrs. Connie Ervin as part-time school nurse.... The School Board voted to continue efforts to sell the Ora School property. Since statutory regulations require that the School Board accept no less than two-thirds of the appraised value of the property, the minimum selling price on the basis of the appraisement would be $1800. Attempts will be made to effect a sale of the property as soon as possible.

Some time in the 1965-6 school term plans were being formulated for a new high school building.

The Culver Citizen issue of June 6, 1966 proclaims: "School Board Reviews Final Building plans" July 21, 1966 proclaims: "Ralph Osborn to head School building corporation" The members of this corporation were as follows:
Ralph A. Osborn    Eldon P. Davis 
Wayne E. Roe    Donald L. Taylor 
W. Wayne Kline    Cecil L. Lucas 
  Glenn L. Overmyer   

1965-6 -
Superintendent:  Frank McLane [2-63/6-66] 
Principal:  Culver Elementary: Kenneth Cole
Culver High School: Shelton Kaiser
Aubbee: J. Arthur Howard 
Board Members:  Woodie McGlothin, Aubbee Twp.
Tom Russell, Aubbee Twp.
Walter Johnson, Culver
Oscar Wesson, Union Twp.
Everett Dowd, North Bend Twp. 

1966 - April 14 - Robert Rust Named Superintendent of Culver Community Schools

The December 22, 1966 issue proclaims: "School board receives Bids for New Building".

Superintendent:  Robert Rust 
Principal:  Culver High School: Charles W. Bernhardt
Culver Elementary: Shelton Kaiser
Aubbee: J. Arthur Howard 
Board Members:  Walter Johnson, Culver
Tom Russell, Aubbee Twp. [7-65/10-67]
Everett Dowd, North Bend Twp.
Oscar Wesson, Union Twp.
Woodie McGlothin, Aubbee twp.  

In 1967 under the guidence of Robert Rust a building program was undertaken to replace all the high schools in the school district with a new building located at the north edge of Culver on School Street. This was the year that final plans were being set in motion for a new High School Building as the April 20, 1967 issue of the Culver Citizen proclaims " New Culver Community High School Building" under it is the architect's rendering of the how the building will look and information on the architects and their firm, construction company, school board, and holding company.

Ground was broken at the corner of School St. and St. Rd. 10 for the new building around June 15, 1967 as that issue of the Culver Citizen proclaims " New Culver High School Building Now in Progress".

Also the headline proclaiming: "Tippecanoe Twp. to be annexed into Culver Schools" appeared in the June 22, 1967 issue. With this Culver School Corporation became the most unique school system in the state of Indiana for it now spans four counties: Fulton, Marshall, Pulaski and Starke.

Cary Cummins was head building supervisor for the building and never lived to see it completed, he died Oct. 1968 of cancer; his tombstone is made out of the bricks of the new High school as a final tribute to him.

1967-8 -
Superintendent:   Robert Rust 
Administration Assistant:  Charles Downing 
Principal:   Culver High School: John R. Hayes
Culver Elementary School: Shelton Kaiser
Aubbee: J. Arthur Howard
Monterey: James Truelove 
Board Members:  Ray Winters, Monterey
Everett Dowd, North Bend Twp.
Woodie McGlothin, Aubbee Twp. [7-64/6-68]
Walter Johnson, Culver
Oscar Wesson, Union Twp. [7-64/6-68] 

It has been said that the school board gave some consideration to naming the consolidation the "TUNA Fishers", where the letters of TUNA stood for Tippecanoe, Union, North Bend and Aubbeenaubbee townships.; tho the doucmentation for the idea has not been found as yet.

Sometime during this time period the school corporation purchased the administration building on 222 N. Ohio Street.

1968 - March 7 – “Culver Community High School” is adopted as the official name of the new high school…

1968 - april 28 - Charles Bernhardt named Principal Of Culver Schools

This was the beginning of a new era for the School Corporation. The new highs school building sits on a thirty-three acre campus. The New High School opened its doors for the first time in August 1968 to Students.

Officals 1968-9 :

Superintendent:  Robert Rust 
Principal:  John R. Hayes 
Board Members:  Ray Winters, Tippecanoe Twp.
Robert K. Berger, Union Twp.
Jack P. Croy, Aubbee Twp.
Walter Johnson, Culver [4-64/6-6_]
Everett Dowd, North Bend Twp. 

1968 - November 14 – Culver Community High School will be known in athletics as the Cavaliers…

1968 - November 28 – Wrestling is introduced as new varsity sport at CCHS.

