Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Cottage Transfers  

1881 - Aug - Rev. W. E. Loucks has purchased a lot at Maxinkuckee adjoining the land of G. W. Burrow. The ground is 8Ox290 feet. - - Logansport Pharos Tribune, Friday, August 19, 1881

1882 - jun 22 George Forgy has sold to Messrs. W. H. Johnson and M. Winfield a fifty foot front on Lake Maxenkuckee. They will build a handsome cottage within the next few weeks.

1882 - Jun 29 - M L Enyhart to Jacob Carver, Maxenukuckee property, $800 - Argos Reflector

1882 - O A Kraus to M H Scott, Maxenkuckee property, $150

1899, Mar 29 - Will Obenchain, the carpenter, has bought a home at Culver City, and will remove there the middle of April. The tract contains 6 acres and fronts the lake south of the Winfield cottage

    The Property recenty purchased by WIll Obenchain, at Lake Maxinkuckee, is known as the Maw [Mow] property. It is understood that he will engage in fruit raising. - 17 Apr. 1899 Logansport Pharso-Tribune

1889 Jul 22 Frank Rice has traded his cottage at Maxinkuckee for a lot on the Lake owned by George B. Forgy, and will at once erect a large summer residence.

1903 - Dec 24 - J L Bartlett and wife w d to Hervey Bates, a 5 ae of Highway in lot 4 of s 22, t32 r 1 ; 400

1904 Apr 21 - Geo, B. Yandes of Indianapolis , has purchased the Willis Vajen cottage and will have it remodeled and refurnished so it will be one of the finest around the lake

    Geo. Yandes, of Indianapolis, arrived at the lake Wednesday. He recently bought, the Willis Vajen cottage and will have it remodled before the season opens. May 5 1904
. 1904 - May 5 - E. Smith of Indianapolis, has purchased the Varney cottage and there is a possibility that he will convert his two cottages into a hotel

1904 - Jul 7 - E. F. Obenchain of Logansport. has purchased the A. P. Jenks cottage on Long Point, and has taken possession

1904 - Jul 7 - W. h. Henderson of Indianapolis has purchased ground of Stephen Edwards and erected a cottage which is a model and a credit to the lake

1904 AUg 6 - A E Ellsworth of Lafayette has purchased the Burford cottahe in Indianapolis row

1904 - Sep 22 - Miss Jennie Darnell has a nice flowing well and a second one under way on the lots she recently purchased

1906, May 17 - Susan Zechiel to SS Chadwick Lot 5 Chadwick's Ammended plat Loong Point 32-32-1- $519

1906, May 17 - Jennie D Darnell to Edward T Hazeldine part lots 10 and 9 Sea Beach place, Maxinkuckee 22-32-1- $2800..

1906, May 17 - Elizabeth and H C. Chandler to Stephen Edwards Lot in Lot 3 Maxinkuckee 23-31-1 $50

1906, May 17 - Stephen Edwards to Richard T and Mary H Iewin Lot in Lot No3 Maxinkuckee 27-31-1- $50

1906 - May 17 - SUsan Zechiel to S. S> CHadwick lot 5 Chadwick's amended plat Long Point 21-32-1 $519

2 AUg. 1906 - Jennie D. Danell ot Mary Traut lot in lot 3 Maxinkuckee, $600
    1906 - 4 jul Charles W. Traut has purchased the Darnell cottage on the "West side of Lake Maxinkuckee. - Logansport Pharos Daily

    1906 Jul 5 - Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Traut of Logansport have purchased the Daenell cottage on the west side.

1906 - Nov 19 - T. H. Wilson has sold his lake cottage, "Squirrel Inn," at Maxinkuckee to Mrs. Helms, of Peru, and Mrs Hendricks, of Indianapolis. - Logansport Pharos Daily

1907 - Mary Dresser to Edna Christian pg. lot 6 VanSchoiacks subd. 27-32-1 $250

1908 - Feb 6 - Marharet Gould to C K Plan, 1/2 lot Long Point $400

1908 - Apr 2 - Fred Gampy of Indianapolis is building a cottage near the Indianapolis pier to cost from $600 to $1000 Ferrier & SOn have the contract for the materials..

1908 - May 28 - O. C. Horning of Terre Haute who has purchased the Hippplehauser cottage, is making some improvements in the shape of the porches and concrete walks.
    1908 - Jun 18 Mr. and Mrs Oto Horning of Terr Haute are cosily settled in their cottage owned by Otto Hiipplehouser

    1905 - Aug 31 - Mr. Oto Hipllehouser Prop. and Editor of the Terre Haute Journal has purchased the Maxin and Wade Cottage on Long Point.

