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New Pending CCHS Building  

1964 - Nov 4 - School Board Inspects Proposed Building Site

    On Monday afternoon the Board of School Trustees of Culver Community Schools inspected the site west of School Street between Houghton Street and State Road 10 as a proposed' location for the new high school building. This site had been approved previously by the State Board of Health and the State Schoolhouse Planning Division as a favorable one for such use.

    After a careful survey of the site with regard to location of the building, parking areas, and athletic fields, the School Board members discussed with Mr. Russell Easterday the possibility of purchasing the tract. Though he would prefer to retain the land for awhile, Mr. Easterday did agree to sell the necessary acreage for school purposes. An agreement was reached whereby the School Board could take an option on approximately 33 acres.

    Until such time as the land would be used for school purposes, Mr. Easterday would have the right to use of the site for agricultural purposes.

    I n further action on Monday evening, the School Board made plans to secure legal counsel on alternate methods of financing the construction of th proposed high school. Part of the cost of such a project will have to be carried by either a public holding corporation or by a mortgage loan plan for financing construction. The first of these would involve the organization of a non-profit local corporation of interested persons, who would issue bonds and provide funds for the costs of the construction program. The school corporation would pay lease rental on the building until the bonds would be retired. The second plan would provide for the erection of the new structure by a private corporation. The indebtedness would be liquidated by annual mortgage payments. The School Board will make a detailed study of these two plans to determine which method would seem to be the more advantageous for the local school corporation.

    The School Board also made plans in Monday evening's meeting to schedule inspection tours of a number of new high school buildings. On Saturday of this week the group will visit both the Winamac and Carroll Consolidated high school buildings. Other trips will be scheduled during the next few weeks in order to become acquainted with building trends as incorporated in a number of new high schools in Northern Indiana. Studies of plans used by different architects in the construction of such facilities would indicate that the unified high school for Culver Community Schools would require approximately 90,000 square feet of space in the proposed building

School Board Discusses New Building Details

    On Monday evening the Board of School Trustees met with Richard Miller and Byron Sutton of the architectural firm of Wiley and Miller of Elkhart to discuss details for planning a new high school building. During the interview, such matters as a relation between school design and air conditioning provisions, use of rooms without outside windows, and methods of financing the building program were considered. Following the interview, the School Board voted to make the final decision on choice of an architect on Monday, Feb. 8...

    After discussing the raising of the funds which will be necessary for the purchase of equipment and construction of sidewalks, drives, and parking areas for a new high school, the School Board voted to propose a Cumulative Building Fund levy of 80 cents to be collected in 1966 and 1967. It is estimated that somewhat more than $200,000 will have to be spent to complete the projects listed above before the new building could be occupied in the fall of 1967. These costs will have to be paid from revenues raised by the cumulative levy rather than by money raised by the bond issues for construction costs....
1965 - February 11 - Indianapolis Firm is Selected by School board
    On Monday evening the Board of School Trustees voted by majority ballot to employ the f rm of Wolverton, Beam, Haller, and Associates of Indianapolis to furnish the engineering and architectural services in developing plans for a new high school. This company was responsible for this part of the work for the Elletsville High School near Bloomington, and is at present involved in the building program for Taylor High School near Kokomo. In other business the School Board arranged to talk with Attorney George Stevens, the legal counsel for the school corporation, regarding necessary procedures for formation of a public holding corporation. Also to be considered in this March first conference will be the steps for initiating a f i nancing program. The School Board approved publication of a legal notice regarding' the School Board meeting of March 15th, at which time the officials will make a final decision on establishing a cumulative building fund to raise money for purchase of equipment and development of driveways and parking areas for the new high school...

1965 - April 8 - School Board Proposes building fund Tax Levy of 80-cents For Three Years
    The Board of School Trustees of Culver Community Schools on Monday evening passed a resolution proposing the establishment of an 80 ¢ Cumulative Building Fund levy to be collected in 1966, 1967, and 1968. The revenue from such levy would be used to pay part of the costs related to the erection of a new high school and development of the new school site. Among the costs would be such matters as development of walks and driveways, parking areas, athletic field, etc. No patrons were present for the hearing on the proposed levy. The proposal now will be submitted to the State Board of Tax Commissioners for consideration.

    In other business, the School Board discussed certain phases of the building program with Mr. Merlin Kirchoff, a member of the architectural firm of MW Incorporated. Mr. Kirchoff explained in detail the heating and air conditioning system which has been used in the new Ellettsville High School and which probably will be utilized in the new high school at Culver.

    Attorney George Stevens, legal counsel for the School Board, also reviewed the various types of financing which could be used in the building program. He explained the possibilities of issuance of general obligation bonds of the school corporation, loans from the Veterans' School Construction and Common School Funds, and use of a bond issue by a public holding corporation. Chairman Cedric White appointed a committee of Walter Johnson, Everett Dowd, and Frank McLane to work with Attorney Stevens in exploring these different financing plans and to confer with bond counsel at Indianapolis to secure information regarding available funds THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 1965 Culver Citizen
1965 - May 27 - Board Approves Swimming Pool For New School
    The Board of School Trustees of Culver Community Schools on Monday evening approved by majority vote to include a swimming pool in the new, high school. This facility had been made a part of the preliminary plan presented a week ago by the architects for the project.

