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Partial List Names of cottages - 1952  

This list is compiled out of the 1952 phone book:

Vonnegut Road

Harry Dinsmore (Vonnegut Rd.; PH:172-R3)

Herman Dinsmore (Vonnegut Rd.; PH:172-Js)

Dewey A. Gildner (Vonnegut Rd.; PH:172-R2)

Adoph Perman (Vonnegut Rd.; PH:172-R1)

Lee Wynn (Vonnegut Rd,; PH:354-W)

East Side

Culver Place

[CMA/Culver ] Farm House - (East Shore Rd.; PH:425)

- East Shore Apt.
    Robert B. Brown (East Shore Apt.; PH:408-J)
    Richard Gimbel (East Shore Apt.; PH:409)
    Patrick H. Hodgkin (East Shore Apt.; PH:408_W)
    Wallace Leland (Col) (East Shore Apt.; PH:408-M)
    Chas. S. McMinn (East Shore Apt.; PH:215-??)
    L. E. Stevens (East Shore Apt.; PH:701-R)

C. W. Jackson (Capt) (137 East Shore Rd.; PH:119-??)

Harry Medbourn (East Shore Rd.; PH:604)

George F. Henricks (DDS) (East Shore Rd.; PH:181-M)

George Phillips (139 East Shore Dr.; PH:308)

762 East Shore Drive
Chas. E. Hughes (East Shore Rd.; PH:3??)

Arthur G. Hughes (East Shore Rd.; PH:410-??)

Elmer A. Steffen (142 East Shore Rd.; PH:181-W)

W. K. Stewart (144 East Shore Rd.; PH:91-J11) [W. Kerfoot Stewart]

Hilarity Hill

C. O. Mueller (150 East Side Rd.; PH:311)

John S. Kittle ("Fairwinds" East Side; PH:200) [John Sloane Kittle]

Norman Perry (East Side; PH:207)

Oscar E. Bransky ( East Side Rd.; PH:132-R

Bay View Club

Frank M. Setzler (East Side Rd.; PH:538-R1)

S. E. (Mrs. Perkins) (166 East Side Rd.; PH:78-R11)

L. J. Powlen (172 East Shore Rd.; PH:227)

H. R. (Mrs.) Bliss (East Shore Rd.; PH:167-W) [Mrs. 1908 - Henry R. Bliss]

G. W. Blain (East Shore Rd.; PH:267-M)

James W. (Mrs.) Fesler (180 East Side Rd.; PH:125) [Caroline Fesler]

Earl W. Heller (East Shore Rd.; PH:132-M)

R. J/L. Babcock (East Side Rd.; PH:119-R11) [by Obituary he was cartaker of the Marmon properties]

W. C. Griffith (East Shore Rd.; PH:78-R1), W. C. Griffth Garage Apt. (East Shore Rd.; PH:119-R2)

John J. (Mrs.) Crawford (200 East Shore Rd.; PH:168-??)

J. H. Shirk (East Shore Rd.; PH:167-R)

Homer Rogers (East Shore Rd.; PH:167-J)

Maxinkuckee Landing

R & J. Food Market ( East Shore Rd.; PH:78-J2)
    Thomas A. Carter (R & J Apt. PH:196-R2)
    James L. Fowler (R & J Apt. PH:196-J2)
    Ardith Stevens (R & J Apt. PH:170-J1)
    ? R. B. Stevens (East Shore Rd.; PH:78-J2)

Paul C. Cullom (300 East Side Rd.; PH:331-??)

Theodore Locke (308 East Shore Rd.; PH:153-J11)

Hanly R. Blackburn (314 East Shore Rd.; PH:712-J

A. R. Baxter (320 East Shore Rd.; PH:127-M)

C. H. Bradley (324 East Side; PH:119-R3) [C. Harvey Bradley]
    J. H. Ingram (324 East Side; PH:119-??)

Julian Bobbs (East Shore Rd.; PH:165)

Robert E. Hollowell (332 East Shore Rd.; PH:78-R2)

Stephen Y. Hord (East Shore Rd.; PH:132-J)

Holiday Cottage (East Shore Rd.; PH:119-R1)

Albert S Howell (East Shore Rd.; PH:16?-??)

J. H. Belden ( 344 East Shore Rd.; PH:168-M) - Joshua H. Belden

Walker W. Winslow - (346 East Shore Rd.; PH:101)

Chas. Maull, Maj. (348 East Shore Rd. ; PH:10?-??)

Walter Spencer (East Shore Rd.; PH:119-J11)

W. O. Osborn (East Shore Rd.; PH:32???)

Wm. H. Ball (356 East Shore Rd. ; PH:131-W)

L. J. Stone (Maj.) (East Shore Rd. ; PH:131-R)

Thomas A. Hendricks (360 East Shore Rd. ; PH:327-J)

Parke A. Cooling (362 East Shore Rd. ; PH:)

F. W. Duan (364 East Shore Rd.; PH:166-J3) [Francis Dunn]

Ralph C. Vonnegut (East Shore Rd.; PH:150-??)

