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Tramps Occupy Cottages

Tramps Occupy Cottages At Lake Maxinkuckee

Resorters Learn They Have Been Entertaining Unbidden Guest For Many Weeks

(Special to the Indianapols News)

Logansoirt, Ind. March 19 - Emil Keller, proprietor of the Barnett Hotel in this city, went to Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday and found that tramps had been occuping his cottage.

Just how long they were there is not positively known, but from the appearance of the house they must of taken possession late last fall.

The tramps had eaten and slept inthe building and were as free and easy in their mode of living as if the cottage was their own.

A wood stove had been used for cooking, and not stified with common dishes the intruders had brought out some china and cut glass, which Keller had locked in a strong cuppboard in one room was a pile of tin cans, numbering prehaps 100 in all.

They evidently feared to throw them outside believng that the newly-opened cans might attracr attention and cause of investigation.

Everything in the house was topsy turvy, and the number of empty whiskey bottles scattered about was evidence that the last occupants of the house were not members of the Prohibtion party.

Investigation made by Keller revealed that the tramps had temporiarily occupied cottages owened by Claude O. Wise and Mrs. W. H. SNyder.

It was also found that almost every cottage at this summer resort had been broken into and the different b uildings ransacked from one end to the other.

Very few cottges escaped.

Indianapolis people who had cottages there suffered.

The total amount of loss is not known and will not be untill the different cottagers return in the summer and make inventory of their effects.

The strange dact about the affair not suspected is that the presence of the tramps was not suspected until a few days ago. Farmers discovered the tramps and put them to flight. - Indianapolis News Mar 19, 1908