    In other business, the School Board discussed with Attorney George! Stevens the financing program for the construction program. Attention was given especially to the possibility of a choice between the public holding corporation or the mortgage loanplan. In the first of these, a local non-p r o f i t holding corporation would be formed, with each member purchasing one or more shares of stock. This group then would elect a board of directors which work closely with the School Board in preparing plans for financing the construction through issuing bonds of the holding corporation. These then would be paid off by annual lease-rental payments by the school corporation.

    The private building corporation involves a plan whereby a bank or private investors would pay the costs of construction of the building. The building upon completion then would be sold to a corporation such as a large insurance company, to which lease rental payments wrould be paid until the indebtedness would be liquidated.

    After the alternatives were explained, the School Board decided to study the comparative costs of the two plans and make a definite choice within the near future....
1965 - June 10 - Board Hears Objections To Swimming Pool
    On Monday evening the Board of School Trustees of Culver Community Schools devoted a major part of its business meeting to a discussion of the proposed inclusion of a swimming pool in the new high school building. A delegation of citizens of Aubbeenaubbee Township attended the School Board meeting to express objections to such a facility being included in the plans.

    Mr. Vernie Bowen, former township trustee of Aubbeenaubbee Township and a member of the School Board when it was organized in 1963, reviewed the reasons for the objections to the pool. He pointed out that both the initial cost for construction of the pool and the continuing operational cost of such a facility would create an added burden for the owners of taxable property. He estimated that it might take four or five additional employees of the school corporation to service the swimming pool facility and provide the necessary supervision. In addition, Mr. Bowen emphasized that the insurance costs for operation of the pool would be quite high. In the course of the discussion some of the school officials explained that they looked upon the pool as a potentially valuable educational facility and that the use of the pool for school purposes would be an integral part of the physical education program. Concluding the discussion, the School B o a r d directed Superintendent Frank McLane to secure data on the cost of operation of similar facilities in other new high schools. The School Board also explained that the entire plan for the new building would be reviewed for the public before the final plans would be submitted to the State agencies which must approve the plans before bids can be secured. If there then is evidence of widespread disapproval of the pool, such a facility would be omitted.

    In other business, School Board member Walter Johnson reported that steps were make tests of the sub-soil at the new high school site to determine the problems which might arise in getting firm footings and foundations. If preliminary borings tobe started on Tuesday revealed unfavorable conditions below the surface, more elaborate and quite expensive tests would be required before the exact location of the building could be determined....

    A notice from the State Board of Tax Commissioners was read, indicating approval by that Commission of the proposed cumulative building fund levy of 80 cents. Thus this levy will become a part of the budget for 1966. The School Board also approved a resolution requesting an appropriation of cumulative building funds for the purchase of the site for the new high school. The 33-acre tract lies along the west side of School Street between Houghton Street and State Road 10.
Swimming Pool Will Remain in School Plans
    On Monday evening tlho Board of School Trustees of Culver Community Schools decided to let the decision to include the swimming pool stand as it had been approved in May. Thus the previous vote favoring the inclusion of the pool becomes the final vote on this facility.

    Prior to the Board's decision, a group of residents of the school corporation expressed their opinions regarding the pool. Mr. Robert Kline, as spokesman for the Junior Chamber of Commerce, explained the reasons which were that organization's basis for favoring the presence of a swimming pool. He also presented petitions which had been circulated by the Junior Chamber of Commerce as a method of securing indication of public opinion.

    Other persons w h o expressed their approval of the pool were Donald Davis, Judd Stincbcomb, and Mr. Carl Baker, pastor of the Culver Methodist Church. Mr. Frank Schmidt, J . Dick Newman, and Don Thompson voiced their reasons for opposing the swimming pool.

    A letter from Mrs. Lois Curtis, President of the Maxinkuckee Junior Woman's Club, expressing that group's support on behalf of the swimming pool was read by Board Secretary, Tom Russell, and was made part of the record.

    In later action during the evening, the School Board discussed with Mr. Clair Wolverton, the architect, the details of a total energy system as a method of heating, lighting, and air-conditioning the new high school. Following the conference, the School Board voted to install such a system. Gas-fired diesels would be used to generate the electricity, heat the water for the hot water heating system, and provide the method for air-conditioning the building.

    The decision was influenced by the estimated saving of approximately $8,000 per year on the utilities with which to service the high school.

    Attorney George Stevens explained a revised form of contract which he had prepared to cover the services of the architectural work of M-W Incorporated. After approval by both the School Board and Mr. Wolverton, president of the architectural firm, it was agreed that final action on the contract would be completed on August 26th. THURSDAY, AUGUST 12, 1965
School Heard Plans Purchase Of Land
    The contract for the sale of the Easterday property which will be the site of the new school was discussed at last Thursday's meeting of Che School Board. The board arranged for a final signing of a sale contract with Russell Easterday and reviewed the architect's contract tor planning the new Culver school building.

    They also signed a contract with George Stevens of Plymouth for his services as attorney on the building project.

    The final price for Easterday's plot of ground, which will be used for the new building, has not yet been decided. The price will be announced when the survey and abstracts on the ground are completed. Sept. 2, 1965

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