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CMA Buildings & Campus Index  

Motel Units In 1959 the Culver Inn motels were built and they officially opened in 1960.

1. Ithaca & Linden Dorms These are used as girl’s dormitories. They were constructed in 2002

2. Benson Hall - A girl’s dormitory constructed in 1972

3. Steinbrenner Performing Arts Center Donated to Culver in 1959 by the George Steinbrenner (Owner of the New York Yankees and CMA class of 1948)

the building houses 2 dance studios and a scene shop.

4. Eppley Auditorium - built in 1959

5. Roberts Hall of Science - The science department is housed in this 62,000 square foot state of the art building. The Roberts Hall of Science was presented to Culver by George R. Roberts class of 1962 in 2002. Mr. Roberts is described as an American financier. He is one of the original three partners of Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts.

6. Dicke Hall of Mathematics - The math department resides in the Dicke Hall of Mathematics donated by the James Dicke family in 2002. The building is 76,000 square feet.

7. Huffington Library The library was dedicated on October 1, 1993. The 47,000 square foot library houses 55,000 volumes along with the latest information in technology. It was donated by Mr. & Mrs. Roy M. Huffington of Houston, Texas and their son Michael Huffington a 1965 CMA graduate. Michael’s involvement with the New York Episcopal Diocese, The Cathedral of St. John the Divine and his interest in one of its enterprises, Stoneyard Institute, led to the design of Huffington Library. The Stoneyard Institute was founded to train a new generation in the ancient craft of stone carving. As a result, the evolution of human consciousness is depicted on 24 carved limestone tablets surrounding the second floor windows. The story of humanity was carved by stone carvers from around the world, under the watchful eye of Simon Verity a master stone carver.

8. Legion Memorial Building The cornerstone for the Legion building was laid in 1919. Work was resumed on the legion in 1923. And it was dedicated on November 2nd, 1924.

9. Argonne Dorm - Girls Dormitory, built in 1919 – Offices of Student Life and Commandant of Cadets

10. Chateau Thierry - Girls Dormitory, built in 1919 – Offices of Student Life and Commandant of Cadets

11. South Barrack - Home of the Culver Band

12. West Barrack Home of the Culver Black Horse Troop

13. Logansport Gatebuilt and Dedicated in 1914,

14. Beason Hall - dedicated May 30, 1949

15. Eppley Hall of Humanities Academic Building built in 1959, a gift to Culver by Eugene C. Eppley class of 1901.

16. Gignillet Hall Built in 1956 Gignillet Hall was the gift of alumni to honor Brigadier General Leigh Gignilliat, Commandant and Superintendent 1897-1939

17. Crisp Visual Arts Center & Gallery 18. Head of Schools Residence

19. Culver Health Clinic Employee Health Clinic

20. North Terrace Housing - Employee Housing

21. Bays Whitney Guest House

22. Motor Pool & Power House

23. Facilities

24. Uniform/Laundry

25. Music Building

26. Post Office

27. Lay Dining Center, Campus Store, & The Shack

6. 28. Main Barrack (Artillery)

29. East Barrack (Infantry) This barrack was built in 1899.

30. Sally Port/Main Guard/Administration

31. North Barrack (Infantry) This barrack was built in 1913

32. Fleet Gymnasium, McMillen Athletic Center & Lowenstine Natatorium

33. Steinbrenner Recreation & Seigfried Fitness Center - Built in 1924, it was renamed the Steinbrenner Recreation Building in 2000 after a major renovation spearheaded by Culver alum and late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. Starting in 1926 and through the 1930’s, WCMA radio station studio was located on the balcony, broadcasting to dozens of states. Look for the athletic hall of fame between this building and the adjacent Fleet Gymnasium.

34. Henderson Ice Arena & Multipurpose Building - This facility houses one National Hockey League regulation size rink and one Olympic sized rink. It is the home to Culver’s Hockey Programs. It has been home to the Culver Eagles since 1979 when the arena was dedicated. The Arena features locker rooms for each team, a weight room, training room and lounge. The teams practice for 1 ½ hours 4-5 times per week. There are 4 different teams that compete at different levels. The Henderson Ice Arena was named for the late John W. Henderson Dean of Admissions.

35. Softball Diamond

36. Memorial Chapel

37. Health Center (student)

38. Vaughn Equestrian Center

39. Armory

40. Wilkins Baseball Field

41. Soccer/Lacrosse Field

42. Gable Tennis Center

43. Horsemanship Paddocks

44. Oliver Field - Track and field, named for Russell D. Oliver track and field coach at Culver from 1935-1968.

45. Naval Building

46. White-DeVries Rowing Center

47. Golf Course Club House

48. Founder’s Home Guest House 49. Homestead Guest House

50. East Shore Apartments (Faculty Housing)

51. K.K. Cottage (Faculty Housing)

52. Roos Guest House

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