Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Culver Military Academy 1926 Summer School Catalogs Boy Builders  

The booklet is filled with lots of photos - some of the main information pages are:

Living Quarters Well Appointed Favorable Location pg. 11

Emphasis on Physical Development pg. 13

Sports & Pastimes Remedial Exerises 15

Social Diversions pg. 17

Development Talents Medals & Awards Moral & Religous Influences pg. 19

The Naval School A Domocracy Youth pg. 23

Tutorial Section of the Naval School pg. 25

Supplemental or Reviewing Courses The Memorial Building pg. 27

The course in motors pg. 29

The Calvary Department Troopers Have Independent Camp pg. 31

Certificate of Graduation A Swim every afternoon pg. 33

The School of Woodcraft Copying Indiana Handiwork pg. 35

Camp Separated From Others The Wolf Cubs pg. 37

On Pottawattomie Hunting Ground Aquatic Fun Makers & Shoot-the-Chutes pg. 38

Tales & Stunts at the Council Ring Taught to go on their Own pg. 41

When a fellow Gets the Habit Scout Leader's Course pg. 43

Culver Military Academy pg. 45

Providing Fundamental Needs of Mature Life pg. 47

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