Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Culver Military Academy 1926 Photo Essay Summer School Catalog Woodcraft  

The booklet is filled with lots of photos - some of the main information pages are:

title pg. 1

The Challenge pg. 4

Some of the Woodcraft Lures pg. 5

Pleasure & Profit Location & Equipment pg. 6

Religous Influneaces The Woodcrafter's Mess pg. 7

Course of Instruction pg. 8

Like the Craftsmen of Old Handicraft pg. 12

Pottery Making Leathercraft Basket Making pg. 13

Log Cabin Museum Rubbing Sticks pg. 14

Trails to Follow Campfire pg. 15

The River Camp pg. 17

Hikes & Expeditions pg. 18

Sand Dunes Expedition pg. 19

The Mystic Forest Enchanted Forest pg. 20

Woodcraft Service Club Budding Journalists Drum & Bugles Corps pg. 21

Voices From the Air Radio Construction pg. 22

Sure-Fire Rifle Workpg. 23

Physical Developement Health & Medical Care pg. 24

Athletics & Games pg. 25

Instruction In Swimming Hubbard Awards pg. 26

Stalking the Wild Creatures Pratical Photography pg. 27

Father's Class pg. 28

Boys From Distant Points July Fourth pg. 29

Rolls Call of Woodcrafters, 1925 pg. 30

Medal & Aswards, 1925 pg. 34

The Wolf Cubs pg. 36

Wolf Cub Awards & Honors pg. 38

Wood Craft Officers & Instructors pg. 39
Requirements for Admission pg. 40

application pg. 41

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