1908 - JUl-23 - Pauline Vonnegut to George Peeples, right of way in sec. 22, Union , $30

1908 - JUl 30 - J. W. Cromley has erectec a cottage of his lake front at the south end of the lake where he expects tp spend some of his leisure time fishing and hunting

1908, Aug 6 - G Forgy to Mary Snider, a part of two lots in Logansport Setlement, $1800
    1908, Aug 6 - Mary SNider ot Lottie Rice , a part of two lots in Logansport Setlement, $1800

1908, Aug 6 - F. Rice to Olie Rice, a part of lot in Logansport settement $5
    1908, Aug 6 - Olie RIce to Lottie Rice , a part of lot in Logansport settement $5

1908, Aug. 6. George Peoples to Clemens Vonnegut, lot on lake front, $2827.00

1909 Dec 3 - Jane M. Tope et al by gdn to S. E Keen, und 1/2 of lots 6 and 7 and pt lot 8 Murrayr's sibd. in sec 28 $1125
    V Simonson to same, same property, $1375

    S E Keen to F Morrison, som propert7, $2500

1911 - Sep 14 - J. Hoffman to J. Hillis lot 4 and pt. lots 3 and 5 Murrary's plat Lake Maxinkuckee $959

1911 Nov 9 Dr. Parker has exchanged his lake front cottage to J. W. Nutt for the latter's house opposite the post office.

APRIL 11, 1912 The Van Schoiack 8O acres at the southeast end of the Lake has been sold to a Chicago man. The owner, Mr. Vaughn of Logansport, reserves two 100-foot lots on the Lake.

1913, Feb 20 - Cornelia Daggett etal to Mary L Taylor, pt lot 2 in sec 27 Union, $2250

1913 - May 29 - WM. Wallace to C H Pierce, pt. Lot 6 VanSchoiack's subd in sec 27 Union $1

1913 dec 25 Elza Cromley and William Hays have bought of Charles Myers a lake front strip for $150. The lake frontage is 250 feet and the depth is 300 to 400 feet NOTE: this could be the South PLymouth Street area

1915 - Nov 4 - E. Vanschoiak to Nell and Grant Vanschoiack, und. 1-8 of 21 lots in sect 27, Union, $1000

1916 - Warren Spitler to Isadore Hessel 10 lots on Long Point. $!.

1916 - Aug 24 - Otto Stechan to W. B. Beebe in lot 1 sec. 22 Union $4200.

1919 Apr 30 - East Side transfers
    The George B. Yandes cottage has been sold by the heirs, the Misses Robinson to an INdanapolis man named Kettles. It is understood that the Misses Robinson will not desert the lake as a summer home, but will buy property and put up a smaller cottage

    The heirs of George Peeples have sold the 35 acres farm to Mr. and Mrs Clement Vonnegut who have begun improving it by sinking another well, installing a water service to be operated by hydraulic ram, repainting.
      1919 May 14 - The Peeples farm which was recently purchased by Clemens Vonnegut, has been named "The Hollyhocks". The wealth of these noble floweres on the place which alays attract the attention of the passer by makes the name very appropriate one.

1919 Jun 25 - F. C. Deggendorf of Warsaw has this sprin gought of Mrs. Hazledine the comfortable and completely appointed cottage - The WIthes, on Sea Beach Place - in which they have been spending ther summers for a number of years

1922 - Jul 19 - The ten room Rice-Vaugn Cottage on the East Shore has been solf to Frank W . Wood of Indianapoils. It has been in the possion of the family (now represented by Mrs. H. W. Mordhurst) for 40 years.

1920 - Sep - 8 - Ethel Mordhurst etal to Nellie M. Mackey, two lots in VanSchoiack's lake fron subdivision, $3,200.

1920 Sep. 29 F. W. Shidler of Indianapolis last week purchased of Mrs. Edward Taylor her north cottage on Sunset Knoll . The Shiders who have occupied the cottage for the last two season, contemplate extvensive improvements on the property which has a 90 foot frontage. The consideration was $7,000

1922 - Apr 5 - George M Sherman has sold his east side cottage to Charles Massena

1922 - May 10 - D. C. Jennkins to Sunnymeade Realty co. lots 5 and 6 Murray subd. Lake Maxinkuckee $1
1922 - Sep 20 - H. L Hennimg... Mr Henning has also sold an East side lot to Wesley E.Shea of Indianapolis for $1000.

1922 - Sep 20 - Mrs. Edward Taylor of Indianapolis has sold an East Side cottage to David T. Smith of Indianapolis for $3900.

1922 - Oct 25 - The Keen agency reports the sale of the D. C. Jenkins property at the south end of the lake to S. E. Medborn for $5,000

1922 - Nov 1 - Charles Massena to J. J. Barnes lot on Long Point, $1300. <

1923 - May 16 - Sale of Long Point Proerty - The property owned for many years by E. W, Johsnon of Terre Haute has been sold for $5000 to Wm. Brieux of Logansport

1924 - May 21 - RG Wilkinson to A. H. Springer lot 10 Van Schoiack's add East side $1

1924 Aug 27 George Cornelius to Ada Maynard East side Maxinkuckee lake property, $5500

1928 - Aug 22 - Willna English Wheeler and husband WD to Margaret H. Bliss, Lake Front Lot in Lot 1 in 22-31-1- $1.00

