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Culver Alumnus 1968 page 6  

The two communties are dependent on each other, but the town wouldn't amount to much without the Academy. The lake takes care of two months, but what would we do for the other to months?

William W. Taber, W'31. owner Culver News Agency.

My grandfather worked for Mr. Culver; my dad was stationed here with the Army; and I was able to attend and be graduated from the Academy. SInce World War II the relationship between the Academy and the town of CUlver is much closer than it was prior to that time.

The Academy staff and employees particiapte more intown functions and affairs, and the town has learned to understand the Academy.

The town people take a greater interest in t he Academy and its growth and affairs becaus of the activities open to the public and the competivie spirit between the two schools.

The faculty is pretty well established in town activities and churches. May Things could not go on without the family.

Thomas K Walker, '40, owner Jack's Taxi

The relationship between the town and the Academy is two-sided. As often as possible, Acedemy people should purchase things locally, but the merchants in town hace to make it possible for the people at the Academy to want to shop in town.

Few new residents have any real feeling that Culver is theri home, that they have any responsibility to the town or any abiding relationship tp ot. The Academy is goign to have to have a constant turnover, and we're goign to have this inour new consolidated public school

It's more a matter of attitude than anything specifice we could do. If downtown people recognize Academy people when the walk in the door and act like they are happy to have them in their place of business, they'll come back.

But no matter how many dinners we have for new teachers in the area, if the people who run the stores have a bad attitude toward these teachers when they walk in the dinners are of no avail. Sometimes we substitute things for attitudes in this community.

The Academy has been the most substantial employer in the town and still is. The economic welfare of this community is deeply invovled in the welfare of the Academy. Whenever we help the Academy, we help ousrselves.

If we've got good housing, good shopping, good,schools, where people don't mine moving in and living, thisn this is goign to do someothing for the Academy in terms of recruitment. If we can help bring faculty people here, this helps the Academy and comes righ back and helps the community. Its enlightened self interest at work. We simply cannot separate the destinies of the Academy and the community

The Rev. Carl Q Baker United Methdoist Minister and Chamber of Commerce President.

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