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Character of The Buildings Growing Better Every Season



Year by year the summer cottages at Lake Maxinkuckee increase in numbers, and In the same ratio of increase is noted an improvement in the character of the buildings. Before people were financially able, or possessed of the disposition to spend a portion of the year away from their city homes, and before the fame of Maxinkuckees had dawn upon the world, a bungalow of humble design and limited conveniences answered the purpose of a summer camp; but with the growth of the lake's midyear pop ulation, and the wider attention which the lake received from families of means came the desire for dwellings less primitive and in which a goodly portion of the luxuries of the city home wo uld not be sacrificed.

Thus the number of cottages m ultiplied until now there are approximately 110 around the lake. Some of these are substantial homes, good enough for the city street, with commodious apartments, handsomely finished interiors, and provided wth modern plumbing.

In the enumeration of the most expensive cottages there are about a dozen which those familiar with the situation call readily to mind. These are the Shirk, Vajen, Brownell, Glosbrunner, Edwards, Bates, Ketcham, Coffin, Griffiths and Hord homes. They are rated as being worth about as follows:
    Mrs. M. Shirk, of Peru, $5,000 to $6,000.
    R. E. Edwards, of. Indianapoliis, $5,000 to $6,000.
    C. H. Brownell, of Peru, $4,000 to $5,000.
    A. M. Glosbrunner, of Indianapolis, $4,500.
    Mrs. and Miss Ketcham, of Indianapolis, $3,000.
    C. E. Coffin, of Indianapolis, $3,000, besides 15 acres of land.
    Hervey Bates, of Indianapolis, $2,500, besides 10 acres of land.
    Mrs. Griffiths of Indianapolis two cottages , $2,500 each.
    Mrs. Frances Hord, of Terre Haute, $2,500.

Some of our readers may know of other cottages which might be properly included in the above class, but the Citizen has not been told of them. If Uncle DanieT McDonald were within reach he wo uld be appealed to as being the best posted man in the country on Lake Maxinkuckee matters and we shall depend upon him to supplement or ammend this article if it is incomplete or inaccurate.

The pioneer building is said to be the present McQuatt cottage which in former days was known as the Plymouth club house.

The new cottages of 1906 are those of Scott Foss, J. H. Vajen and Mr. Tope.

20 Sep 1906 - Citizen