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Culver Military Academy Wireless  

October 13, 1913 Vol. XVIII No. 2 Vedette


The academy is renocating its wireless station to some extent under the direction of Captain Eisenhard. The batteries have been overhauled recently by A. E. holland of the Chicago Edison Co., who has had a number of years experience at the Edison laboratory.

the new aerial, 104 fet high and 190 seet long, carries 6 wires, and is places on 16-foot spreaders on the riding tower. this aerial is so constructed as to prevent interference formerly caused by the iron work of the gymnasium and riding hall, and Captain Eisenhard, whi is wireless instructor for the academy, expects to get much better res ults than he obtained last year

The transmitting set consists of two 1/4 kilowatt open-core tansformers operated by a set of the new Edison storrage batteries. SOme of the new additions to the receiving set this year give Brande's sensitive receivers, rotary variable condensor, a loose coupler and several tuning coils

The portable field wireless set has attained good res ults with the 1/4 k.w. transmitting set, communicating with the school as a base. It was a sendong power of 20 miles.

Some of the best wireless men are Strole, Atkinson and Johnson W. These men are all back this year.

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