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Culver Alumnus 1968 page 5  

The Academy must come first with regard to its buisness of education, and we have come second. If they don't allow the boys to come to town on Saturday to do toheir shopping, they have good reason for doing so. Of course, we would like for them to get off more. I've always been hoping that at least the upperclassmen could come in on a SUnday afternnon, but that's very selfish. I'd like to have more attendance at my moves. The businessmen of Culver appriciate any business they can get. Without the Academy, I'd probably hace to close the show in the winter.

Everet B. Hosel, owner El Rancho Theater.

We're all neighbors in a community like this. There's no room for politics. If you want to be a part of a community, you've got to do more than just talk.

As far as the twon board is concerned, the relationship with the Acaemy is good. When we sit down to talk over mutal problems, the relationship has to be goog to accomplish anything. The superintendents have done alot of good to strengthen the relationship.

Donald Osborn,president Culver Town Board

Without the Academy the town would die, including me. The Academy represents 95 percent of my business. I hear rumors that they don't cooperate, but the Academy and town have to work together. The Academy is the big brother.

The town has to be inviting to Culver's patron's. The town has to keep up appearances, activities and facilities. If people can't fid it here they will go elsewhere. Mrs. Betty Pierce, proprietor Thee Sisters Restaurant

We work closely with the Academy on everything we think is important. Several of our finest teachers are wives of Culver faculty members. Their children go to our elementary schoo, and we're interested that they have a good program.

Back in the teenage era of the Academy and the town there may have been room for some criticism on the part of the town and the Academy. The relationship has been strengthened because people have a greater appreciation for one another with age. What's true of individuals is also true of institutions.

SOme people may question the proposed rerouting of state road 10. This isn't a case of the town versus the Academy. This involves something more than the town, the lake residents or the Academy. The highway is of vital importance to the whole community.

We are the only school corportation in Indiana which ectends into four counties. We cover 160 square miles. We hope to provide an excellent school program for the area we serve - especially from the standpoint of cirriculum enrichment. We are already guiding 52 percent of our graduates to college.

We are broadening our program to some extent - shorthand, business practice, typing, business machines, home economics, horticulture in vocational agriculture, metals, auto mechanics, graphic arts and wood and electrcial shop of afford some help to Culver as a by product.

Robert Rust, superintendent Culver Community School Corp

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