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Hornung Cottage Burns - 1910  

Another Long Point Fire

The Hornung Cottage Destroyed -

Origin Unknown

Long Point property again suffered by fire when the cottage owened by Hornung of Terre Haute (formerly the Hipplehouser cottage) was completely destroyed with ist contents yesterday morning

The fire was discovered by Messrs Chadwick and McSheehy

It had evidently started in a closet under the stairway. Nothing was saved.

The doors were all closed and the shutters were up at the windows, and there was no evidence of anyone having been about the premises.

Prompt help was all that saved the Webster cotaage on the next lot, and in fact the entire row.

The loss is estimated at $1,000 less the insurance.

1910 May 12 - The Scovell, Knapp and Hornung cottages , destroyed by fire this spring are being re-built