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Culver Military Academy Culver Educational Foundation Woodcraft Camp - 1912 to Present  

This is my scan of my print it is numbered 19/50 and was done in 1990 - Esther Powers Miller is a wonderful talented artist - and her sketches, and watercolor have recorded that past history of Culver - THANK YOU Esther for a part of your heart, soul and love of art

The Woodcraft Camp was established in 1912 for boys under 14 who were not eligible for the Naval School program; and went by "Woodcrafters".

The first site for the Woodcraft camp was on the once wooded slope in front of the present Memorial Chapel; with the headquarters cabin being at the road and at the base of the chapel steps

here is an early woodcraft ad

In 1913 the museum was established. It was a pioneer log cabin that had stood on a hillside near Lake Maxinkuckee. In 1965 the log cabin was converted into the Indian Lore office and a rainy-day building. A second log cabin was donated by D. B. (Pete) Frainster and was placed next to it in 1963.

In 1914 the council ring was built. In 1917 a permanent site for it was established and laid out by Daniel Beard and Sir Robert Baden-Powell. In 1930 the council ring was re-constructed; and a couple of buildings were added to the site to use for storage of costumes and equipment Over the years other improvements have been made to the council ring area

In 1924 the Wolf Cubs division was established for boys 10 to 11.

In 1925 a leased camp site two miles from Ora on the Tippecanoe River was established and a small building was erected for food and equipment storage. This site was used for over-night camping field trips.

Here are two typical ads for the woodcraft camp 1925 and 1929

In 1930 the camp was moved to its second location behind the flat area of the present chapel when State Road 10 was completed in 1929 and the road from the recreational building to the infirmary was closed.

A 1945 Woodcraft Regulation Book
In 1948 the Woodcrafters name was changed to Beavers.

In 1959 Beason Park was established and became the permanent home for over-night camping.

1960 - A tour of the campus and Academy grounds was made to find a proper location for a new Woodcraft site - the site to the east of St. Rd. 117 was chosen - and a tunnel was built under St. Rd. 117 to access the main campus. There was no shortage of land for expansion in the future.

1962 - Approval of the Woodcraft camp for 60 cabins, a dining hall, a headquarters building, a library, and a museum The Culver brothers - rejected the use of the canvas tents for the new camp and wanted more permanent structures that would stand the test of time. Lester Heckle designed a prototype cabin and it was completely furnished to give visitors, alumni and all glimpse of what was to be. It was placed at the main entrance to the Woodcraft site for duration of the camp season in 1962; and Ground was broken during the summer of 1962.

Then in February 1963 all six-tons of the cabin was towed east to the new Woodcraft site east on Indiana 10.

In 1963 the present and third site of the Woodcraft Camp was established and built permanent wood camp buildings. All odds - seemed against the camp the worst winter - and a muddy spring. The new facilities was dedicated July 26-27 during the Summer School reunion weekend. The Woodcraft was only a single driveway into the camp and no egress road

Also in 1963 the woodcraft band was established by Capt. David. L. Mount.

In 1965 the new Woodcraft Museum was built. It was a gift of former summer students: William Griffith; Robert G. Friedman; S. Truman Olin, Jr.; Ralph Smith and Pierce Ward.

The Chipmunk division to Woodcraft was established for boys under 8 in 1970.

The Girls Wings - Butterflies and Cardinals were established in 1977.

Here are picutres of the woodcraft activities & buildings and this has a uniform jacket, badges and patches.

A Woodcraft Banner

75th Anniversary

2012 - 103 A monument to Woodcraft’s first 100 years, seats 1,000 people Originally, plans called for wood in the construction of aisles and seats, but that has now been changed to stone thanks to a very generous donation of the material needed.

2017, Dec - They combinded 5 parcels of land into one - the K. K. Culver Cottage, Golf COurse and Woodcraft Camp ACREAGE:TOTAL 222.099 S1/2 NE EX LOT 3 EX PT W OF RD NE SEN31.27A LOT 4 EX S40A E1/2 SE 61/2 A S PT N 31.27A LOT 4 E OF RD

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