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Culver Military Academy threw off its academic cloak on Saturday afternoon and went rodeo.

The occasion was the arrival on the campus of a full complement of Cole Bros.- Clyde Beatty Wild West and equestrian stars with their mounts for a two hour contest of horsemanship in the big riding academy.

All officers, the entire student body, and guests, bringing the audience up to more than 5,000 persons witnessed the program which was presented by Captain Rich of the Academy Artillery School as equestrian director, assisted by Rex de Rosselli, circus public relations executive.

The circus participation consisted of 12 acts, including manage, or "high school" specialties by Misses Norma Humes and Josephine Tatum; trick riding by Paul Nelson; roping and hurdle jumping on two horses by Ralph Clark; rope spinning by Frank Cilbraith, and broncho busting by Cecil Tatum.

Included in the horses used were the two black mustangs recently purchased from the school by the circus, after all efforts to work them into the Black Horse Troop had failed.

Circus Acts Applauded
The guests were profuse in their plaudits for the several circus performers. Especially was this true of the efforts of Misses Humes and Tatum, who exemplified the grace of movement and poise in horsemanship. The rodeo specialties brought forth the applause of the entire student body most of whom are among the mounted cadets for which Culver is noted.

Music and Dinner
A 65-piece military band under direction of Major O'Callahan furnished the music, and a banquet, honoring the circus personnel was served in the big Administration dining hall.

All circus horses were transported to and from the academy in the big horse-troop vans. The program was voted a big success, and local performers are loud in their praise of the treatment accorded them.

News-Sentinel, Monday, March 23, 1936

This is a picture of a circus at the acadmey - date unknown.

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