The school colors of black, white, and burnt orange were adopted. The school song was new:

        We are proud to be the Cavaliers from Culver High
        Our Hearts will always fill with pride,
        Hearts will thrill at the sound of the name,
        We'll forever add to our fame.
        Hail to Our Cavaliers, Ever loyal and true we'll be.

        Go you Cavaliers! Fight with all your might!
        Go you Cavaliers! Win this game tonight!

        We are proud to be the Cavaliers from Culver High
        Our Hearts will always fill with pride,
        Hearts will thrill at the sound of the name,
        We'll forever add to our fame.
        Hail to our Cavaliers, Ever loyal and true we'll be.

        C C CUL, V V VER, CULVER, Go, CULVER!!!

and also a school seal was choosen :

The school seal carries particular significance for those who study its unique design. A cavaliers shield, circumscribed by two concentric circles between which is clearly printed CULVER COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL, attracts one's attention quickly.

Immediately above the shield and inside both concentric circles one notices FIVE INTERLOCKED CIRCLES which symbolize the Olympic Games. The interlocked circles have special meaning for CCHS. BY THEM WE ARE REMINDED THAT CLASSES FIRST MET IN CCHS IN 1968, AN OLYMPIC YEAR. Also the Olympic rings remind us that excellent physical fitness for all students and an opportunity to compete in sports are valid objectives in a complete high school curriculum.

On the upper let quadrant in the shield in an OUTLINE MAP OF INDIANA. THE LOCATION OF CCHS IS CLEARLY MARKED IN THE NORTHWEST QUARTER IF THE STATE. The map of Indiana reminds us that the function of education is a state function and that among high schools in Indiana CCHS carries a First Class commission. THE CANOE REMINDS US THAT ON LAKE MAXINKUCKEE AND THE TIPPECANOE RIVER THIS MODE OF TRANSPORTATION WAS FREELY USED.

IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND QUADRANT THE THESPIAN MASK AND LAMP, SYMBOLS OF ENLIGHTENMENT, BOLDLY DIRECT OUR EFFORTS. The mask would have us learn from the drama of human life the important truths on which to build a successful life. The lamp of learning teaches us that we can illuminate our lives and break the shackles of ignorance through education. Future social and scientific advancement for all mankind rests solely on continued universal education.

ON THE LOWER LEFT QUADRANT IS INSCRIBED THE SWORD AND THE FLUER DE LIS. The sword was the hand weapon for the "Cavaliers" throughout their flamboyant history. The FLUER de Lis has been incorporated in the Cavalier Coat of Arms at least since the time of the Crusades. TOGETHER THEY SYMBOLIZE ONE'S DETERMINATION TO PERSEVERE IN THE PURSUIT OF WORTHWHILE GOALS AND TO APPRECIATE THE BEAUTY OF NATURE.

ON THE LOWER RIGHT QUADRANT OF THE SHIELD IS A SPECIAL DESIGN WHICH SYMBOLIZES A CERTAIN SEGMENT OF OUR HERITAGE. THE INDIAN DEATH MASK REMINDS US OF A HARSH CHAPTER IN OUR LOCAL HERITAGE, THE TRAIL OF DEATH. Scarcely fifty years after our forefathers fought a revolution to establish a government protecting the rights of the governed, a younger generation implemented the now infamous Indiana Death March known as the Trail of Death to remove the Pottawatomies from the Culver Area.


1969 - Jan Letterhead
Culver Community School Corporation
Letterhead for Aubbeenbaubbe High School
Leiters Ford, Indiana
On The Beautiful Tippecanoe River
Principal: J. Arthur Howard
Director of Guidence: John R. Nelson
Clerk: Henrietta Patton
Telephone: Area 219 832-4522
        Superintendent: Robert Rust
School Board:
Walter Johnson, President
Thomas H. Russell, Vice-President
Everett Dows, Secretary
Oscar Wesson, Treasurer
Woodie McGlothin, Member

Dedication of the new 124,500 sq-ft. high school building of the building took place on 27 April 1969. Speaker was Phil Eskew, Commissioner of ISHA and Linda Sherill, President of the Student Council. Honorable guests were: Dr. Otis Bowen, State Legislature and Speaker of State Senate; Kenneth Cole, former principal; and John Branamas, Senator from Indiana who was unable to attend. The day was dedicated to Cary Cummins.

1969-70 - Officials

Superintendent:  Robert Rust [7-66/9-71] 
Principal:  John R. Hayes 
Board Members:  Ray Winter, Tippecanoe Twp. [11-67/6-77]
Everett Dowd, North Bend Twp. [7-64/7-73]
Jack P. Croy, Aubbe Twp. [7-68/1-71]
Paul Snyder Jr., Union Twp. [12-69/8-81]
?Robert K. Berger 7-68/12-__] ?  

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