Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Cottagers 1961  

from the August 1961 telephone Directory

Adams Carl Jr 545 South Shore Dr

Adams Carl M 520 South Shore Dr

Adams Fred North Shore Lane

Allen Bill 670 West Shore Dr

Allen Sam H 571 West Shore Dr

Allward John Dr 1002 West Shore Dr

Anderson Hugo B 716 Peru Ct

Babcock Troy L DDS 2388 East Shore Dr

Bailey Ed 538 S Shore Dr

Ball William H 1746 East Shore Dr

Barnes James I 704 West Shore Dr

Barry Charles L Sr 2410 East Shore Dr-

Bateson Norman West Shore Dr

Baxter Emory R 1450 East Shore D r

Baxter R Norman 1470 East Shore D r

Baxter Robert R 1444 East Shore D r

Beck Robt L 1099 West Shore Dr

Becker Edwin H 1870 East Shore D r

Behmer Walter J 1010 West Shore Dr

Bennett Walter 810 West Shore Dr

Bergman Irving 1630 East Shore Dr

Bernhardt Charles 2546 East Shore Dr

Binford Thomas W 1880 East Shore Dr-

Blacklidge R H 2296 East Shore Dr

Blair Russell Dr 953 East Shore Dr

Blanchard Earl E Seaweed Cottage

Bradley C H 1480 East Shore Dr

Brigel George 1010 South Shore Ln

Burkhart Jack 80 South Shore Dr

Burkhart John 90 South Shore Dr

Busart Walter 211 West Shore Dr

Butler A N 1680 East Shore Dr

Button John H 470 South Shore Dr

Camp Maxinkuckee 1346 East Shore Dr

Campbell O D South Shore Dr -

? Chapter Nellie 1003 South

Churchill A C 233 West Shore Dr

Cleveland Chester W 1394 East Shore Dr-

Cleveland John 845 East Shore Dr

Clyne Joseph N 952 West Shore Dr

? Conner Howard South

Cooling Parke A 1784 East Shore Dr

Crowe Charles W 2008 East Shore D r

Crowe Kenneth R East Shore Apts

Culver Boat Co 636 South Shore Dr

Daugherty M Sidder Farrar Rd

DeTroy PeterJ 504 East Shore Dr

Discher R J 550 South Shore Dr

Doriot E S 2306 East Shore Dr

Drompp F G 274 South Shore Dr

Duenweg Rudolph Mrs 954 West Shore Dr

Dunn F W 1790 East Shore Dr

Eaton RC 1711 East Shore Dr

Edgell John F 865 East Shore Dr

Edgington Harry 286 South Shore Dr

Edwards Carmen State Rd 117

Eley Geo 764 West Shore Dr

Elliott Donald 2014 East Shore Dr

Ellsworth Anne 2210 East Shore Dr

Erickson John E 730 West Shore Dr

Esser Rupert 324 South Shore Dr

Evans Robert 80 South Shore Dr

Failey M R East Shore Rd

Farm House 480 East Shore Dr

Fell John E 994 South Shore Dr

Firari Harvey 504 East Shore Dr

Fisher Frank W 504 East Shore Dr

Fisher Russell 781 West Shore Dr

Flarsheim Robt 1940 East Shore Dr

Foreman J E 501 Lake Shore Dr

Frew Allan M 2124 East Shore Dr

Furry E E 2420 East Shore Dr

Gales Ronald 2480 East Shore Dr

Gallette Peter J I I 772 West Shore Dr

Garber Leila Powell 394 South Shore Dr-

Gass R O 960 West Shore Dr-

Gates Frank E 2130 East Shore Dr

Geiselman Forrest Jr Oak Lodge

Geupel John 1242 East Shore Dr

Gill D R MD East Shore Apts

Glackman John C Mrs 772 West Shore Dr

Golf Links 475 East Shore Dr

Graffis George A 920 East Shore Dr

Griffith W C Res 1206 East Shore Dr