1928, Oct 10 - Buys Cottage - W. M. Osborn has purchased the cottage on Long Point belonging to J. H. Himmelberger. This cottage is located on the northern point of Long Point and is consoidered one of the finest on the lake
    1917 - Nov. 14 - Isadoe Hessel to J. Himmelberfer, five lots on Log Point $2100

    1917 - Nov. 14 - W. E Spitler to J. Himmelberger on lot on Long Point $450

    1917 - Nov. 14 - D M Gleason t J. HImmelberger Lot on Long Point #1200

1933 Mar 22 - Myron COsler to Mary Wooard lot 22 Vab Schoiacks sub. WD $2,500.00

1933, Sep 27 - ELizabeth E Marmon to Earl W. Heller - Lot 9 Vonnegyt's Sub. Div W.D. $1

1993, Sept 27 - Lucy Uhle Bender to Marie Bender Burwell - Un. 1/2 Lot 15 N of Long Point. W. D. $1

1934 - Jan 3 - Richard G. Pierce to A.da R. Vogel, part lots 4 and 5, and strip adjoining, VanSchoick add., Lake Maxinkuckee $4,000

1934 - Jan 3 - John N. Judah et al to Ralph H. Mowbray, tract commencung at corner of Juldah lot, $1.00

1935 - Jan 23 - Myron E. Cosler, Trustee and Grace W, Cosler to Mary C. Wooward, lot 22, VanShoaisk's thrid sub., WD., $1
    Mary C. Wooward to Myron E. Cosle and Grace W, Cosler, lot 22, VanShoaisk's thrid sub., WD., $1

1935 - Jan 23 - Herbert H. and Edith B. Rice to Myron E. Cosle and Grace W, Cosler, lot 11, Rice's sub.; lot 2, section 27-31-1-, CCD, $10.00

1937 - Aug 4 - Sells Lake Cottage - Mr. and Mrs. L. Luckenbill of Leiters Ford, have sold theit cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pearson, of Evansville

1939 - May 17 Foreclousure on Corel P Conder et al by State Exchange Bank
    All of lots Twenty one (21) and the South Sixteen and two-thirds (16-2-3) feet of Lot Twenty (20) of Vanshoiack's Lake Front Sub-Division Nonumber Three (3) in Lot Number Two (2) of Section Twenty-seven (27) in Township Thirty-two (32) North, Range One (1) East of the Second Principal Meridian

1939 - NOv. 22 - Effie Barnes to Doris B. Hillis Lot 11 Greens Plat Long Point Maxinkuckeee WD $3500.00

1942 - Sep 16 - Madora M. Millikan,decd. AD to Gaylord B. Milikan etux tract on Lake Makinkuckee in Lot 1 in 22-32-1 and Lot 5 Vonneguts subdivision.

1943, Jul 28 - Helen Heywood Lews and Montgomery S. Lewis etal WD to Emmitt R. and LaVernge A. Tuck, lot fronting on Lake Maxinkuckee in lot 3 27-32-1 ALso easement in right of way 15 feet wide on north and east sides of above tract and right of way leadin east to county road on south lin of lot 3

1944, Oct 25 - Madge C. Albright to Walter W. and Bertha Foskett south 75 feet of Lot 5 VanShoisck's subdivision except triangle tract, etc.

1944, Oct 25 - Ethel Hulman to Ralph C. and Jean Wickizer, Lot 1 Long Point

1944, Oct 25 - Frances H. and Edward J. Bennett to Madge C. Albright north 56 feet lot 3, subdivision of Lot $ in 22-32-1

1947 - May 21 - Ben W. and Florence E. Oberlin to Arthur W. and Bettie G. Kiesling, tract fronting Lake Maxinkuckee situate in lot 3 of sec. 21 and lot 1 of sec 28-32-1

1947 - May 21 - Lawrence L. and Ada Farrar-Daughtery to Estella and Dan RIce Jr. Lot 10 in Daughtery Farrer addition Lake Makinkuckee

1947, May 28 - Martha Redman to Troy L and Katherine M. Babcock, lot 1 of Cornelius & Ewing's Sub; lots 23, 24, 25 of VanShoiack's Larke Front Subdivision; Lot 12 Rice's subdivision of Lot 2 in 27-32-1

1947, May 28 Lawrence L and Ada Farrar Daughtery to Bernell J. Combs. Lot 1 Daughtery -Farrar addition Lake Maxkinkuckee

1947 Mary 29 same {Lawrence L and Ada Farrar Daughtery} to Frank C. and Helen Wells Timmons, Lots 27 and 28 same {Daughtery -Farrar addition Lake Maxkinkuckee} addition

1947 - Aug 27 Ruth P Johnson to Joan Jonson Doriot, lot 14, VanSchoiack's division No. 3. in 27-32-1. Also triangular tract on meander ine of Lake Maxinkuckee. Also lot 5 RIice's division, lot 2 in 27-32-1 1927 Jun 4 Walter and Oma Pearson to Archie J. and Hazel G. Kahl, part Lot 3, also part Lot 2 Murray's sub division in 28-31-1

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