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Culver Alumnus 1968 page 4  

The relations ship between the Academy, and the town is good, not-withstanding that you will always find a few people who do not agree with any situation. The founder of the academy, Henry Harrison Culver, married a native of our county, and this fact alone established a relationship between this community and Culver Military Academy which has continued to exist since Mr. Culver. strted the school.

The Academy has at all time cooperated with this community and it is interesting to know that the town itself, many years ago,k felt that Mr. Culver had done more than any other inidividual to establish this community on a sound basis and that in appreciation of what he had done, a petition was filed with the commissioners of Marshall county, Indiana, when Mr. Culver was alive, changing the name of our town from Marmont to Culver.

The thing that has strengthed the relationship between the town and the Academy has been the continured interest the Culver fmily has always taken in the wlefare of this community.

The academy has continued at all times to employ about all the surplus help this community has been able to furnish, which has cemented the town and the Academy together.

This community weht through the Depression with many of its people working at CUlver, and they never lost a paycheck. This has been a great help to strengthen the belief o fthe people of this community that the Academy is a needed part of this whole community.

Nothoing seriously exisiting is straining the relationship between the Academy and the town of Culver, notwithstanding that in every community you will find a few people who are against everything; but, as a whole this community stands ready to endorse the leadership and continued interest that the Academy has taken in this community.

The Academy could not have any better recommendations than to have the people of this community tell others that they have found the school not only to be prosperous, but well-managed and, notwithstanding the challenge that has been given to private schools, has domostrated its ability to continue to prosper and grow.

The Great majoirty of the people of this community realize how necessary it is for the Academy and this community to live and to work together and that the success of the Academy means the success of this this community.

William O. Osborn, president The State Exchange Bank.

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