M. R. Failey (368 East Shore Rd. ; PH:180-R2)

Edwin H. Becker (East Shore Rd. ; PH:166-R11)

Hillis Cottage (374 East Shore Rd.; PH:166-J2)

John J. (Mrs.) Brandon (400 East Shore Rd.; PH:166-J1)

March Haynes (402 East Shore Rd.; PH:153-R1)

Deanne E. Walker (404 East Shore Rd.; PH:???)

Oscar B. Perine (406 East Side Rd.; PH:153-R2)

Allan Ramsay (408 East Shore Rd.; PH:712-w)

Robert L. (Mrs.) McQuat ( 410 East Shore Rd.; PH:160-R1)

Donald Elliot (East Side; PH:150-J2)

Helen K. Dean ( 416 East Shore Rd.; PH:150-J3)

C. (Mrs) Muehlhausen (East Shore Rd.; PH:327-W)

C. J. Roach (East Side Rd.; PH:153) J3 [Clyde J. Roach, Maud Roach]

Russell G. (Mrs.) Wilkinson (420 East Shore Rd.; PH:166-R2)

John F. Kelley (East Shore Rd.; PH:124-??)

Harold B. West (438 East Shore Rd.; PH:160-J3)

Ann Ellsworth (446 East Shore Rd.; PH:150-R3)

Bert R. Ivey (448 East Shore Rd.; PH:150-J??)

"Elmwood Lodge" - Walter W. Foskett (150-J1) (385)

--- Unknown Locations
E. Morton Downs (East Side Rd.; PH:403-J3) >

T. G. Louden (East Side Rd.; PH:116-J11)
Virginia Abair (East Shore Rd.; PH:186-M)
Sid Cressy (East Shore Rd.; PH:78-J?) "Fairview"

R. C. Eaton (East Shore Rd.; PH:180-J1)
J. R. Feeley (Lt.) (East Shore Rd.; PH:701-J)
L. Roy Ford (East Shore Rd.; PH:78-J3)
L. S. Fullen (Capt.) (East Shore Rd.; PH:186-J)
Travis E. Harris (East Shore Rd.; PH:410-J)
Carl Henderson (East Shore Rd.; PH:403-R3)
I. L. Kitts (Col) (East Shore Rd.; PH:610)
Howard Oberlin (East Shore Rd.; PH:132-R)
George (Mrs.) Ogden (East Shore Rd.; PH:78-J11)
Emmitt E. Rose (Md) (East Shore Rd.; PH:402-R11)
Dorthy Wilson (East Shore Rd.; PH:150-R11)
Warner William (East Shore Rd.; PH:186-R)
Virginia Williamson (East Shore Rd.; PH:186-M)
Claude A. Warner (East Shore Rd.; PH:403-J11)
E. O. Wright Cottage (East Shore Rd.; PH:310)
C. C. Wynn (East Shore Rd.; PH:119-J1)
Albert Yeich (East Shore Rd.; PH:354-w)

East Shore Lane

J. D. (Mrs.) Forrest (East Shore Lane; PH: )

R. H. Blacklidge (East Shore Lane; PH:76) [Richard H. Blacklidge]

Ruth Pratt (Mrs.) Johnson (East Shore Lane; PH:180-J??)
    H. E. Todd (East Shore Lane; PH:162-J11) E. S. Dorit (East Shore Lane; PH:162-R-11)

Harrison A. Smitson (East Shore Lane; PH:160-J2)

D. G. Trone (East Side Rd.; PH:327-r) -

E. P. Severns (East Shore Lane; PH:160-R2) [Edmond P. Severns]

James G. Stewart (East Shore Lane; PH:180-J11)

W. G. North (East Shore Lane; PH:162-J3) [William G. North]

Melvin A. Hansen (East Shore Lane; PH:162-J2)

T. L. Babcock, DDS (East Shore Lane; PH:180-J2) [Troy L. Babcock]

Charles L. Barry Sr. (East Shore Lane; PH:162-J1)

E. E. Furry (East Shore Lane; PH:403-R2) [Edward Eugene Furry "Gene"]

Richard R. Tyson (East Shore Lane; PH:403-R1 )

W. A. Sharts (East Shore Lane; PH:162-R2)

Wilbur E. Ford (East Shore Lane; PH:162-R11)

Edgar W. Hauser (East Shore Lane; PH:162-R3)

R. E. Kline (East Shore Lane; PH:180-R1) [Raymond E. Kline]

Cecil R. Smith (East Shore Lane; PH:180-R11)

Carmen Edwards (East Shore Lane; PH:162-R1)

Charles Bernhardt (East Shore Lane; PH:180-RS)

E. B. Norris (MD) (East Shore Lane; PH:162-J3) [Ernest B. Norris]

Unknown Location
Marian B. Lee (East Shore Lane; PH:180-J11)

Maxinkuckee Playhouse Theater
F. Paul Rutledge (East Shore Lane; PH:203

South Shore

1952 - L. L. Daughterty (Farrar Road; PH:510-R11)
    M. Sidder Daughterty (Farrar Road; PH:510-R11)

John Burkhart (South Shore Dr.; PH:726-J1)

