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Culver Military Academy 1960's Summer Catalog  

This catalog came be dated in a very easy way - I am sure that it is after or during the summer of 1963 - that is when the Woodcraft was completed - and it shows the new dinning hall and the cabins as they are today and woodcraft areas - in the then new Woodcraft Complex located east of St. Rd. 117. From other CMA sources about the Woodcraft is the following:

    1960 - A tour of the campus and Academy grounds was made to find a proper location for a new Woodcraft site - the site to the east of St. Rd. 117 was chosen - and a tunnel was built under St. Rd. 117 to access the main campus. There was no shortage of land for expansion in the future.

    1962 - Approval of the Woodcraft camp for 60 cabins, a dining hall, a headquarters building, a library, and a museum The Culver brothers - rejected the use of the canvas tents for the new camp and wanted more permanent structures that would stand the test of time. Lester Heckle designed a prototype cabin and it was completely furnished to give visitors, alumni and all glimpse of what was to be. It was placed at the main entrance to the Woodcraft site for duration of the camp season in 1962; and Ground was broken during the summer of 1962. Then in February 1963 all six-tons of the cabin was towed east to the new Woodcraft site east on Indiana 10. All odds - seemed against the camp the worst winter - and a muddy spring. The new facilities was dedicated July 26-27 during the Summer School reunion weekend. The Woodcraft was only a single driveway into the camp and no egress road

One of the pages in the applications and expenses sheets - gives a year of 1961.

A yet better dating - is the Theater School - it was to be newly added to this Summer's program - if one could find that date.

The catalog as listed is: general/summer Information, Woodcraft, Naval horsmanship, theater and expenses.

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