Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Cottagers 1977  

The source I used has missing pages ?, 10-11 Bennett, Walter to Ditmire, Mildred

Adams Carl Jr 545 South Shore Dr

Adams Carl M 520 South Shore Dr

Allen Bill 670 West Shore DR

Allen Sam 571 W Shore Dr

Anderson Eugene G MD 40 W Shore Drive

Anderson Evelyn B MD 40 W Shore Drive

Anderson Hugo B 716 Peru Ct

Babcock F L 520 Peru Ct

Babcock Troy L 2388 East Shore Dr

Baker James A AID 2100 East Shore Dr

Ball William H Jr 1746 East Shore Dr

Bannon Barney 894 West Shore DR

Barnes H M Willow Point

BarnetteJosD 874 East Shore Dr

Bateson Norman West Shore DR

Baxter R Norman Maxinkuckee Rd

Baxter Richard N Jr 1460 East Shore Dr

Beck Robert L 471 South Shore Dr

Becker E Allen Res 2450 E Shore Ln / Barn 2425 1/2 E Shore Ln

Becker Edwin H 1870 East Shore Dr

Becker Nelson J 1840 East Shore Dr

Behmer Eugene L 1010 West Shore DR

Bennett Walter 810 West Shore DR

Dixon James A 760 West Shore DR

Clvr Donovan Charles 740 West Shore DR

Drew H 138 W Shore Dr

Drompp F G 274 South Shore Dr

Dunn Edward G 1790 East Shore Dr

Dunn F W 1790 East Shore Dr

Dunn Susan 1290 'East Shore Dr

Dyer David J 1346 E Shore Dr

Dykstra Harry 348 S Shore Dr

Earls Stephen 2805 East Shore Dr

Ebright Scott 641 East Shore Dr

Edgington Harry 286 South Shore Dr

Edwards Carmen State Rd 117

Eisenbarth E J 192 West Shore DR

Elliott Donald 2014 East Shore Dr

Ergang Craig 145 West Shore DR

Erickson John E 730 West Shore DR

Esser Rupert 324 South Shore Dr

Failey M R East Shore Rd

Farag Rafik MD 2558 East Shore Dr

Farm House 480 East Shore Dr

Farneti Nello 764 W Shore Dr

Fa ulkner Charles 0 1028 W Shore Dr

Fell John E 994 South Shore Dr

Firestone Wayne E 1074 South Shore Dr

Fiske John A 1054 East Shore Dr

Flarsheim Robt 1940 East Shore Dr

FlynnJohnJJr 339 South Shore Dr

Ford Wilbur 2470 East Shore Dr

FoxJaredW 565 West Shore DR

Fredrickson C A 681 East Shore Dr

Furry E E 2420 East Shore Dr

Furry W H 2425 East Shore Ln

Gallette Peter J II 772 West Shore DR

Garber Leila Powell 394 South Shore Dr

Gass R 0 960 West Shore DR

Gidley Jerry 324 West Shore DR

Gilley George Dennis 344 South Shore Dr

Gottschalk Robert C 580 South Shore Dr

Greenleaf Robt W 1100 East Shore Dr

Guest House 1080 East Shore Dr

Griffith W C Res 1206 East Shore Dr

Hill Top House 1206 E Shore Dr

Groot Peter 1660 East Shore Dr

Grund James A 1004 West Shore DR

Guthrie James 1081 West Shore DR

Hafert J A Dr 204 South Shore Dr

Hanna Frederick 2220 East Shore Dr

ive Hansen Melvin A 2380 East Shore Dr

Harris Robt A 820 West Shore DR

Harrison Glen 844 South Shore Dr

ive Harrison Glen 820 South Shore Dr

Harrison Wade C 1970 East Shore Dr

Hatten D Res 310 Cass / Cottage 220 South Shore Dr

Haynes Loy 181 West Shore DR

Hazlewood Jackson Jr 2296 E Shore Dr

ive Heckel J Thos 1470 East Shore Dr

HeddingRobtJ 2556 East Shore Dr

Henderson Jas A 2276 East Shore Dr

Henricks Janice Truax 728 East Shore Dr

Herrmann Wm L South Shore Dr

