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Names of cottagers from Logansport Papers  

This is a list of some of the names of cottagers from Logansport Papers that were tossed around in the "gossip columns" and other new articles are:

Bardsley cottage

Chadwick cottage

Cook cottage

Ferguson cottage

Fisher cottage - long point

Mr and Mrs Walter Graham

Graft's cottage

Himmeiberger cottage

Hockman cottage

Johnston cottage



McCarthy cottage

Marshall-Long Cottage

L. G powlen

W. C. Routh

W H Snider

Reitemeier cottage


Sheerin cottage

Thuston cottage

Traut cottage

Whitehead cottage

J. H. Witamyer cottage

1887 - Jun 17 - Among tbe Logansport people who have cottages at Maxinkuckee and Intend to spend the coming heated term up there: are-

    Mr, and Mrs. Will Wilson.
    Mr and Mrs. E. S. Rice,
    Mr and Mrs. S. A. Vaughn,
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Green,
    Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Purcell,
    Mr. and Mrs. H. J. McSheehy,
    Mr. and Mrs. J. W Burrow,
    Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Murdock,
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Watts and
    Mr. and Mrs. George Forgy.

1898 - J ul 25 - Families at Maxinkuckee. The following Logansport families are occupying cottages at Maxinkuckee:
    C. K Green,
    T. H. Wilson,
    F. M. Harwood,
    Judge G. E. Ross
    A. J. Murdock ,
    W. T. Wilson,
    W. H. Snider,
    Mrs. S. Wise,
    S. A. Vaughn,
    John E. Barnes,
    H. J. McSheehy ,
    A. P. Jenks,
    Judge M. Winfield.

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