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Culver Citizen Is Sold -1967  

The Culver Citizen Is Sold To Walkerton Based Printing Firm

The Culver Citizen , a weekly newsapaper that was established July 13, 1894, and devoted to serving the Culver area, has undergone a change of management. Effective with this issue, "The Citizen" is now published by the Independent-News Co., Inc., of Walkerton, Indiana. Independent-News Co., Robert E Urbin president of the Independent-News Co., Inc., is now the editor handling the mechanical end of the publication from The Walkerton plant.

At the present, very little change will be made in The newsapaper policy, as the paper will continued to be printed on Wednesday for Thursday delivery.

For The next few weeks, the Culver Citizen will continued to be handled from the present office, at Washington and Lake Streets, but in The very near future, the office will be located in the former Shoe Shop at 105 South Main Street, between Gordon's Texaco Service and the Culver City Drug Store. Until formal announcement, all business should be continued at the present location.

Mrs. Roland MacKey and Mrs. Glen Osborn will operate the Culver office, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Urbin and Robert Powers, another member of the present Independent - News Co. staff.

The change of ownership of The newsapaper is The result of an expansion move by the former publishers, The Culver Press , Inc. They have expanded under a merger of two companies and The new corporation, The Indiana Press , Inc., will soon be located in a new building in Plymouth, where the Indiana Business and Industry publication will continued as well as a large commercial printing plant. The monthly magazine has become a well-known and growing adequate time on weekly publication of The Citizen.

Mr. Urbin has been associated with the Independent-News Company since 1949, becoming editor and principal owner of The Company on February 1, 1957. He is married to the former Miss Susan Burch, of Walkerton, who also assists in The publication of The newsapaper. Mr. Urbin was born in Kewanna, Ind., moving to Walkerton while still in elementary school in 1941, but is no stranger to the area. Included with The publication of The two newspapers the plant also does commercial work, both letterPress and offset, giving them a very complete operation. All services will be available through the Culver office - THURSDAY, NOVEMRER 9, 1967 Culver Citizen


Hello There! Let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about our plans and policies for the Culver Citizen. As the new owner, let me first say I am very happy and proud to be associated with Culver and with my staff, will make every effort to give to you, the people of Culver and the Culver area, the best newspaper we can. It is our aim to make "The Citizen" a much wanted and very helpf ul paper to you by giving you the best possible coverage of news and advertising possible.

You are Culver . Like any town, it is your time, money and efforts that makes yourhometown what it is. If you want to keep Culver happy and prosperous, it is up to you to do your part. This is very easy, a smile, a friendly greeting, participation in local affairs and your patronage of local business is the basic formula. Culver can be no more than you help to make i t.

Taking this opportunity to let you know a little about our operation and myself as editor, I don't want to sound egotistical, but do want to know you and have you know me. Personal contact with everyone is impossible at this time, but 1 hope in the years ahead to get to know as many of you as possible.

I was born in Kewanna, Ind., in 1932 and moved to Walkerton in 1941. However, Culver was always quite a place to a little boy from Kewanna as we used to travel the zig-zag course of State Road 17 quite frequently, especially in the summer months to take advantage of Indiana's Most Beautif ul Lake. I can remember the anticipation which our car load of kids wo uld have When we approached the south edge of the lake on our way to the beach. Traveling this route was always exciting and when we finally reached the beach area, finding a parking place was often difficult, and often we couldn't wait until the Wheels of the old '37 Chevy stopped turning to open the doors and head for the water.

The long pier, the three sets of boards, the big swings and slides and especially the big wheel in the water were more than attractive to any kid who likes water.

Also the Fourth of J uly was always a day to remember. The fireworks at the Academy was always the crowning touch to a holiday. Often we visited the Academy to see the Black Horse Troop, or other programs of interest.

This was Culver to a young boy. After moving to Walkerton, we still made trips to Culver for fun and recreation. After the second World War, some of the extras vanished from the beach, but still, Culver offered something a person Wo uld never forget, that good outdoor fun at a lake. Whether it be a big picnic basket with friends and relatives, the cruise boat trip around the lake, a speedboat ride or just a swim at the beach, Culver was something extra.

The newspaper business came about almost by mistake for me. Participating in several sports for four years in high school spurred an athletic career in my mind. Plans for college and participation in athletics was number one on the lists, but shortly after graduation graduation from high school, a little bout with a malignant tumor cost a leg and with it any hopes of an athletic career seemed to disappear. I continued with the Independent-News Co., where I had started while a junior in High school, and after a few years, was offered half of the corporation. On February 1, 1957, another young man and myself started to assume the stock of the company and in August of 1959, I started purchasing the entire stock. For over 10 years, the weekly news-paper has boon my business, often with pleasure and some times seeming real trying. However, last year dreams for expansion and enlarging of our plant came true and our building was doubled in size and a considerable amount of new equipment added) mostly to our job printing department, but some also strictly for the newspaper. This has made possible the move we are now undertaking.

Our plans to give Culver the finest paper possible, will depend a lot on you. Your continued support is necessary and your submitting of news is very important. Also, your consideration of your Culver merchants is a must in any small town. These are the people that are making your paper possible and you are the people who must support them to keep the happy circle unbroken. We have our own equipment for making plastic engravings and consequently encourage the use of pictures. We also have a camera for taking pictures, a dark room for our own developing and want to add that dimension of pictures to the newspaper.

Our ladies will be contacting you for news from time to time and we want you to continue to submit your articles of personal interest, club news, church news, etc., to us. We will continue the School Bell, one of the outstanding assets of "The Citizen". We also welcome Voice of the People articles, but request a signature on the submitted articles. We will withold the name in publication if a legitamate excuse is offered, but for our own records must have a signature on the article. Liableous articles will not be published as the responsibility of a newspaper in such a situation is too great to jeopardize a law suit. However, your views are wanted and a little forsight in submitting the same can be one of the best read features of any newspaper.

We try to offer an editorial each week. This is strictly the views of the editor, whether you agree or not. Finding a subject each week is a hard problem and we basically do not take people and issues to task in this column. However, as the need be, these expressions of our views will be made. I expect to have a very long and friendly association with Culver and want to give to you, everything possible. For the first few weeks, until our new help is accustomed to the newspaper business and our problems of assuming this paper are ironed out, things may be a little rough, but please be patient and we will strive to make "The Citizen" grow and keep you informed of Culver. Your help and consideration will be greatly appreciated. THURSDAY, NOVEMRER 9, 1967 Culver Citizen

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