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Culver Alumnus 1968 page 3  

I just go ahead and do a job, It's a nice place to live, and I can make a living here. After being here so long I geel a part of the place.

George Simmons; Dinning Hall waiter since 1926

My Assoication with the cadets, who are young and full of vim and vigor, has meant the most to me.

One of the difficulties of working in an office where discipline is meted out is that you become known as that king of office, and its a challenge, always, to try andkeep a relationsohip with the youngsters which will overcome the feeling, even though the get some no's when they'd rather have a yes.

I've been in such an alice office. I've been able to feel as though I belonged and contributed, which is important to any employee who is non-faculty.

I like pepople, I like the fact that this office is lousy-full of people most of the time.

Miss verda Romig; Commandant's secretary since 1925

Perhaps in a small way I have contributed by being an employee of the school, and it's meant a steady job to me. It is an atmosphere that is a continuation from your youth right on up because you'r around the students all the time, and you hear their pros and cons on everything

You're in on their conversation, and I've learned to talk their language. It helps pass the time and create good feelings.

Howard Shock; Academy barber since 1950.

I came here fjust for the job. I've been lucky. I've been in contact with the cadets. My work is my living, but the cadets mean so much to me.

When they come up against an employee who cares about them, its good for their morale. Whe the faculty shows an interest, it is probably due to toheir devotion as a teacher, but the employees are basically here for a living. I've got the letter to prove that the kids appreciate a smiling face. I want to represent Culver with the highest respect,, I've got a family to support at home, but at Culver I support the school.

My greatest advantage is the chance for my two sons to attend the Academy if they qualify, I always wanted a so to ge here. I'll take a dozen jobs just to see that my kids go here.

The cadets make me fell a part of the school. These guys have always accepted me and respected me. They ask me if I'm going to be at a dance or a footbal game. I'm bound to go once I know they care.

Henry WIlhite; DIning Hall waiter since 1951

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