Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

1899 Heavy Taxation

Assessment at Maxinkuckee on a Sliding Scale

The cottage owner and property holders at Lake Maxinkuckee who live in this city, have recently found out that they have been imposed upuon by the asseesors of Marshall county, in which the county the lake is located.

In the appraisment for taxation it has been the custom to list all property held by cottage owners at a certain valuation per lot and then apportion takes there on at so much per $100, while the tax on the property held by farmer in the vicinity is appraised at so much per acre as farm land

As an illustration, there is an old farm house at one end of the lake with a lake frontage, owned by a farmer named VanSchoisch.

Directly adjoining is smoe property owned by Mr. Wilson of this city.

Recently Mr. WIlson discovered in the commissioner's records that his property was valued at $1,800 and the VanShoiach land directly adjoining at $35 per acre.

As the pieces of land are nearly the same size and the tax on the former is many times greater than the latter , Mr. WIlson informed the Lake Maxinkuckee association which is composed of property owners there.

Thus it was known and steps have been taken by the association for their own protection.

Prominent people from Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Lagansprt, Fort Wayne, South Bend and other cities are members of the association. - Logansport Reporter (Indiana)