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Indianapolis Boating and Fishing club

1880 - Jun 21 - The opening ob the new club house of the Indianapolis Boating and Fishing club at la Maxinkukcee willtake place July 5 - Indianapolis News

In the Indianapolis People of Saturday, June 26, 1880 this quip is found:

    Invitations have been issued to a select few to the opening of a club house at Maxinkuckee, on J uly 5, by the Indianapolis Hunting and Fishing Club

In an article (found in full here) entitled Around the Lake The Beautiful Maxinkuckee from the Peru Miami County Sentinel, Thursday, July 29, 1880 is found a discription of the lavish grounds as follows:

    We step into a row boat which has "put out" for' us, and are soon landed at the dock in front of their clubhouse just finished.

    Here we are received by the genial Dr. Heiskell and Mrs. Fred Baggs, who kindly offered to "show us 'round."

    The I. B. and F. C. have about three acres of ground with a frontage of about tlhree hundred feet on the lake.

    The ground is finely situated and is all that could be desired for the purpose. With commendable energy the club have erected their houses and fenced their grounds and built their docks within the last forty days.

    The house is two stories fronting south, with two wings of one story extending east and west, giving a total frontage of one hundred and eighteen feet, along which extends a roomy piazza for the comfort of the guests and members of the club.

    Roomy hammocks are suspended between the posts, and we are greeted with pleasant words from familiar faces as we pass along.

    The wings of the house are each divided into five bed-rooms, all of which open out on the piazza, and all of which are neatly furnished.

    The main building is used for dining and reception rooms with large folding doors between, making it capable of being thrown into one large room for dancing or other purposes.

    The culinary department is located in the rear of the dining room in a separate buildiing.

    The second story of this building is used for sleeping rooms, and is occupied by gentlemen exelusively, and has been "dubed" by the euphonious title of "Hilarity Hall."

    The reception room is furnished with easy chairs, a sofa or two, and the indispensable piano.

    To the east of the main building has been erected an ice and cooling house, which is complete in all its parts.

    To the east of the ice house is a delightful little island formed by a small brook, and named the "Retreat." The grove of iron wood trees on the island is lined with hammocks, which are seldom empty. Here, swung by the lake breezes, the lover can woe to his heart's desire, oblivious of the surroundings. It is a favorite spot with those of tender years, though it did strike your correspondent that some who never again will see their thirtieth summer, were among the group.

    The water for the use of the place is obtained from a spring which flows up from the bottom of the lake, some ten feet out from the shore. The spring has been encased by an iron cylinder two feet in diameter, and the water raises up and overflows f ully three feet above the surface of the lake. The water is very pure and cold.

    The club has ten row boats for the use of its members, and will add a "sailor" or two next year.

    The total cost of the improvement and grounds this year will reach $2,000.

    To the people of Indianapolis no better place can be found, nor so cheap, at which to spend a few weeks of real enjoyment and rest away from the heat and dust of city life.

    Indianapolis people will do well to patronize this home resort beforw going long journeys at heavy expense, to come home worse off, rather than benefitted by their "regular summer vacation." >

1882 - Jul 21 & 24 & 27 - Ho For Maxinkuckee - Bayview House - The above named house, pleasantly situated, on Lake Maxinkuckee, Marshall county, Ind. and operated by the Indianapolis Boating and Fishing Club is now open for the seasson. Persons or families desiring to visit this popular resort may obtain information and secure accommodations on applying to: W. L. Heiskel, Treasurer or H. C. Newcomb, Secretary Indianapolis, Ind. - Indianapolis News - It is not to be confused with 'The Hiltarity Club', as it is stated that "It was formed by Indianapolis business men and on 24 June 1896 it was offically opened"

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