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Culver Military Academy Farm & Dairy  

Lee Easterday has about completed a cattle barn on the Culver Farm. The building is 30X66 and will accomadate 32 cowa. It will be used by Ed Hand who supplied the C.M.A. with cream and milk. - 15 Oct 1903

W. E. Hand will hold a public sale a his residence east of Lake Maxinkuckee, on the H. H. Culver farm on Thursday, March 15. This will undoubtedly be the largest sale held in Union township during this year, and consist of horses cattle, hogs, poultry, household goods and farm implements. N. J. Fairfieldm auctioneer. - 1 Mar 1906

Charles Newman has leased the H. H. Culver farm and will conduct a dairy - 8 Mar 1906

Charles Newman was here for a short time Tuesday, from the Culver neighborhood. Charles recently made a three year contract to supply the Culver Military academy with milk. At present he is milking twenty-sight cows and will soon increase the number to thrity-five. About May 1 he will move from his own farm to the old Culver farm, adjoining the acadeny, which he has leased for dairy purposes. - Monterey Sin. - - 19 Apr. 1906 - Citizen.

Chas. Newman will erect a silo, 16X29 feet on one of the Culver farms managed by him it will hold 120 tons of feed. - 9 Aug. 19-06

The first home-grown strawberrried brought into marker came last friday from C. W. Newman Manager of the CUlver Farm. They were evenly ripe and of good flavor - 7 Jun 1906

C. W. Newman will resign the management of the Culver farm in March and WIllard Hissong will take over the job. Mr. Newman has taken most of his larhe herd of dairy cows to his farm south west of Culver and will contiure to furnish the academy under his three-year contract. It is understood that no considerable number of cows will be kept on the Culver farm next year. - 26 Nov. 1908

    No arrangement has yet been made for a a succesor to C. W. Newman as manager of the Culver farm. The remainder of the Citizen's item was alright. - 10 Dec. 1908

1909 - 26 Aug. - Sold For $100 An Acre
    The James South Eighty Bought by Emily J. Culver

    Last week James South gave Emily J. Culver a contract ofr a deed to be delivered Oct. 1 to his 80-acre farm for $8,000, or $100 an acre.

    The South farm is seperated from the Culver farm by 20 acres owned by Frank. Parker.

    Mr. South lived on the place for about thirty years and by intelligent farming has brought it into a fine state of cultivation. He will continue to reside there until next spring, at least, the arrangment being that he is to put in the next crop.

...On The Culver farm the flock of 200 hens, though kept in wamr quarters and fed warm food, haven't laid an egg in two weeks - 13 Jan 1910

W. E. Hand has taken the superintendency of the Culver farm of 300 acres. Mr. Hands store will be managed by Will cook - 31 Mar 1910

The biggest potato - How does a 3 pounder look to you? Can you beat it? Why, that is heavier than some babies. But just the same that is what a {rural wighed} that Ed Hand raised on the Culver farm. And the instead of bring it to the citizen office he ate it himself. What do you think of that! However, he has left one potato with us that weighs 2 pounds, and prmises to leave with us samples of new corn that he puts up as a challenge to other corn frowers - 17 Nov. 1910

The epidemic of hog cholera has not left this county unscathed. On the Culver farn it is reported that 100 head died... 18 Jan 1912

Perry Current, who works on the Culver farm, has moved into one of John
cromely's houses in the south part of town. - 16 Apr. 1914

Dr. Gordon, veterinarian at the academy... 10 Jun 1915

Ira F. Listenberger...The deceased, who was unmarried, had worked for several years on the culver farm... 28 Sep 1916

Lolis Pero shreded corn on the Culver farm Monday, which complered the work in his neighborhood - 30 Nov. 1916

Levi Henderson has moved his chicken slaughter house from the Culver farm onto his own farm - 26 Oct 1916

A Small fire - A pigpen on the former Hissong farm, now owned by the academy and occupied by Dr. Gordon, burned at midnight Tuesdau. Seven pigs of small value lost their lives. The origin on the fire is not known - 10 Feb 1916

1933 - Sep 20 - Culver Assembly Bulletin recalls ancient history
    Mr. Culver's farm is will improved. He has now about 300 acres. On the farm is some very fine stock - thorooughbrad cattle, sheepm hogs, and horses. Culver Park adjoins, and was a part of it until set apart for park purposes

Barn Destroyed by Fire With $700 Loss - A barn on the academy farm near the airport was destroyed by fire Monday morning with a loss estimated at $700. It is believed a brooder stove heater started the fire. Th barn was a total loss and 50 small chicks and a quanity of feed wre destroyed by the flames - Apr 23 1947

The Academy pasturized its own milk; operating their own dairy of the 3rd flor off the mess hall.

Half - Pint Liquid Culver Military Academy Culver Indiana. around bottom is registered sealed 1-11-14. On bottom is a 1 , 1 and 5 which could be an 's'

Mike Heckaman... On Sept. 5, Heckaman and his wife, Jan, of Argos, their first ever auction of dairy bottles after a relative told them there was a Heckaman bottle in the auction... Bottles with interesting place names were the cream of the crop for many buyers. A half-pint embossed bottle from the Culver Military Academy, Culver, Ind., sold for $330... - September 14, 2005 Farm World.

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