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Union Township District Schools  

District 1 – Hibbard
District 2 –
District 3 –
District 4 – Shaw
District 5 –
District 6 -
District 7 - Maxinkuckee
District 8 - Kaley
District 9 –
District 10 –
District 11

1906 - May 17 - Public School Teaeachers CUlver School Board elected:

    Superintendent - I. S. Hahn
    Principal - E. E. Landis
    Seventh & Eighth years - Miss Grace Zechiel
    Fifth & Sixth Years - Mrs. CHole Butler of Plymouth
    Third and Furth Years - Mrs. Rose Moss
    Primary - Miss Edna Stahl
1906 - Sep 13 - The Culver School -
    The Fall term opens on Monday, with the primary grade snugly domiciled in the league room of the M. E. Church.

    The enrollment in the grades and the high school will show a considerable increase over the last year. A portion of this will come from the merging of the Shaw school with Culver and a portion from the new pupils from outside of town who have signified their intention of attending.

1907 - Jul 14 – Trustee Bogardus has had a new floor put in the Burr Oak School.

1907 – Sep 12 Teachers
    District 1 – Vernie Behmer, Ethel Smith
    District 2 – Chole Houghton
    District 3
    District 4
    District 5 – Clara Wiseman
    District 6
    District 7 - Jessie Grove
    District 8 - Eva Davis
    District 9 – Arthur Scott
    District 10 – Alta Benedict
    District 11 – J. F. Behmer, Laura Maxey

1907 – Sep 12 – The Old Shaw School house has been converted into a comfortable cottage by Frank Seltzer, the chief hostler at the academy.

1908 – Sep 17 Teachers
    District 1 – Ethel Smith, Jessie Grove
    District 2 – Edwinna McFarland
    District 3
    District 4
    District 5 – Rose Lidecker
    District 6 – Harvey Thornburg, Clara Wiseman
    District 7 - Alta Benedict
    District 8 - Grace Zechiel
    District 9 – Della Stahl
    District 10 – Eva Davis
    District 11 – J. F. Behmer, Laura Maxey

1909 – Sep 16 - School Teachers
    Burr Oak - J. F. Behmer, principal; Delora Deloney
    Hibbard – Grace Zecheil, principal; Ethel Smith
    Maxinkuckee – Alta Benedict, principal; Della Stahl
    Rutland – Rose Lidecker
    Poplar Grove – Austin Lowry
    Washington – Victor Elick
    Mt. Pleasant – Hazel Rosenbury
    Kaley - Letha Carman
    Sickman’s - Eva Davis

1911 – Sep 14 – School teachers
    Burr Oak - J. F. Behmer, Laura Thornburg
    Hibbard – Grace Zecheil, principal; Ethel Smith
    Maxinkuckee – Alta Benedict
    Rutland – Austin Lowery
    Poplar Grove – Roy Porter
    Washington – Arthur Scott
    Kaley – Edwinna McFarland

    Sickman - George Crossland
    Shaw - Nada Livingston

    The Shaw School Has been re-established, Union township has re-purchased the old Shaw School building which has been used as a dwelling, and Trustee Easterday is having the partition removed and other wise prepared for school Note the Shaw school was in the vicinity of the Academy as a 6 hole golf course was established as in the Nov. 26 1914 paper it was referenced as “From here your drive to the first hole, which is in the southeast corner of the drill field, then to the second hole 300 yards straight ahead towards the Shaw school house. The third tee is across the field from the cavalry field, ...

    The wagon service to Maxinkuckee transferred to Mount Pleasant and Maxinkuckee

1914 – June 18 - School House Bids – There were three bidders last Saturday for the Burr Oak School house, as follows –
Fred Thompson     $ 6,690
Alex. Dinsmore     6,650
J. C. Bontrager (Elkhart)Name     6,000

The advisory board let the contract to Bontrager

1914 – Sep 17 - School Teachers
    Burr Oak - J. F. Behmer, Florence Garn
    Hibbard – Austin Lowry, Elva Zechiel
    Maxinkuckee – Edna Wooldridge
    Rutland Laura Thornburg
    Poplar Grove – Sylvia Vanmeter
    Washington – Wilbur Arnold
    Shaw – Edwinna McFarland
    Kaley – Lester Young
    Sickman’ - Russell Easterday

1914 – Dec 10 - A public sale of the old Burr Oak School house property was held last week. A Mr. Taylor bid in the school building and two lots at $375, and John Werner the outbuildings at $63.

1915 – Sep 9 – School Teachers
    Burr Oak - J. F. Behmer, Blanche Overmyer
    Hibbard – Glen Snapp, Elva Zechiel
    Maxinkuckee – Russell Easterday
    Rutland - Wilbur Arnold
    Poplar Grove Nellie Walker
    Washington – Sylvia Vanmeter
    Shaw – Edwinna McFarland
    Kaley – Edna Wooldridge
    Sickman - Wandah Labounty
    Mt. Pleasant – Mildred Busart

    Children in the neighborhood of the academy – east of the railroad – will be assigned to the Shaw School during the coming year unless their parents prefer to pay the transfer fee of $15 for the grade course in Culver and $32 for the high school

1917 – Sep 5 – School Teachers
    Burr Oak - J. F. Behmer, Blanche Overmyer
    Hibbard – Glen Snapp, l
    Maxinkuckee – Wm. Thompson
    Washington – Mildred Busart. Eleanor McFarland, Forrest ALberts, Dessie Bishop, Margaret Bernhard
    Sickman - Elsie Crossland

    Mr. Pleasant school has been closed temporarily on accounty of only eight children being registeredin the district. These have been transfered to Culver, Delong and Washington.