Hicks Robert 802 E Lakeshore Dr

Hillis Elwood H 176 S Shore Dr

Hippensteel R R 936 South Shore Dr

Hockman P L 894 W Shore Dr

Holaday Allan South

Holloweli Robt E Jr 1780 East Shore Dr

Honzik Jeff 531 E Shore Dr

Hord Stephen Y 1556 East Shore Dr

Horn Pat W 1034 W Shore Dr

Howard J Richard 2562 East Shore Dr

Howell W D Jr 480 East Shore Dr

Howell W D L t Col 480 East Shore Dr

Hudson John W 2573 East Shore Dr

Hughes Milton 504 East Shore Dr

Hutchens C E 606 Peru Ct

Huth Ronald 340 South Shore Dr

Ice Harry T ?? East Shore Dr

James Jim 1766 East Shore Dr

Jelinek Richard 166 South Shore Dr

Johnston Jerry J 538 South Shore Dr

Kanaris Mark 1766 East Shore Dr

Kapsa Joseph D 757 West Shore DR

Keegan Harold Dr Venetian Village

Keldenich Jack A Venetian Village

Keller Reed S 1071 West Shore DR

Kelly John F 2160 East Shore Dr

Kelly Wm R 1930 E Shore Dr

Kiesling A W 750 West Shore DR

Kimbrough Geo 344 W Shore Dr

King Keith B 2738 East Shore Dr

Kline Clarence 11 Venetian Village

Kline R E 1100 South Shore Dr

Kmiotek Joseph 1020 South

Kolivosky Lucy 663 East Shore Dr

Koss David R 712 Peru Ct

Krafft Wm R 790 S Shore Dr

Kraning K K MD 834 West Shore DR

Kriner S A Mrs 2118 East Shore Dr

Lane Edward 701 West Shore DR

Leef Gerald MD 374 South Shore Dr

Lieber Kurt E 2002 East Shore Dr

Lintner J Frederick 811 East Shore Dr

Logan John W 1061 West Shore DR

Long H Dale 762 E Shore Dr

Louk Russell J 714 South Shore Dr

Lysell Harry F 1242 East Shore Dr

Mackey Ronald W Shore Dr

Malkowski Leonard R 140 W Shore Dr

Mann Gurney 1040 East Shore Dr

Mann Randall L 980 E Shore Dr

Manor Market 1355 East Shore Dr

Maris Lee J 260 South Shore Dr

Masepohl B C 144 South Shore Dr

Maxinkuckee Country Club. East Shore Dr

Mc Cormack James P 708 South Shore Dr

Mcllwain Robert Dr 484 South Shore Dr

McKeone William Venetian Village

Mc Kinney Jas 1128 South

Medbourn Harry 694 East Shore Dr

Medbourn Sam 694 East Shore Dr

Meeker William F 1000 East Shore Dr

Meyer Geo P 1001 South

Middleton Richard E 992 West Shore DR

Miller Don B 2520 E Shore Ln

Miller Geo C Mrs 1000 East Shore Dr

Miller Merle H 2044 East Shore Dr

Montgomery George H 594 West Shore DR

Moriarty C 0 1004 South

Moseley W B 1480 East Shore Dr

Muehlhausen Donald W Shore Dr /211 S Ohio

Muehlhausen Gordon D 2074 East Shore Dr

Muehlhausen Walter J Jr 124 South Shore Dr

Murphy Wm 37 Venetian Village

Norman W H MD Venetian Village

Oberlin Ben 850 West Shore DR

O'Daniel D Patrick 80 South Shore Dr

Ogden George Mrs East Shore Rd

O'Neal Perry 1570 East Shore Dr

O'Neill Donald D 944 West Shore DR

Onesti P 1103 South

Osborn Glen 610 Peru Ct

Osborn Robert F W Shore Dr

Osborn W 0 1680 East Shore Dr

Osborne Thomas S 686 West Shore DR

Ottoson Robert 810 West Shore DR

P J's Pier boats rntl 320 E Davis

Parker Camille Killian MD 2710 East Shore Dr

Parker Francis W MD 2710 East Shore Dr

Parkhurst Donald MD 374 South Shore Dr

Pearson William A 641 East Shore Dr

