Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

1958 - Lake Taxpayers  

Defeat Petitions To Hike Values

More Than 200 Attend Hearing

More than 200 articultae Union Township taxpayers, the largest crowd in the Circuit Court Room at Plymouth since the Johson murder trail ten years ago. Monday afternoon heard STate Tax Board Hearing Judge Herbert Holmes throw out Union Townships Trustee and Assessor Glen S. Tubbets' petitions to boost the valuation on 202 lake front lots.

Not Legally Advertised

Lake Maxinkuckee Association Legal Committe Chairman Fred Hanna, Logansport attorney, presented his opening remarks that the hearing was not legally advertised. According to Mr. Hanna, Indiana law states that notice of such hearing to be posted at the Assessor's office and at another publice place. It was allefed that Mr. Tibbetts neglected to comply with this provision at his office in the Culver School building.

Before ruling on the objector's pea, Mr. Homes listened to over two hours of arguement.

Mr. Hanna, in presenting the property owners' viewpoint said the Lake property now pays 27% of the total property tax in Union Township. Under the propesed re-assessment this same property would bear 34% if the total

Cites Laws of Conflict.

Attorney Hanna also pointed out, using an aerial map of the Lake that not all of the water front property was included in the increase.

The Lake Association's other attorney, Don O'Niell, of Logansport, sited several laws which seened to be in confilct with the Assessor's aims.

The Lake Association also presented comparative figures for lots in town, near town, and farms in Union Township. In all casses, Lake property was valued at many times that of similar lots not on the water.

Mr. Tibbetts stated that he was only trying to do his job, and that he honestly felt that Lake lot values are to low.

Mr. Tibbets protested against the Lake Associations interference in the case, saying that they had the money to fight it, when he did not. Mr. Tibbets also said that his honestu had been questioned in many of the letters which he received pertinent to the case. He also d enied that there any political mootives involved.

Mr Tibbets also critiicized the Lake Association for not reporting improvements to individual properties and also for not reporting on pleasure boats owned by many Association members.

President Krafft Speaks

William R. Krafft, president of the Association, disclaimed any responsibility for the foregoing maters by stating the original purpose of the Association as setout in its by-laws.

Also heard for the Association and as property owners, were Dr. Leonard Reuter,
Dr. Kenneth K. Kranning,
Cass County Auditor Richard Gohl,
Sam Medbourn,
Dan Rice,
O. K, Galloway and
Ray Gass.

Frank Schmight spole at considerable length in support of the Assessor, dwelling mainly on a comparison of farm values as opposed to Lake Maxinkuckee Lots.

Judg Holmes was assited by Fred H. Kuhn, Plymouth, field representative for the State Tax Board.

Research for the Lake Association was done by Mr. Gohl,
Mr. Hanna,
Mr. O'Neill,
Harry Edgington and
Lake Association Secretary Don Trone.