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CMA Cogeneration System  

Culver Military Academy Installing Cogeneration System

Culver Military Academy, located in Culver , Indiana, is in the process of installing a cogeneration system. Ballard Engineering of Rockford, Illinois has designed and will install the cogeneration system for the college using two (2) 525 kw generators. Charles Equipment Company, the local Waukesha distributor, is providing two (2) 525 kw Waukesha Model VHP3600GSI Enginators which will operate continuously at 1050 kw using 130\'b0F intercooler water. The eb blockquoteliently cooled Enginators will be producing low pressure steam using Maxim steam generators. These will be integrated into a new boiler s ystem, consisting of two (2) 400 hp boilers, Ballard is installing. The Waukesha Enginators can be operated intermittently at 575 kw. This additional a vailable power provides increased system flexibility.

The new plant will operate 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week. Joe Sinclair of Ballard Engineering said the system is expected to be on line and f blockquotely operational in November of 1996.

This was from a promotional site for Ballard - now it is just a quip without photos on Midwest Cogeneration Association site a listing headed "Member Cogeneration Sites" and from the Culver Alumni magazine from winter, 1997, comes a more detailed story.

A story on the heating of Culver Military Academy in the early years can be found in Robert B D Hartman's accounts of and quips found in local area newspapers can be found in the chronological history on site.

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