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Arms and the Boy: Military Training in Schools and Colleges, Its ... Leigh Robinson Gignilliat - 1916 - Military education - 371 pages 1916 The Bobbs-Merrill Company
    Arms and the Boy: Military Training in Schools and Colleges, Its Value in Peace and Its Importance in War, with Many Practical Suggestions for the Course of Training, and with Brief Descriptions of the Most Successful Systems Now in Operation

Culver Motorized Infantry Unit Author & Publisher Culver military academy , 1936?

Men in the Making , Culver Fathers Association, Culver, Ind., 1940

Black Horse of Culver a fictional children's book by Helen Orr Watson 1950

Notice, Sirs!: Twenty-eight Culver Men Report, Notice, Sirs!: Twenty-eight Culver Men Report

Culver Daughters Sing Thy Praise: Women of Culver: 1894-1971 (1996), Mary Frances England

Unfurling the Colors
Reminiscenses of a Culver Superintendent by General Leigh R. Gignilliat 1875-1952

Images of Culver A Visual Celebration of Culver, Introduction by: Andrew H. Malcolm, '62

Boots & Saddles Bugle calls to a Century of the Black Horse Troop 1897-1997
author: Robert B. D. Hartman

Pass in Review Culver: A Century in the Making 1894-1997
author: Robert B. D. Hartman

The Grand Parade, compilations (from series of the “From the Alumni Message Center” and “Historically Speaking.”) Vol. One author: Robert D. Hartman

The Grand Parade, compilations (from series of the “From the Alumni Message Center” and “Historically Speaking.”) Vol. Two author: Robert D. Hartman

Tex Rains Culver Tooper
author: Colonel Robert Rossow Col. Robert Rossow New York : Dodd, Mead, and Company, 1953, 248 pages.<
    The Culver Academy Class of 1957 web-page writes of Col. Rossow: "Mess Hall Steward - "Bobby" Rossow had a lengthy career at Culver, joining the faculty as director of the Black Horse Troop in 1906. Rossow served as commandant of Cadets in 1927 and as director of the Summer Schools in 1936. He retired in 1945. In 1947 he was called to the post of supertindent of the Indiana State Police. Following his retirement from that post, he continued to follow his wide community interests and was author of the book "Tex Rains; Culver Trooper." Recalled in 1952, Colonel Rossow was the chief steward in the mess hall until his retirement at the end of our senior year in 1957. We best remember him as manager of the Mess all. He died at the age of 77."

    Col. Rossow also assisted with the capture of the bank robbers of Culver's State Exchange Bank in 1933. Read more here.

    Col. Rossow assisted with the production of the Universal movie, Tom Brown of Culver in 1932. More here. Rossow was involved in local civil defense and named commandant of student corps at Colgate Univ. during WWII.

    Article: "Rossow on Leadership" by Bob Hartman

American Traditions: Art from the Collections of Culver Alumni by Culver Educational Foundation (Other Contributor); 355 pages Publisher: Indianapolis Museum of Art (January 1993)

American Traditions: Art from the Collections of Culver Alumni
by Debra Edelstein (Editor) 356 pages Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press (January 1996)

Davies, Richard Gwyn, Phd - Richard Gwyn Davies, born in 1941, is the son of a Welshman and a Tennessean; he grew up in Indiana. Earning his undergraduate degree at DePauw he entered the Peace Corps, returning to the US to teach at Culver Academies in 1966. Davies went on to get his MA at the University of Aberystwyth; he also worked at Atlantic College and studied at Oxford. On returning home Davies returned to Culver; he also earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University and an M.A. from Columbia. He served as an instructor at Culver till his retirement in 2008.
    Swords at Culver
    Budda At Culver
    Suris at Culver (2011-12)
    Magic at Culver

A History Of Culver And The Culver Military Academy; Author: Mark A. Roeder; 2004, Publisher iUniverse 288 pages ; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 2, 2016) 332 pages - - An Illustrated History of Culver, Lake Maxinkuckee, and The Culver Military Academy
    Mark A. Roeder is a one-time resident of Culver. For twenty-one summers he worked for the Culver Summer Camps as a counselor, the Division Commander of Division 6, and the Indian Crafts Director in the Woodcraft Camp and as a counselor and senior counselor in the Specialty Camps. During ten of these years he resided in Culver full-time.

Pass in review: The story of a Culver cadet Author: Kitchell Webster Jr. 287 pages Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill (1935)

Culver Military Academy,: A dedicated institution (Newcomen address) Author: Delmar T Spivey 24 pages Publisher: Newcomen Society in North America (1959)

Vignettes of Culver (1995) William A. Strow

Lest We Forget: Culver - Two Great Wars and the Years Between, 1914-1945, Robert B. D. Hartman

Rossow Reports, the Memoirs of Col. Robert Rossow edited by Robert B. D. Hartman

The Logansport Flood edited by Robert B. D. Hartman

2010 - Title Culver Military Academy Alumni: Charles T. Beaird, Smith Hempstone, Robert J. Huber Author General Books LLC Editor LLC Books Publisher General Books LLC, 2010 ISBN 1158365411, 9781158365418 Length 22 pages

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