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November 1929 Lake View Hotel Burns


A fire of undetermined origin Friday night destroyed the old Lake View hotel on the banks of Lake Maxinkuckee and for a time threatened other buildings. The ice house near the hotel was also burned, catching fire after the fire department had thought the hotel fire safe to leave and gone home.

While origin is unknown, it was thought possible that tramps had decided to spend the night in the empty structure which is located near the railroad on the old Pennsylvania grounds.

When discovered the old structure was blazine [blazing] like kindling and it was impossible for the fire department to do anything to check the blaze. They had a hard fight keeping other nearby buildings from catching fire, however, but saved all of them.

Later in the night they were called out again when the watchman left at the scene of the fire reported the old icehouse ablaze. The firemen extinguished the blaze and left, but a short time later another blaze was discovered and this time the structure burned entirely to the ground.

The old hotel had been purchased by B. B. Culver and B. R. Culver some time ago. They contemplated wrecking the place and building a new modern hotel in its place. Damage was not estimated.

The Rochester News-Sentinel, Monday, November 18, 1929

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