Frederick Hanna (Lake Rd.; PH:726-R3)

L. F. Grusnmyer (Lake Rd.; PH:728-J2) [Lawrence F. Grusenmyer]

Chas. Barnes (Lake Rd.; PH:766-R2) Charles Barnes - Barnes Family

J. A. Hafert (Dr.) (Lake Rd.; Joseph A. Hafert])

D. Hatten (Lake Rd.; PH:782-J1)

L. Rueter (Lake Rd.; PH:256-R2) {Leonard A. Rueter (Dr.)]

O. K. Galloway (Lake Rd.; PH:782-R3)

F. G. Drommp (Lake Rd.; PH:510-J1) [Frederic G. Drommp]

L. G. Hillis (MD) (Lake Rd.; PH:728-R2)

David Garber (MD) (Lake Rd.; PH:510-J3)

H. J. Rector (Lake Rd.; PH:728-R1) [Herschell J. Rector]

Charles Van Sipma (South Shore Rd.; PH:256-??)

E. Wayne Mattox (South Shore Rd.; PH:726-J??)

John H. Button (South Shore Rd.; PH:726-R1)

R. J. Disher (South Shore Rd.; PH:726-J2) [Robert J. Discher]

Chauncey B. Lennen Grocery (Lake Rd.; PH:256-J11)

Don Behmer - Culver Boat Service (Lake Rd.; PH:256-J2)

Wm. R. Krafft (Lake Rd.; PH:728-J11)

Samuel M. Medbourn (Lake Rd.; PH:728-J3

W. C. Harrison (Lake Rd.; PH:206-J2) [Wade C. Harrison]

Floyd Poston (South Shore Rd.; PH:206-R2)

J. M. Pearce (South Shore Lane; PH:206-J1) [Jack M. Pearce]

John E. Fell (Lake Sore Rd. Ph:206-R3)

E. J. Carlson Sr. (Lake Rd.; PH:206-J11)

Glen Wilson (Lake Rd., PH:206-R11)

Ralph E. Treanor (Lake Rd.; PH:206-J3) from S. Bend?

Unknown Location
Raymond Reinholt (Lake Rd.; PH:256-R11)

Long Point

L. G. Walker (Walker Rd.; 57-R?)

Geo. Busart (St. Rd. 17; 57-J11)

Walter Busart (St. Rd. 17; 206-R1)

Edward Kinsey (Long Point; PH:57-R1)

Wallstead's Marine Service (Long Point; PH:12?-??) Phil Wallstead

Bill Allen (Long Point; PH:381-R11)

Sam H. Allen (Long Point; PH:510-R1)

L. R. Heeter (Long Point; PH:381-R1) [Lloyd R. Heeter]

James I. Barnes (Long Point; PH: 355) [Barnes Family]

John E. Erickson (Long Point; PH:202)

William Kiesling (Long Point; PH:381-J11)

Ralph C. Wickizer (Long Point; PH:288)

Virginia Hunter (W. Long Point; PH:707-??)

R. A. Hyman (Long Point; PH:727-??) [Raymond A. Hyman]

K. K. Kranning (MD) (Long Point; PH:360-M ) Kenneth K. Kranning (MD)

Ben Oberlin (Long Point; PH:381-J3)

Franklin Hillis (Long Point; PH:274-W)

Paul Yeagley (Long Point PH:707-w)

Ivan Walker (Long Point; PH:274-??)

E. W. Schafer (Long Point; PH:274-J) [Earl W. Schafer]

H. T. Gieseke (Long Point; PH:727-R2)

O. T. Smith (Long Point; PH:381-R3)

Rudolph Duenwegg (Mrs.) (Long Point; PH:360-R)

M. R. Robinson (Long Point; PH:182) [Miles R. Robinson]

R. O. Gass (Long Point; PH:381-R2) [Raymond O. Gass]

Paul B. Thomas - (Long Point; PH:360-J)

H. J. Crismond (Long Point; PH:274-??)

Walter J. Behmer (Long Point; PH: 381-1 ]

W. E. Smith (Long Point; PH:727-J1) [Will E. Smith]

L. B. Hackett (Long Point; PH:727-R1) [Lawrence Hackett/Hackett Boat Landing]

Russell Fisher (Long Point; PH:187)

John Hoesel (Long Point; PH:730)

Floyd L. Kerns (Long Point; PH:727-R11)

Cecil Lucas (Long Point; PH:)

E. Thoner (Long Point; PH:78-R3)

Dan Weirick (St. Rd. 17; 152-W)

Willow Point

Harry P. Scott (Willow Point; 347)

Donald Reed (Md) (E. Mill St.; 121)

Plymouth Street

Wm. (Mrs.) Hampton (W. Lake Front; PH:378)

'Bob' M. E. Hodges (W. Lake Front; PH:618)

Lake Front
C. M. Anderson (Lake Front; PH:ph.380-W)
Faculty Club House (CMA Lake Front; PH:216) W. E. Gregory (Col.) (CMA Lake Front; PH:209)

"Seaweed" Earl H. Blanchard (393-J)
Oak Lodge" Gloris Shegan (87-M)