Perine Thos 1954 East Shore Dr

Perine Thomas A 1954 E Shore Dr

Perkins Samuel E IV 964 East Shore Dr

Perry N A 894 East Shore Dr

Porter S R 612 Peru Ct

Poston Floyd 878 South Shore Dr

Powers Esther 303 E Winfield

Probst Gary 2742 East Shore Dr

Prusiecki Val 1150 South

Quimby David E 958 West Shore DR

Randolph Allen F 1112 South

RasmussenWm M 2738 East Shore Dr

Raub Malcolm J 1614 East Shore Dr

Rector H L 410 South Shore Dr

Reed Jas R Venetian Village

Reese Keith C 2130 East Shore Dr

Reininga John C 602 Peru Ct

Reuter L Dr 234 South Shore Dr

Richards K 1766 East Shore Dr

Richter L A 280 West Shore DR

Richter Minnie 254 West Shore DR

Rinesmith Jas E 138 W Shore Dr

Rippy C C 3 Venetian Village

Robeson Charles E 44 South Shore Dr

Rocap Jas E Jr 1346 E Shore Dr

Roth Charles F Jr 2306 E Shore Ln

Russell Charles 1090 South Shore Dr

Sandoe L Bond Jr 160 West Shore DR

Sayger Linda 172 W Shore Dr

Schafer Chas 1004 West Shore DR

Schaub Joe C 1910 East Shore Dr

Schilling E W 1630 East Shore Dr

Schmid Charles P 286 West Shore DR

Sch ultz Edw 0 555 West Shore DR

Shaffer Verlin 1140 South

Shaver W C 2358 East Shore Dr

Shively David 1275 East Shore Dr

Shortle Geo E 844 West Shore DR

Shriner R J 751 East Shore Dr

Small Herbert F 50 West Shore DR

Smith Benjamin 1099 West Shore DR

Smith Joyce V 954 West Shore DR

Smith 0 T Mrs 918 West Shore DR

Smitson Harrison A 2314 East Shore Dr

Sparling Floyd L 784 West Shore DR

Speer Donald S 1540 East Shore Dr

Spro ulsDale 2802 East Shore Dr

Steely Carl V 2250 E Shore Dr

Steffen E A 782 East Shore Dr

SteinhilberW Albert 1424 East Shore Dr

Strait R D DDS 290 South Shore Dr

Sturdevant Thomas 610 Peru Ct

SturmanJohnK 2550 East Shore Dr

Suverkrup J Carl 2502 East Shore Dr

Tarns Henry A Jr 14 Venetian Ln

Tanguy Robert B BGen 310 South Shore Dr

Teague Frank W MD 1910 East Shore Dr

Terpstra John W 1380 East Shore Dr

Thomas James 641 East Shore Dr

Thompson John M 1530 East Shore Dr

Tucker John D 2124 East Shore Dr

Turner James B 2370 East Shore Dr

Tyson Mabel G Mrs 2434 East Shore Ln

Van Namen Jacob 1450 East Shore Dr

VanSipma Charles 434 South Shore Dr

Vazquez Carmen M 819 West Shore DR

Volz Gary G SFC ?641 ,East Shore Dr

Wagner William M 910 West Shore DR

Walker Dolyn 886 West Shore DR

Walker J W 1480 East Shore Dr

Walter Kenneth R 2114 East Shore Dr

Walther Joseph E MD 1012 East Shore Dr

Walther's Shady Bluff 1022 East Shore Dr

Ward Leslie M 2270 East Shore Dr

Warren Leo 510 Peru Ct

Weirick Mary E 175 West Shore DR

West Harold B 2176 East Shore Dr

West Wendell W 14 B Rd

Wheeler Edmund J Venetian Village

Wildes Chas T Venetian Village

Wilkinson Frank B 2410 East Shore Ln

Winslow Walker W Mrs 1640 E Shore Dr

Witham Lewis Mrs 770 South Shore

Woods Walter W 1089 West Shore DR

Woollett JW 2210 East Shore Dr

Wurster Fred C 2480 East Shore Dr

Wynn C C 1268 East Shore Dr

Zechiel Jerome J 920 East Shore Dr

Zehner Henry Z Venetian Village

Zukowski Stanley 1107 South