Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Cottage History & Index from 1953 to Present

1953 was the first year that the lake directories were issued and gave a listing of all lake residents (or houses).

This was my "FIRST" working outline of the site along with listings from Lake Directories that were in the Marshall County Historical Society; there were but a few scattered issues from 1953-September 1990 when I started on this project.

From these I have worked backwards and forwards with what I could find; to trying and make a complete listing of the cottages and lake parcels and create a history for each if at all possible.

The label as "non lakefront" is not meant to offend anyone - nor is it meant to be taken that it does not have lake access it could very well have, I have not deleved into that aspect unless it has been noted in a descrption of the property as having a legal access to the lake - the only meaning intended is that the house/cottage and or property is NOT directly located on the shoreline/shores of Lake Maxinkuckee aka "lake side" of the road - or thus directly connected to the Lake Maxinkuckee it means only that there is a road and/or alley betweenit and the lake.

Nothing within is set in "STONE" and everything is subject to change when documentation is found - through deeds, newspaper articles. etc and has over the yeaars and will continue to as I delve further into Lake Maxinkuckee's and Culver's history. This is an ever changing project and site as new material surfaces. It is a never ending project that I will never see completed in my lifetime.

Some topic of interest:

East North of Maxinkuckee Landing

401 East Shore Drive - - Woodcraft Camp & part of the Golf course (16.069A); built in 1963
    79.829A S 1/2 NE

461 (475) - East Shore Drive - Culver Academy Golf Course , 60.080A.

    LOT 3 EX PT W OF RD 35A /26.650A is Golf Course
    N 31.27A LOT 4 EX 20.77A/18.270A is Golf Course
    S PT N 31.27A LOT 4 E RD 6.5A/5.160A Golf course

446 East Shore Drive (480/504) - Culver Farm House / Culver Place - Culver Educational Foundation
Culver Homestead - more pictures and the above history.

    18A this includes the Culver Military Boathouse
    N 1169.5FT S 1549.5 FT LOT 3 & R W RD

521 East Shore Drive Vacant lot - was the CMA Barn - now represented by an empty lot of the west side - burned sometime between 1987 when it was listed in the lake directory and 1989 it was between spring and fall of the year.

A very early photo as it possibly looked from standing on the Golf course area the back side of the barn that was located on the edge of the golf course
    N 31.27A LOT 4 EX 20.77A/18.270A is Golf Course

531 E. Shore - Culver Educational Fundation - non lake front

641 East Shore Drive - Was CMA Appartments North now represented by a bare lot

663 East Shore Drive - Culver Educational Foundation - non lake front Vacant lot

681 East Shore Drive - Knight K. Culver Cottage, built c. 1923 & was purchased in 1935 & turned into the "Golf Club Hotel (House)". (non-lakefront)

Culver Educational Foundation Faculty Apartments (non-lakefront)

686 East Shore Drive

694 East Shore Drive v

728 East Shore Drive

742 East Shore Drive

751 East Shore Drive (non-lakefront)

762 East Shore Drive - House of a Thousand Candles

763 East Shore Drive (non-lakefront)

782 East Shore Drive

811 East Shore Drive (non-lakefront)

814 East Shore Drive "Vonnegut House"

818 East Shore Drive

840 East Shore Drive

844 East Shore Drive

845 East Shore Drive (non-lakefront)

865 East Shore Drive (non-lakefront)

874 East Shore Drive

Peru Club
is said to have been built about 1878.

894 East Shore Drive

898 East Shore Drive

920 East Shore Drive Razed/Rebuilt

950 East Shore Drive

953 East Shore Drive - Kur-Cor - (non-lakefront Oberlin Orchard AKA Vonnegut Orchard)

964 East Shore Drive

980 East Shore Drive

1000 East Shore Drive

1012 East Shore Drive

Shady Bluff

1022 East Shore Drive

1040 East Shore Drive

1054 East Shore Drive - Toad House

1070 East Shore Drive - 1952-1953 - R. L. Babcock

    Caretaker cottage of Marmon estate

    1961 - - O. T. Smith
    1979 - 2005- 2007 - - address not listed

    26 March 1958 Culver Citizen:
    Ronald L. Babcock, age 72, lifelong resident of the Culver community and father of George Babcock, manager of the Marshall Co. Lumber Company here, died last Friday at the Miller nursing home in Rochester. Mr. Miller [sic Babcock] lived at 1070 East Shore Dr. on Lake Maxinkuckee where for years he had been caretaker of the Marmon estate there. He was also a member of the Maxinkuckee Methodist Church and the Maxinkuckee IOOF lodge #373.

1085_ East Shore Drive - [1075] Greenleaf Log House Marmon Estate/Orchard House (non-lakefront)

1100 East Shore Drive

1110 East Shore Drive

1120 East Shore Drive

1200 East Shore Drive - 1956-61 - Dewey Mc Farland

    1958 - Dewey McFarland 1200 East Shore Drive, Culver.

    2005-2007 not listed

1206 East Shore Drive - Holly Hill / HOLLY HILL INVESTORS LLC

___ East Shore Drive - vacant lots (Non-lakefront

1207 East Shore Dr. - "Fairview" - Razed 1960's

1236 East Shore Drive - 1953 - Heekin [Not listed 1993, 2005-2007]

1242 East Shore Drive -

1244 East Shore Drive

1249 - 1958 Lake Director - Mrs. Elizabeth B. Crawford 1521 S. Center St., Terre Haute, lnd

1257 - East Shore Drive

1268 East Shore Drive [1266/1274] - Hale (Rental, 1958) - Hattie Alice Hale

1274 - 1958 Lake Directory - Mrs. Hattie Alice Hale 919 S. Fifth St., West Terre Haute, Ind.

1275 East Shore Drive

1290 East Shore Drive

1296 - 1958 Lake Directory - Hale (Rental) - 19 S. Fifth St., Terre Haute, Ind.

1297 - 1958 Lake Directory - C. C. Wynn

-- [1301] East Shore Drive - ? Jul 1998 - (Vacant Lots non-lakefront)

1322 East Shore Drive - Yellow House

1346 East Shore Drive