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Culver Military Academy outdoor theater  

In 1916 at the advice of Edwin Culver that the grounds was in need of some landscaping attention; Jens Jensen a landscape architect was hired. His first suggestion was to get rid of the canal system - and then get rid of all the un-natural foliage in the area and replace it with shrubbery and trees native to the area. Thus by 1917 the drainage ditch system faded into history.

1929 - November Jens Jensen was still doing work for the Academy - he had a design for an outdoor theater

What ever happened to the idea and where it was to be located is a mystery as yet. Clicking on the image s will allow you to view a larger version (photo only).

The drawing presented give no clue as to the exact location; as no other academt building are indentified as being in close proximity of it.

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