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CMA Hospital or Infirmary  

1906 - Nov 1 - The new hospital will be of red brick with stone trimmings.. Its dimensions will be 60X35 feet and it will have two stories and basement. There will be a wrought iron balcony in front. The hospital will have seventeen rooms including bedrooms, an operating room, a sterilizing room, kitchen, etc. The smalest room is 3X6, the largest 11X13. The building will be fireproof with a stell stairway. For ventilation there will be four ventilators besides those in the two skylights. The steilizing room, waiting room and lavatories will have marble wainscoting. It will be a great addition to our buildings besides furnishing a needed reinforcement to the equipment to replace the "Roost"

Physicians through the years: Dr. Oliver Rea - 1897-1904 ( dependent on local physicians for 3 years)

D. E. E. Parker - 1907-1911

Dr. C. E. Reed - 1911-1928

Dr. Clement SLonaker - 1928-1930 (interim local Physician)

Dr. Paul E. Campbell - 1930-1936

C. G. Mackey 1936-1938 (interim)

Dr. Milan Baker - 1938-1970

Dr. David L Tennant - 1970-1972

Dr. Ralph Honzik - 1972-1974

Dr. Donald McLeod - 1984-1977

Dr. Michael Deery and Dr. Warren Reiss - 1977-2015 (also local physicians)

Since the reitrement of Dr. Deery & Reiss the facility has been outsourced to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center

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