Hill Top House 1206 East Shore Dr-

Grund James A 1004 West Shore Dr

Grusenmyer L F 124 South Shore D r

Guest House Lake Front

Guthrie James 1081 West Shore Dr

Hackett L B 1061 West Shore Dr

Hafert J A Dr 204 South Shore Dr

Haig Robert L 2358 East Shore Dr

Hale Frank R Mrs 1290 East Shore Dr-

Hampton Wm Mrs W Lake Front

2-2198 Hanna Frederick 114 South Shore Dr

Hansen Melvin A 2380 East Shore D r

Harmke Louis Mrs 1103 South

Harrison Glen W 844 South Shore D r

Harrison Wade C 1970 East Shore Dr

2-3131 Hatten D Res 310 Cass / Cottage 220 South Shore Dr

Haynes March 1930 East Shore Dr

Heckel Thomas 1380 East Shore Dr

Heeter L R 686 West Shore Dr

? Heiser Eva Mrs 400 South Rd

Henderson Carl 2802 East Shore Dr

Hendricks Thomas A 1780 East Shore Dr

Henricks Janice Truax 728 East Shore Dr

Herrmann Wm L 310 South Shore D r

Hetzner Flossie Merkert Mrs 260 West Shore Dr

Hillis Franklin 866 West Shore Dr

Hizer Fred D 760 West Shore Dr

Hodges M E telvsn serv 316 S Plymouth-

Holaday Clayton South

Hord Stephen Y 1556 East Shore Dr

HOUSE OF TREASURES THE gifts 772 West Shore Dr

Howard J Richard 2558 East Shore Dr

Howell Alberts Mrs 1614 East Shore Drive

Howell Kenneth S 50 West Shore Dr

Hyman R A 820 West Shore Dr

Irvine Barrett Cottage 286 West Shore Dr

Ivey Bert R 2220 East Shore Dr

Johnson Ruth Pratt Mrs 2425 East Shore Dr

Keller Reed S 1071 West Shore Dr

Kelly John F 2160 East Shore Dr

Kerns Floyd L 870 West Shore Dr

Kiesling Arthur 750 West Shore Dr

Kinkade Franklyn 1020 South Shore Dr-

Kittle JohnS 874 East Shore Dr

Kline Clarence 11 Venetian Village

Kline Cottage 2502 East Shore Ln

Kniesly Forest R 740 West Shore Dr

Kraning K K MD 834 West Shore D r

? Kreighbaum Drisco L State Rd 117

Kriner S A Mrs 2118 East Shore Dr

? Krsek Tom South Rd

Krueger David 1075 West Shore Dr

Lane C B Farrar Rd

Lang Joseph E MD 1074 S Shore

Lathrop Arthur B 1530 East Shore Dr

Lawrance Robert P 900 West Shore Dr-

Lennen Chauncey B 644 South Shore Dr-

Leonard Russell F 844 West Shore Dr

Locke Theodore L 1412 East Shore Dr

Loner Jos W 2573 East Shore Dr

Lowell R L Comdr East Shore Apts

Lucas John 1050 Rd

Lundberg A H Venetian Village

Lysell Harry F 1460 East Shore Dr

Maris Lee J MD 260 South Shore Dr

Mattox E Wayne 448 South Shore Dr

Ma ull Chas 1650 East Shore Dr

Maxinkuckee Playhouse theatr 2437 East Shore Dr

McCutchan Robert J 880 West Shore Dr-

Mcllwain Robert Dr 484 South Shore Dr-

McKee Albert Eugene 433 Lakeview

McKinstry Robert E 2276 East Shore Dr

McMillen Harold W 2536 East Shore Dr-

McMinn Chas S East Shore Apt

McNeil Walter 754 South Shore Dr

Medbourn Harry 694 East Shore Dr

Medbourn Samuel M 820 South Shore Dr

Mellon John East Shore Apt

Middleton Richard E 992 West Shore Dr

? Mik ulasek Michael 400 South Rd

Miller Merle H 576 South Shore Dr

Miner Norman A East Shore Apts

Montgomery George H 594 West Shore Dr

