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Culver School History 2000 to Present  

early 2002 - saw major construction at the High School faclility to add a seperate Middle School at the southwest end of the high school.
It was not without its diffuculties as wind damaged the construction phase of it before it was completed.

Purchase of the Lenoard Hoffman property across the street - in 2004-5 the construction of the baseball field on the north end and in late 2006 the construction of a new Superintendants office began on the south end of the property at the corner of School St. and Academy Road. ALong with ball fields.

The High School today

School official as of 2007 are:
Superintendant:  Brad Schuldt 
Principal:  Culver High: Albert Hanselman
Culver Middle: George Irvin Jr.
Culver Elementary: Charles I. Kitchell
Monterey Elementary: Julie L. Berndt 
Board Members:  Christopher R. Kline
Ned A. Davis
Marilyn L. Swanson
Gene Baker
Edward R. Behnke
Jack L. Jones
James M. Wentzel 

2007/8 - The Adminsitration building was constructed at the corner of Academy Rd. and School St. and the offices moved into it soon after abandoning the building on 222 N. Ohio. Street

2009 - May - 21 Seen renovation of the Community building. End of an Era, Old Gym is gutted. Work began last week on removal of the old bleachers, locker rooms, restrooms, and other fixtures in the Culver Elementary School gym. Jackson Services, whose staff are graduates of Culver Community Schools, handled the demolition work and said they expected it to be complete by the end of the week. Paul and Princeton Jackson take apart seating on the south wall. At right, one more pile of debris from the gym is prepared for dumping. Another company will handle construction of new, updated seating and other facets of the gym, which are hoped to be completed for the start of school this fall. The outgoing seating was part of the original Community Building dedicated in 1929.

2009/10 - The old Administration building at 222 N. Ohio. St. was purchased by the Culver educational Foundation.

2011 May - Seen the closing of the Monterey School building in order to cut expenses because of the econmic downfall of the last several years.

2011 - Oct 12th - A recent petition in Tippecanoe Township to deannex from Culver Community Schools Corporation and reannex into the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation. The petition has already gathered 600 signatures after being created by residents of Monterey outraged at the closure of Monterey Elementary for budget reasons. If the deannexation process is able to be accomplished, the township would then presumably attach to the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation.
    However, over the years, many of the township’s families - particularly those who reside closer to Winamac than Culver - have elected to pay tuition for their students to attend Eastern Pulaski School Corporation.
A number of parents have already enrolled their students in that system and bus service into Tippecanoe Township is being provided into Winamac.

2011- Dec. - Also at the meeting, Jim Fleury of Monterey presented the petition that has been circulated in Tippecanoe Township in the past few months, requesting that the township be annexed into the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation district. Fleury reported the petition was also submitted to the Culver School Corporation (which currently includes Tippecanoe Township) earlier this month.

2013 - June 13 - Eugene Berg of Monterey said he is in negotiations with the Culver Community School Corporation superintendent and a committee that has been established to discuss the topic. He said he hopes to start a preschool daycare program in conjunction with the Christian school as well 2014 - The Culver Community School corporation's budget will be $500,000 less by 2014, which translates to a job loss for 7 to 10 teachers, likely mostly from the Culver Elementary School staff. The news initially hit school staff members in a letter circulated by school superintendent Brad Schuldt last month, though the decision though the decision was formalized regarding $500,000 in budget cuts this year at the school board's Feb. 4 meeting, in which it was also resolved to make cuts totaling $700,000 within two to three years.
    The Culver Elementary School serves 501 students at present, with 42 teaching staff and two administrators (a principal and assistant principal), in addition to 10 non-licensed support staff.

    By contrast, the high school serves 247 students with 28 teachers, four support staff, and three administrators: the principal,

    Culver's middle school (7th and 8th grade only) is home to 161 students with 12 teaching staff (13 staff are shared with the high school) and one administrator (the principal).

2013 - June 26 - superintendent, Brad Schuldt, announced that he will be retiring at the end of December

2016 - Feb. - Culver Schools Unveils New Logos - The branding effort was coordinated by a group of volunteers, including school staff members and parents, working on the marketing component of the corporation’s strategic plan. They raised money for the project through a GoFundMe campaign that so far has collected over $6,800. Marketing team member Shelly Schrimsher says the campaign reached a wide variety of people. With the money raised, the team contracted with VIP Branding to design the logo family. The new brand contains a total of seven different logos the corporation can use for different situations. The logo they chose is an image of a shield backed by two swords. In front of the shield are the words “Culver Cavs.” Now the next step is to buy marketing materials like signs, banners, and other products with the new logos. For that effort, the GoFundMe campaign is staying open to raise additional money. The branding effort is seen as a way for the corporation to control its image and potentially attract more families, at a time when per-student funding from the state has dropped.

2016 - May - the board formally declared the need to cut up to four certificated teaching positions. The resolution cited a $250,000 reduction in General Fund support from the state for this year and the need for the corporation to cut $440,000 from its budget. The school board will also consider a measure that would move the middle and high schools closer to consolidation. No longer would the schools be known as “Culver Community Middle School” and “Culver Community High School.” ... The Culver School Board has decided to remove two teaching positions at the end of this school year. The school board has already decided to eliminate the elementary school assistant principal position
    the school board accepted the resignation of middle/high school assistant principal and athletic director Luke Biernacki. Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell says Biernacki’s resignation, along with that of former superintendent Vicki McGuire in December . “Obviously, when I became interim superintendent, we didn’t hire a full-time superintendent, so in essence, we reduced Dr. McGuire out,” Kitchell says. “I took over as superintendent, and they didn’t fill my position as director of operations/assistant principal at the elementary, however you want to look at that. And then, when Luke Biernacki left us as the AD/assistant principal at the high school/middle school, we were able then to move Julie Berndt back in, to that position.” Kitchell says he does not plan on applying for the superintendent’s job at Culver on a permanent basis, saying he currently plans to retire at the end of the 2016-2017 school year.

2017 - Jul - The Culver Community Schools Corporation will be able to continue its Title I program, but a $29,000 cut in the school’s Title I grant will make it a bit more difficult. Last year’s Title I grant was for nearly $205,000. This year, school officials expect to get just over $175,000.The federal program provides resources to schools with high percentages of students from low-income families

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