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There is a hint of an attempt of a newspaper much earlier:

    The Maxinkuckee Monitor, a new paper which has just been established at Marmont, this county, with Amos Hunt as publisher, comes to us this weel. It is well supplied with local news and advertising, and is a credit to that place - Bremen Enquire - June18, 1887

    Oct 1 -1887 The Maxinkuckee Monitor, which has been published at Marmont the past three months, has been discontinued The editor announced that he may return in the spring and resume publication- - Logansport Pharos-

Another neswpaper attempt was made with -
"The Maxinkuckee Chatterer" The Chatterer. - H. S Wyllie, Editor and Proprietor.

Pictured is issue No. 2 - Jun 29, 1901. - a Saturday - thus 1st issue would of been June 22. How long it lasted....
Culver Citizen Publications

Founded: 1894

    Marmont Harold - 1894-1895
    Culver City Herald - 1896-190`3
    Culver Citizen 1903 -
      for birief period in the 1980's was combined the the Argos Newspaper

Locations: West Main Street between Jefferson and Madison Streets (1894 );
200 East Washington Street (1922, 1953);
105 S. Main St. Culver (1967-?);601
603 Roosevelt Road, Walkerton (1972); P.O. Box 90, Culver (1973); 107 South Main Street
Culver (1993);
118 N. Main St. Culver (200_-2007)

In trouble times during the 1980's this comment was made:
    The Herald/Citizen has been a part of the Culver community for more than half its life; at its best it was a leader in the town's affairs and even at its worst it held us together by providing something for us to complain about. What more could we ask? - John Houghton

The History of the Marmont Herald - Culver Citizen had been broke down into 5 sections so that it can be added to and coreeceted more easlily - as on piece it was getting somewhat unruly, news articles and boigraphies/obits have also been moved off the pages.

History of the Culver Citizen

Souvenir booklet of the Lake and area:

Change of Ownership, 1949

Photo Gallery 1949

Change of Ownership, 1953

It wasOnce True In Culver

Culver Citizen Profiles Index

Editors & Owners
George E. Nearpass
Arlene J. (WILDER) Nix-Omans
Chester W. "Chet" Cleveland
John A. Cleveland
ohn Henry "Hank" Koontz
Arthur B. Holt
harles Maull Jr.
Robert Rust
Miles R. Robinson
rank Cherry Leitnaker

Vintage Ads: 1895

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