    Schools will open Sept 17.

1919 April 9 - Friday April 4 was the last day of school at the Sickman School

1920 – Apr 7 - Sale of Shaw School House
    The undersigned trustee of Union township, Marshall county, Indiana, pursuant to a petition signed by two-thirds of the qualified voters of school district number four (4) and in conformity with the laws of the state of Indiana regulating the sale of school buildings, will offer for sale on Thursday, April 29, 1920. At the office of the township trustee in the town of Culver City, Marshall county, Indiana, to the highest bidder for not less than two-thirds of the appraised value of the frame school building and all outbuildings used in connection thereto,

    Situated in school district number four (4), situate on all that part of the southwest quarter (S.W. Ό) of the southwest quarter (S.W. Ό) of section ten (10), township thrity-two (32) north, range one (1) east, that lies east of the right of way of the P.C.C. & St. L. railroad company,

    and known as the Shaw School building. Said sale to be continued from day to day until sold and right is reserved to reject any and all bids.

    Purchaser to receive a good and sufficient bill of sale for said school building and outbuildings - David H Smith Union Trustee, Union Township Marshall County Indiana; W. U. Osborn, Att’y

1920 – Clark Allerding bought the Shaw school house Monday ar $170. There were five bidders.

1922 – June 14 – Public Sale At Sickman School House Friday afternoon, June 16th – Outbuildings, lumber, lath, pipe, wood etc. – D. H. Smith Trustee

1922 - Jun 14 – Albert F. Stahl, Culver contractor, was last Friday awarded the contract for constructing the Hibbard House. Other bidders were as follows:
Omer Dietl   &nsbp;$ 14,519
Fred Thompson  &nsbp; 13,580
Thompson & O’Keefe   &nsbp; 12,665

To be completed by Sept. 1. – The building will be 70.1X22.5 fith a front projection of 7 feet and a rear projection of 3.2 feet. It will be one story and basement. It will be furnace heated and electrically lighted.

1922 – Sep 6 – School Teachers
    Burr Oak - J. F. Behmer, Mrs Don Cromley
    Hibbard – Lee Beehler, Zelda Albert
    Maxinkuckee – Hulda Busart
    Rutland - Mary Jones
    Kaley – Nellie Shively

1924 – Jul 9 - When he [J. F. Behmer] first took the school in Burr Oak, Classes were being held in the school building which is now the property of Mrs. Franklin Overmyer. Later another building was provided which is now the old garage building at the north end of Burr Oak. In 1914 the crowded conditions of the school necessitated the building of another building which is now in use.

1928 – Jun 27 Schools –
    Kaley School – Closed – will be transported to the township school in Culver.

    Burr Oak - One room - 7th & 8th grade will be transported to the township school in Culver

      High School Teachers
      J. L. Tombaugh, Superintendent
      Prank McLane, Principal
      George Staebow, Commercial
      Charles Boyer, History
      Elizabeth Fletchall, Latin
      William Sennett, Science Mamie Nash, English
      Bertha Crothers, Mathematics
      Eunice Lowaster, Math & History
      Fred Stettbacher, Mathematics
      Earl Snyder, Industial Arts
      Mignon Anderson, Home Econmics
      Georgia Clark, Music
      1st – Edna Stahl
      1st & 2nd - Hilda Busart
      2nd & 4th – Margaret Silver
      3rd – Ruth Head
      2nd & 4th – Maxine Wurtenburg
      4th - Evert Hosel
      5th – Mildred Busart
      6th – Thelma Dennie

    Maxinkuckee – Florence Page
    Hibbard - Mary F Mahan, Upper Room; Luetta Whysong, Primary room
    Burr Oak – Margaret Smith

1937 – Jul 7 - Schools -
    Burr Oak - School At Burr Oak to Close - The Burr Oak grade school is to be closed for the next school year in accordance with an order received by County Superintendent Deane E Walker from the Indiana Department of Education . The pupils will be transferred to the Culver School. The state law provides that a school shall be closed when the average daily attendance is less than fifteen.

    Hibbard – recommended that the upper graders be transferred to Culver and that only one teacher be employed in that school in 1937-38.

1939 - Oct 23 - Under "For Sale" - The Kaley School HOuse in Union Township, Marshall COunty, Ind. Brick, good basement, well fenced, acre of ground, ideal location for a home. Samuel A. Kaley, Culver., Ind.

1945 - Oct 10 - Capt Phil Middleton recently discharged from the Army, has begun work on the Kaley school house ehich he bought a few years ado, and will make a residence out of it. The flag pole and belfrey have already been removed changing the appearance greatly.

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