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There is a hint of an attempt of a newspaper much earlier:

    Oct 1 -1887 The Maxinkuckee Monitor, which has been published at Marmont the past three months, has been discontinued The editor announced that he may return in the spring and resume publication- - Logansport Pharos-->

Culver Citizen Publications

Founded: 1894

Locations: West Main Street between Jefferson and Madison Streets (1894 ); 200 East Washington Street (1922, 1953); 105 S. Main St. Culver (1967-?);601 603 Roosevelt Road, Walkerton (1972); P.O. Box 90, Culver (1973); 107 South Main Street Culver (1993); 118 N. Main St. Culver (200_-2007)
In trouble times during the 1980's this comment was made:
    The Herald/Citizen has been a part of the Culver community for more than half its life; at its best it was a leader in the town's affairs and even at its worst it held us together by providing something for us to complain about. What more could we ask? - John Houghton

The History of the Marmont Herald - Culver Citizen had been broke down into 5 sections so that it can be added to and coreeceted more easlily - as on piece it was getting somewhat unruly, news articles and boigraphies/obits have also been moved off the pages.

History of the Culver Citizen:
       Culver Citizen History 1894 - May 1903

      Culver Citizen History May 1903 - Jun 1923

      Culver Citizen History Jun 1923 - Jun 1953

      Culver Citizen History Jun 1953 - Nov 1967

      Nov. 1967 - ?

Souvenir booklet of the Lake and area:

Change of Ownership, 1949

Photo Gallery 1949

Change of Ownership, 1953

It was Once True In Culver

Culver Citizen Profiles Index

Editors & Owners
George E. Nearpass
Arlene J. (WILDER) Nix-Omans
Chester W. "Chet" Cleveland
John A. Cleveland
John Henry "Hank" Koontz
Arthur B. Holt
Charles Maull Jr.
Robert Rust
Miles R. Robinson
Frank Cherry Leitnaker

Vintage Ads: 1895 ~~~ 1896 ~~~ 1898 ~~~ 1903 ~~~ 1904 ~~~ 1948 ~~~ 1949 ~~~

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