Muehlhausen Charles 2074 East Shore Dr

Muehlhausen Walter J 2002 East Shore Dr

Mueller CO 844 East Shore Dr

Nixon Jos 742 East Shore Dr

Noel Ronald H East Shore Apts

Norman W H MD Venetian Village

Norris Ernest B MD 2805 East Shore Dr-

North W G 2370 East Shore Dr

Oberlin Ben 850 West Shore Dr

Ogden George Mrs East Shore Rd

O'Neal Perry 1570 East Shore Dr

O'Neill Donald D 944 West Shore D r

Oosterbaan Jerry 160 West Shore Dr

Ortmeyer John Edward East Shore Apts-

Osborn Frank V 1910 East Shore Dr

Osborn W 0 1680 East Shore Dr

Ottoson Robert 810 West Shore Dr

Parker Camille Killian M D 2710 East Shore Dr

Pearce J M South Shore Ln

Porter Leora Peru Ct

Poston Floyd 878 South Shore Dr

Powers E Duane DO Willow Point

R & J Apartments 1355 East Shore Dr

R & J Food Market 1355 East Shore Dr-

Rassmussen William M 2738 East Shore Dr

Rector H L 410 South Shore Dr

Reichter L A 280 West Shore Dr

Rentschler Everett 1003 West Shore Dr-

Reuter L Dr 234 South Shore Dr

Riggs Dale 10 South Shore Dr

Roach C J 2080 East Shore Dr

Robinson M R 958 West Shore Dr

Robinson Robert D 1322 East Shore Dr-

Robinson William H 686 East Shore Dr

Rockwood Charles A 2080 East Shore Dr-

Rossa S J Grocery 1352 East Shore Dr-

Rutledge F Pa ul 2437 East Shore Dr

Sams Howard 409 South Shore Dr

Schafer E W 1004 West Shore Dr

Setzler Frank M 964 East Shore Dr

Severns E P 2348 East Shore Dr

Smith Cecil R 2520 East Shore Dr

Smith O T 1070 East Shore Dr / 918 West Shore Dr

Smith W E 1034 West Shore Dr

Smitson Harrison A 2314 East Shore Dr-

Somerville Alex Jr 1444 East Shore Dr-

Spencer Walter 1660 East Shore Dr

Steffen Elmer A 782 East Shore Dr

Steinhilber W Albert 1424 East Shore Dr

Stevens Ardith 1355 East Shore Dr

Stevens Roscoe B apt 1355 East Shore Dr

Stewart W K 814 East Shore Dr

Stone L J Maj 1766 East Shore Dr

Strohm B A 980 East Shore Dr

Sturman John K 2550 East Shore Dr

Tab Grain Colnc 1030 South Shore Dr

Thomas Pa ul B 980 West Shore Dr

Todd James Rodney 865 East Shore Dr

Treichler William J 2044 East Shore Dr-

Trone D G 2324 East Shore Dr

Tyson Mabel G Mrs 2434 East Shore Drive

VanPelt lra 181 West Shore Dr

VanSipma Charles 434 South Shore Dr-

Vonnegut Ralph C 1814 East Shore Dr

Walker Ivan 886 West Shore Dr

Walker LG 140 West Shore Dr-

Walther Jos E MD 1022 East Shore Dr

Ward Pierce C 2270 East Shore Dr

Warner Claude A 2257 East Shore D r

West Harold B 2176 East Shore Dr


CE 588 West Shore Dr

Wharton Norris 1355 East Shore Dr

Wildermuth D G 2450 East Shore Dr

Wilkinson Russell G Mrs 2114 East Shore Dr

Wilson Dorothy 1840 East Shore Dr

Wilson Marian Kitts 751 East Shore Dr

Winslow Walker W 1640 East Shore Dr-

Wright Evalyn V 1054 East Shore Dr

Wright Helen 1054 East Shore Dr

Wright Jean 1054 East Shore Dr

Wynn C C 1257 East Shore Dr

Young A W 154 South Shore Dr

Zieg Kermit C Lt Col East Shore Apts

Zukowski Stanley 1107 South